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15-day Guided Expedition of the Parinacota Volcano – Chilean Altiplano

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World traveler and AEGM certified mountain guide Pako De Miguel leads this one-of-a-kind cultural expedition through the Chilean Altiplano to the summit of the Parinacota Volcano.


15 Days

Mar - Oct




Chile is one of the most geographically diverse countries on the planet.

Spanning more than 4300 kilometers from North to South, Chile is home to deserts, islands, mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers, volcanoes and countless other natural phenomena.

During this expedition, we will explore the Altiplano in the far north of Chile. This “high plateau” formed by the Andes extends into neighboring Bolivia and Peru and is one of the largest in the world. It is also the only high plateau covered by giant volcanoes, many of which are active.

The highlight of our expedition will be reaching the snow-capped summit of the Parinacota Volcano (6342m). The Parinacota, along with it’s “twin” Pomerape (6282m), is located within the Lauca National Park. 

Before reaching the Parinacota, we will explore the other natural wonders of the high plateau as we acclimate to the altitude. We will climb Chatiza (3500m), Guaneguane (5050m) and Acotango (6055m) in preparation for our final summit on the Parinacota.

We will also visit Chungara Lake and the wetlands of the Cotacotani Lagoon in the Lauca National Park. This park is known for the many animals that roam within its boundaries, including flamingos, rheas, llamas and alpacas.

This expedition is about more than just experiencing the unique natural landscape of the Chilean Altiplano, however. We will also spend time in the villages that dot the high plateau, including Socoroma, Parinacota and Putre. We will learn about the daily life and culture of the people who have called this place home for generations.

I have rated this expedition as an intermediate level trip. You should have prior experience trekking up 3000m mountains over the course of 2+ days with a 15kg backpack. You should also be familiar with the use of crampons.

We will approach the Parinacota from the South West and trek across snow and ice-covered slopes at up to 40 degrees.

You can find the complete itinerary for this trip below. If you have any questions about this expedition, please click “Request to book” to get in touch with me.

This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning landscape of the Chilean Altiplano and come face to face with the isolated populations who call it home. 

I also lead a 14-day expedition to the summit of the nearby Llullaillaco, sacred ground of the Incas and the highest archaeological site in the world. Click here for more information.


Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrival to Airport in Arica, Chile (ARI)

  • Transfer from ARI to Socoroma (3050m)

Day 2: Mount Chatiza

  • Ascent on Mount Chatiza (3500m)

  • Transfer to Putre (3500m)

Day 3: Trek to 4000m

  • Trek to 4000m

  • Return to Putre

Day 4: Parinacota Village

  • Transfer to Parinacota Village (4300m)

Day 5: Cotocatani Lagoon

  • Trek to the Cotocatani Lagoon

  • Return to Parinacota

Day 6: Mount Guaneguane

  • Ascent on Mount Guaneguane (5050 m)

  • Return to Parinacota

Day 7: Acotango Base Camp

  • Transfer to the Acotango Base Camp (5035m)

Day 8: Mount Acotango

  • Ascent on Mount Acotango (6055 m)

  • Return to Base Camp

Day 9: Putre

  • Transfer to Putre

Day 10: Putre

  • Rest Day in Putre

Day 11: Parinacota Base Camp

  • Transfer to the Parinacota Base Camp

  • Ascend to Camp 1 (5200m)


  • Parinacota Summit (6342 m)

  • Return to Camp 1

Day 13: Extra Day

  • Extra Day

Day 14: Putre

  • Return Transfer to Putre

Day 15: Departure

  • Return Transfer to ARI

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