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16-Day Mountaineering Expedition to Bolivia

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Join one of the IFMGA-certified guides of Alpine Ascents International on a mountaineering trip to Bolivia and spend 16-days in the Cordillera Real.






16 Days


May - Sep






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  • Summit the remarkable peaks of Chachacomani and Pequeno Alpamayo.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich Bolivian culture and its mountains.
  • Learn from expert guides while achieving a fun and exciting goal.
  • You have the option of adding four days at the end to summit Illimani.


Visit Bolivia and get acquainted with its dreamy peaks! With both Chachacomani (6,074m) and Pequeno Alpamayo (5,370m) as your main objectives, this 16-day mountaineering excursion is sure to please and give you an enriching experience travelling through the Cordillera Real!

Bolivia is known internationally for its impressive stature. Not only does it have a distinct culture and rich history, it is also possesses a varied landscape from the peaks of the Andes to the Amazon Basin. Its close relationship to the terrain is part of what makes it unique and experiencing this connection first hand is a truly evocative experience.

The Andes Mountains cover roughly one-third of the country, and Bolivia owes its diverse flora and fauna to this magnificent range. With many ecoregions and a remarkable biodiversity, it has an unusual environment up and down the fluctuating elevation. Within these mountains, we will set our sights on one of the country’s hidden gems of the climbing world – the Cordillera Real.

Your adventure through the mountains is designed to give you a familiarity with this incredible world, immersing yourself in the native culture and viewing the country through the eyes of a local. Over the course of 16 days, you will see Incan ruins, serene lakes and plateaus, and summit some of the highest peaks in the Americas. There truly isn’t another adventure quite like this one.

The Cordillera Real offers two particularly perfect mountains to climb, based on their accessibility, aesthetic value, and climbing level. Between Chachacomani (6,074m) and Pequeno Alpamayo (5,370m), you are guaranteed to have your hands full of radical rock that will hold your attention for the duration of the trip. We will supplement these awesome summits with an ascent of Pico Austria (5,320m), a great vantage point for the Condoriri mountains.

Our trip begins and ends in La Paz (3,605m), the world’s highest capital city and a dense cultural hub in the heart of South America. From city tours to the highest and longest cable car network on Earth, you are immediately enraptured by this magical destination.

Before we get too comfortable, we will head out to some of Bolivia’s most notable locations, including Lake Titicaca, UNESCO World Heritage site – and an invaluable archaeological spot – Tiwanaku, and Isla del Sol. The acclimatization tour will allow you to prepare for a rewarding mountaineering experience that will stay with you long after you leave Bolivia.

For ambitious climbers, there is an option to attempt the summit of Illimani (6,439m) and adding four days at the end of your trip. This specific addition, spanning a total of 20 days, will take you to the top of the tallest mountain in the Cordillera Real, as well as the second highest in Bolivia. The steep and challenging climb is well worth the reward – reaching three peaks over 6,100 meters and basking in the splendor of Bolivia.

This program is perfect for high altitude beginners and recently-trained mountaineers but can also accommodate expert climbers as well. You should have a high level of physical fitness for this sustained trip and understand the physical and mental demands of a 16-day excursion into the Andes. Climbing experience is necessary, and you need to train in preparation for this program.

This area is one of our favorites, and we are always thrilled to share it with fellow adventurers. We can guide you on a safe and satisfying experience through the Cordillera Real and give you expert insight into the impact of Bolivia, its culture, and its landscape. Above everything else, you will have an absolute blast, and we look forward to having fun on a challenging adventure!

Book this 16-day mountaineering program NOW and feel the rush of reaching the top of Bolivia’s most magnificent mountains!

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Day 1: Travel to Bolivia

You will leave home to start your amazing adventure.

Day 2: Welcome to La Paz

Upon arrival at the airport, we will head to La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia and the highest capital city in the world at 3,650 meters. Our schedule includes a city tour and cable car ride while acclimatizing to the altitude. We will also go over our equipment and itinerary for the days ahead. We will stay in a hotel for the evening.

Day 3: Tiwanaku

Our day includes a visit to Tiwanaku, an ancient ceremonial center from a pre-Incan civilization. It has fascinating megalithic stone figures alongside temple ruins, and even what is believed to be a solar calendar dating back to 600 BCE. Travelling across the altiplano, we arrive at the shores of the world’s largest high-altitude lake – Lake Titicaca.

We will cross the Strait of Tiquina via boat to reach Copacabana for the night, staying in a hotel.

Day 4: Pilko Kaina

A morning departure by boat leads us to the Isla del Sol, home of the small Incan ruins of Pilko Kaina. We will take a trek across the island over roughly three hours and see archaeological sites and captivating views of the surrounding landscapes.

Our evening concludes with an optional walk to the highest point of the island to watch the sunset. We will stay at an ecolodge in Yumani.

Day 5: Condoriri Base Camp

After a wonderful morning waking up on the island, we will boat back to the Copacabana and onto our journey. We head for Rinconada and the Condoriri to load up our donkeys. After a couple of hours, we will reach Laguna Chiar Khota, where we will set up base camp (4,700m) for the next few days.

Day 6: Pico Austria

Our day features an acclimatization climb of Pico Austria (5,320m), a wonderful trekking mountain with great views of the mountainside.

Day 7: Glacier Terminus

This is a relatively easier day with a hike to the glacier terminus. We will review glacier traverse technique and other necessary skills for the ascent of Pequeno Alpamayo.

Day 8: Rest Day

We will use this day to prepare for our upcoming ascent, with some possible small climbs near frozen waterfalls.

Day 9: Pequeno Alpamayo Summit

This is our ascent day for Pequeno Alpamayo (5,370m). Passing our training glacier from days before, we continue to Pico Tarija (5,200m) and put our goal in sight. The summit features a fabulous airy ridge near the top, and its exposure allows for great views in every direction.

We will descend back to the Condoriri Base Camp for the evening.

Day 10: Rinconada

A relatively short hike will take us from Condoriri Base Camp back to Rinconada. From there, we will return to La Paz for some rest before tackling the next portion of the adventure.

Day 11: Alto Cruz Pampa

Our focal point on this day is travelling through Alto Cruz Pampa (4,450m) and setting up base camp, our point of departure for the Chachacomani summit. Donkeys will again transfer our equipment, and we will stay the evening at the base camp (4,470m).

Day 12: Chachacomani High Camp

It will take three or four hours to transfer our gear from Alto Cruz Pampa to the Chachacomani High Camp (5,130m). Camping at the base of the mountain will get us ready for the next day and the next step up Chachacomani.

Day 13: Chachacomani Summit

The distinguishable glacial mass of Chachacomani (6,074m) and its peak are our primary objectives today, rising from the middle of the Cordillera Real. We will traverse the glacier and enjoy some steep climbing at the final ascent to reach the top, where the miraculous views will take your breath away.

From the altiplano and the Cordillera Real to the vast expanse of the subtropics and the Amazon Basin, you will see the world from this incredible mountain. We will descend back to the Chachacomani Base Camp for the night.

Day 14: Back to La Paz

After our day at the top of Chachacomani, we will make our way back along the route we came. After passing again through Alto Cruz Pampa, we will return to La Paz for the evening.

Day 15: Relax in La Paz

We will relish our adventure by spending a touristic day in La Paz, which includes museums, shopping, and relaxing. Should we need additional time on the mountain, this day may also be used for a summit attempt.

Day 16: Leaving Bolivia

With life-long memories in tow, you will say goodbye to Bolivia and the adventure of a lifetime.


More info

There is generally a maximum of 12 participants per program.

Please purchase trip cancellation insurance within 21 days of booking this program.

The following personal gear and items are required for this program: - Ice axe - Crampons - Climbing harness with two (2) locking carabiners - At least four (4) additional non-locking carabiners - 40-feet of accessory cord - Trekking poles - Mountaineering boots - Gaiters - Three (3) pairs of hiking socks - Short underwear - Base-layer pants and shirts - Mid-layer top - Soft-shell pants and jacket - Hard-shell pants and jacket - Insulated lightweight jacket - Insulated synthetic pants - Insulated down parka - Liner gloves - Soft-shell gloves - Insulated mittens - Climbing helmet - UV buff - Hat for sun protection - SPF 30+ sunscreen - SPF 30+ lip balm - Ski hat - Headlamp - Glacier glasses - Ski goggles - Sleeping bag - 55-liter climbing backpack - Foam pad - Inflatable sleeping pad (optional) - Personal food - Wide-mouth water bottles - Travel mug, bowl, and spoon - Durable trash bags - Urine bottle (and funnel, if necessary) - Toiletry bag including toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste - First aid kit and medication(s) as necessary - Earplugs - Internet device (smartphones are acceptable) - Water purification and treatment set - Running shoes for approaches and off-mountain travel - Travel clothing - Duffel bag (recommended) - Camera (recommended) Some of these items are available for rent. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Meeting point

We will meet at the airport - look for the Alpine Ascents sign.

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