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1+day via ferrata in the Dolomites

Dolomites Via Ferrata
1+day via ferrata in the Dolomites
Via ferrata in the Dolomites
1+day via ferrata in the Dolomites
Dolomites Mountain range

Explore the incredible Dolomites Mountains with local, certified guide Renato on a 1+day via ferrata climbing tour.



1+ Days

May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct


All Levels


  • Explore the via ferratas of the Dolomites, the best way to know the mountain.
  • Experience the beautiful alpine scenery in one of Europe`s great ranges.
  • Benefit from having a fully-certified guide leading you through the climbs.


Guarding the northern borders of Italy, the Dolomite Mountains form part of the Southern Limestone Alps, and are shared between the provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol and Trentino.

The stunning alpine mountains are home to splendid scenery and quality climbs. The Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.

The Dolomite Mountains were the birthplace of the via ferrata. The protected climbing routes originated during the First World War when the mountainside was the theatre of battle between Austria and Italy. Fighting for higher positions, the soldiers fixed steps and ladders into the rock to be able to navigate the mountains more easily.

More than half a century later, these fixtures provide excellent access to the sublime peaks of the Dolomites. Their morbid origins have morphed into joyful installations for the mountains.

And the Dolomites are sprinkled with adrenaline-fueled climbs, such as the highest peak along the range, the Marmolada.

Rising to a peak of 3,343 meters, the Marmolada is the highest mountain in the Dolomites, which lies between the Italian provinces of Trentino and Veneto. Its glacial environment and high altitude present rewarding challenges on the Queen of the Dolomites.

The Mesules via ferrata is located on the Sella Group, a plateau massif that stands to the north of the Marmolada. Its highest peak is Piz Boe that rises to 3,151 meters. The via ferrata is actually the oldest in the mountain range, which dates back to 1912.

The Cesare Piazetta via ferrata takes you to the top of the Piz Boe in a thrilling climb with a stunning backdrop. Or test yourself with the Tomaselli via ferrata, located on the high mountain pass of Passo Falzarego, home to local legends.

Get in touch now to reserve your place in the stunning alpine mountains of the Dolomites on a 1 day or more via ferrata climbing trip.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

Includes via ferrata equipment (helmet, ferrata set, harness and gloves).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there via ferratas for all levels? Is there a via ferrata according to my level and experience?

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About the guide

Hi! I'm Renato, IFMGA guide from the Dolomites, and I work together with my colleagues Robert, Bruno, Patrick, Benedetta & Walter (German speaking). If I'm not available to guide you, one of them will take care of you.

I was born in 1961, I live in Campitello di Fassa, in the Dolomites, together with my family. I have two sons, one is a mountain guide, the other is a ski instructor. I am a certified mountain guide since 1982, an instructor of guides, alpine ski instructor and a Federal coach for ISEF.

Being in the mountains has always been my passion, guiding people, teaching them climbing, mountaineering... during the various seasons of the year. I very much enjoy drawing nice curves in fresh powder snow and discover the charm of the frozen waterfalls.

My curriculum and professional mountaineering is made of many ascents and some openings of routes in the Dolomites and the Alps. I climbed in Yosemite Valley (California), Ben Nevis (Scotland) and Norway, Greece, Spain and Sardinia. I did also several high altitude climbs like Mt Denali (Alaska), Ama Dablam (6828m), Cho Oyu (8201m), Manaslu (8163m), Shivling in India (6545m), Cotopaxi and Chimborazo in Ecuador (5897m and 6310m), Patagonia (Argentina).

Feel free to get in touch with me if you are coming in the Dolomites for skiing (alpine, freeride and ski touring), rock climbing, sport climbing and multi pitch climbing. It will be my pleasure to guide you here and let you discover my secret spots.


Italian | German | English



What people are saying about this trip

Jennifer Bagnato


August, 2023

Benny was a great guide, very helpful and provided easy explanations.

Guy Brett-Robertson


August, 2023

I am leaving a 1* review for the absolutely terrible, argumentative, and unprofessional service I am currently receiving from Renato after our trip. This was meant to be a full day excursion but our guide Patrick sensibly suggested that we cut it down to half a day to avoid the stormy weather in the afternoon. Patrick told us that we would be issued a partial refund as a result of this. We agreed. It is now several weeks after our trip and Renato is going against Patrick's promise and is saying they cannot offer a partial refund. I am currently wasting my time trying to get Explore Share to sort this out and Renato will not stop emailing me. I've literally said in writing that I don't want to engage with Renato anymore, but he won't respect that. I really don't want to spend my time arguing with someone over email who refuses to live up to the promise of their own employee. Patrick was an excellent guide and the trip we did was very fun. I would be leaving a full 5* review if it were not for this nonsense with Renato.

Melissa Johannes


July, 2023

Short summary: very short hike (2 hours, not remotely close to all day), dangerously rushed, last minute change of guide with no communication from Renato or original guide, no response from email and message sharing feedback. More details: We booked the “1+day via ferrata in the Dolomites” about 6 weeks in advance at a cost of over $500 USD for a family of 4. Things started smoothly; Renato set us up with guide Richard and suggested the Sass de Stria via ferrata based on the info we provided. The night before the via ferrata, we got a message from another guide, Matteo, telling us that something had come up with Richard and he would guide us instead. No problem, things happen. He asked us to fill him in on what had been arranged. I told him the plan had been to meet at Sass de Stria at 9 AM. Matteo arrived sometime after 9 and began setting us up with equipment. (Note: you must bring an empty backpack to carry your via ferrata equipment, something we weren’t aware of. Our backpacks were full so we wore our harnesses, helmets, etc for the regular part of the hike too). We started the hike to the via ferrata and Matteo was very fast. When my kids waited at one point for me to catch up (I was slightly behind) he told them they were relaxing too much (not joking). By the time we got to the via ferrata portion I asked if we could go a bit slower. Matteo flatly said no, that it was important and better to go fast. Having never done a via ferrata in our lives we were passing others who seemed to be going a reasonable speed. We were repeatedly told to move faster so as not to have room between Matteo and each subsequent climber and not to pause. I do understand the need to keep close, all being tied together with one rope, but it was hard to be careful or enjoy the experience moving at such a fast pace. In fact I slipped at one point, losing my foothold, and it was pretty scary. No instruction in climbing technique was provided (I don’t know if that would be usual or not), but my husband and kids are good climbers and I managed. Shortly after we reached the top of the via ferrata, I asked if we could explore the tunnels. Matteo said we could do a short tour, which involved walking in one trench/cave and then back down to the parking lot. We did not go to the summit or explore other fortifications or do any nearby trails. The entire experience, which according to the website takes an average of 6 hours, lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes, including getting equipment on. When we got to the parking lot, Matteo asked what we had planned for the day and I told it it had been the guided tour, so there was obviously some disconnect. Matteo did give us suggestions for things we could do on our own, so we took his advice and headed to nearby Lagazuoi. I emailed Explore-Share to share feedback concerning the fast pace/shortness of the experience, since I felt maybe there was a miscommunication. (Was I supposed to tell Matteo everything that had previously been arranged, including what we had booked through Explore-Share?) It’s been well over a day with no response. I messaged Renato through the website with similar feedback and also did not receive a response. There was pretty poor communication all around since we also never heard from Renato or Richard about the last minute change of guide. We still had fun because the Dolomites are beautiful and via ferratas are cool. But if we had to do it again, we would use a different company or just rent the equipment and do the via ferrata at our own pace and for considerably less expense.

Luca Konrad


July, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Cami Mattson


July, 2023

Patrick was a great guide. He took us on an intermediate Via Feratta at Passo Sella. This was because our knees were sore from hiking the previous week so we could take a cable down. He was in tune with our skill. This was our first via feratta and we loved it. Renato was quick to respond with any outreach on the explore-share platform. It was a bit confusing a few days before when we had two guides communicating with us on WhatsApp about tow different via ferattas. Once Patrick was confirmed, all went well. It was a wonderful experience.

Scott Kister


June, 2023

Our guide Robert was very friendly and professional. He was patient with our teenage children and we all felt safe with his guidance. Robert even took several photos of us.

Laura Kershaw


June, 2023

Robert was an awesome guide. The first day we did a four hour long Via Ferrata and the second day we did some easy multi-pitch climbing (5.6/4a) from 7 to around 11, then he took us to do a little bit of sport climbing (more in the 5.10/5-6 range) for another hour to get some trickier routes in the Dolomites in before ending our tour. I really appreciated the quick pivot since the initial climbing felt more like a warm-up for us, but he explained that as a mountain guide it’s important to do some easier things so no one winds up injured, which makes sense. He also took awesome photos of both days that we definitely couldn’t have gotten ourselves. After a few sport routes we felt more tired and very happy with the trip. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to climb a little harder and do a few more days. Grazie, Robert!

Shannon Needoba


June, 2023

We had the absolute best time on our first ever Via Ferrata. Robert was a great guide, super patient and knew exactly how to help those of us that needed a little guidance and encouragement to get through the tricky spots. Such a fun day ending with such a great sense of accomplishment!

Ha Dong Mai


June, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Chi Ngo


June, 2023

Explore-Share was very responsive (sometimes overly proactive/importunate, but not overly), and Paolo was a no-fuss guide. He didn't speak English fluently, but we got on sufficiently. He communicated with me candidly before the trip, keeping me posted with weather conditions and working with me to find a via ferrata that was challenging, met our expectations, and ended up being a great experience.

borja garcia de diego


October, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Justin Raymond


September, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Dom Breskys


August, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Holly Galbraith


August, 2022

Robert, our guide provided to us, was awesome! He was patient, knowledgeable and kept good communication to make the day run smoothly. It was a great introduction to via Ferrata! Highly recommend

Thomas FitzMaurice


July, 2022

We were due to climb Marmolada but were unable to do so due to the tragic events on the mountain just a day or two before. Instead our guide Daniele arranged an excellent multi pitch sport climb on Ra Gusela. Great trip, much appreciated.


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