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9-day Guided hiking tour of the “Best Islands” in Greece: Santorini, Naxos & Amorgos

Hiking in the Greek Islands
Hiking in the Greek Islands

Join the certified guides from Trekking Hellas as they lead you on this magnificent 9-day guided hiking tour of the “Best Islands” in Greece: Santorini, Naxos & Amorgos, 3 places known around the world for their stunning natural beauty and vibrant, intoxicating culture.


9 Days

Mar - Nov




* Traipse and travail around the gorgeous islands of Santorini, Naxos and Amorgos!

* Explore the abundance of raw natural beauty around each island

* Discover the archaeological wonders of ancient Greece

* Sample the amazing, delicious and local fresh food and drink

* Hike through mountains, valleys and gorges, and swim in bays and beaches


The Greek Islands of Santorini, Naxos & Amorgos have been attracting and alluring visitors for decades, and if you join me on this 9-day guided hiking tour of all of them we will explore and discover just what it is that makes them so special, with the stunning ancient villages and towns full of endless cultural pursuits and the surrounding countryside and coastline providing truly jaw-dropping and sensational scenery.

Santorini, Naxos & Amorgos are located in the Southern Aegean Sea, approximately 200km Southeast of the Greek mainland. They are extremely popular tourist destinations, especially in the Summer months, and are also an increasingly renowned hiking location.

The trip begins in earnest in Santorini, as we hit the spectacular Caldera Trail, reaching the town of Oia to bear witness to one of the best sunsets anywhere on earth.

Our 2nd day entails roaming around ancient archaeological sites and ruins in Akoriti, some dating back to 2000 BC, before heading off to a cooking class where we get to make and eat our own delicious Greek dinner.

The subsequent 3 days are spent on the island of Naxos, with highlights including an in-depth exploration of the capital of Chora, a day of hiking to the myriad of towns, villages and ports on the island, and another hike that takes us to tranquil pebble-beaches, mountains, valleys and gorges, ending with a swim in the lush and crystal-clear water of Lionas Bay.

The final few days are spent on the dramatic and epic island of Amorgos, with its vast panoramic landscapes and lush blue water proving irresistible to most.

Days 7 and 8 are full of hiking, with a visit to the abandoned rural settlement of Asfontylitis a highlight, as well as the hike on the penultimate day that leads us through gorgeous farmland and pastures, the birdsong being the only noise that pierces the peacefulness and serenity.

After 9 days we say our goodbyes, truly content and happy at having had the pleasure of exploring this absolutely special and awesome part of the world.

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Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

Price details

Price is for 4-star hotels. For 3-star hotels prices are: 1620€ for 4-6 participants, 2400€ for 2-3 participants.

Price does not include: Arrival to Santorini and departure from Amorgos.


Day 1: Arrive in Santorini & Caldera Trail Hike

We start from worldwide famous Santorini, which we discover through a nontouristy angle.

After settling to your hotel we start one of the most spectacular hikes of the Aegean, the Caldera Trail.

We hike the old path connecting the capital Fira with the famous for its sunset Oia, over-viewing the spectacular caldera.

Along the way we pass by typical traditional island churches, we stop at panoramic viewpoints and we enjoy a light picnic with local delicacies.

In order to avoid the crowds gathering to Oia for the sunset, we do this hike in reverse: we visit beautiful Oia settlement in the beginning and then hike the opposite way, to experience the famous Santorini sunset at its full, and away from the crowds!

Overnight in Santorini.

Day 2: Akrotiri Archaeological Site & Cooking Class

We start with a super greek breakfast.

Then we visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri. Dorians, Venetians, and Turks occupied Santorini, but its most influential early inhabitants were Minoans.

They came from Crete sometime between 2000 BC and 1600 BC and the settlement of Akrotiri, dubbed as the Greek Pompeii, dates from the peak years of their civilization.

We walk along the streets and squares of the city, which was buried in volcanic ash after the eruption of the volcano and frozen in time, alongside with a guide.

Finishing the walk it is time for a short break and food!

We walk among old vineyards, admire the unique views of the Aegean and taste the unforgettable flavors of the Santorinian cuisine.

We start our hike from the church of the Dormition of Holy Mary, located outside the traditional village of Akrotiri at the Southwest part of Santorini.

The trail offers incomparable views to both sides of the island – in and out of the formation of the caldera – and passes through old vineyards and deserted chapels. We feel like we walk back in time, on the past of Thira.

We arrive on the beach of Mesa Pigadia, where Valanto welcomes us: a mama-chef who reveals to us all the secrets and hidden treasures of the Greek cooking.

After the cooking lesson and the preparation of the delicious dishes, we enjoy our homemade meal.

In the end, time for swimming and snorkeling while admiring the dramatic beauty of the scenery.

Overnight in Santorini.

Day 3: Ferry to Naxos & Afternoon Walk in the town

We are transferred to the port of Santorini and embark the ferry on a short ride to Naxos.

Arrival in Naxos, transfer and settle to our hotel.

The rest of the day we relax, the Naxian way: we swim in the turquoise crystal clear Naxian sea and then walk and explore Chora, the capital town of Naxos.

Chora has an interesting mix of Venetian and Cycladic elements, and despite tourism, it has kept its authentic and traditional character.

Above the port stands the impressive Venetian castle, and in the northern part of the capital, a long paved road leads to the Temple of Apollo and the famous Portara (Big Door) which is the gate of the temple. Whilst strolling the harbor we encounter fishermen, vendors selling local produce, yachts docking, images of what Greece is all about.

Overnight in Naxos.

Day 4: Naxos Hiking & Cultural Tour

Today’ s hike starts from Kouros statues.

These larger-than-life statues of young men, predestined to hold on to a temple roof, were abandoned incomplete by the ancient sculptors when they discovered faults in the marble.

Then we follow the path to Ano Potamia picturesque village.

After a short refreshing stop at the village’s spring, we hike to Apano Kastro (Upper Castle), to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Naxos town, port, and the surrounding villages.

We continue onwards via Tsikalario little village to Halki, where we visit Valindras small distillery that produces Kitron (the local alcohol drink of Naxos).

Overnight in Naxos.

Day 5: Koronos Village Hike

A spectacular and fairly easy walk takes us to an isolated area, with stunning mountain views, leading to the beautiful beach of Liónas with its multi colored pebbles.

We start the hike, a 2,5 – 3 hours downhill walk, from Koronos, an authentic and worthwhile visiting village with characteristic small and downhill narrow streets.

Koronos is one of the six villages of Naxos permitted to mine emery, and its story inspired a recent documentary named “Emery tales”.

We walk in a fertile valley, admiring the islands endemic flora and fauna. Several masts from the cable railway of the emery mining region can be seen. We pass through a stable where we could acquaint two men preparing the famous local cheese, the myzíthra.

During the downhill route, there is a short climb where after a few minutes on an impressive number of uneven steps we arrive high above a grand gorge, on a protruding rock.

The panoramic view from up here is stunning.

We then descend down to Lionas bay where in case there is no strong north wind we can swim in its crystal clear waters and afterward enjoy lunch in the one out of two fish tavernas of the settlement.

Overnight in Naxos.

Day 6: Ferry to Amorgos

Today we travel to the famous Big Blue Island!

Amorgos, one of the most beautiful Greek islands was still unknown until filmmaker Luc Besson shot scenes of the movie The Big Blue in one of the islands famous beaches.

Intrigued visitors from all over the world overtook the journey to discover the crystal clear waters and dramatic landscape seen in the film; Amorgos’ name became synonymous to the Big Blue.

Overnight in Amorgos.

Day 7: Aegiali to Chora - Monastery of Chozoviotissa

We enjoy one of the most popular hikes on Amorgos island, following the old path (“Palia Strata”) linking the central part of Amorgos to the area of Aegiali at the north.

We start our walk descending from Chora, the capital of the island, towards the impressive Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, the patron saint and landmark of Amorgos.

We visit the Monastery, have a close look at this amazing 1000-year-old structure and enjoy the magnificent views to the endless Aegean blue sea.

We continue following the southern slopes of Mount Profitis Ilias, a beautiful hike amid one of the most breathtaking sceneries of the Aegean, arriving at the abandoned rural settlement of Asfontylitis.

We then walk through the old village, famous for its stone engravings, continuing the path towards the area of Aegiali.

After passing the saddle, we walk along the northern slopes and have a clear view of the bay of Aegiali.

Overnight in Amorgos.

Day 8: Langada - Epanachoriani - Theologos - Stavros

This is one of the favorite hiking routes on Amorgos and for a good reason. The path leads to the Byzantine Convent of Agios Ioannis Theologos, crossing farmland and beautiful pastures, and continues to the chapel of Stavros through a designated Natura 2000 area.

Only the sound of birds and the wind interrupt the pristine silence.

Overnight in Amorgos.

Day 9: Departure

End of trip.


About the guide

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Tour Operator

Trekking Hellas is the largest and most renowned tour operator in Greece, in the outdoor holidays area. For over 33 years, we have been providing high quality services for individuals and groups, offering unique adventures in the most beautiful locations in the country, with highly qualified guides.

The variety of activities in offer is huge, from sea kayaking, hiking and rafting, to biking, via ferrata, rock climbing or gastronomy tours, among many others.

We operate 12 bases all over Greece, with different activities. The personnel in each base has the required qualifications to guide the specific activities we operate: eg. for hiking at low altitudes we work with experienced mountain guides with degrees from mountaineering associations and from our own training school; for sea kayaking we require the BCU certificate.

We contribute to the sustainable rural development by supporting local communities and offering work opportunities to their inhabitants, and the global effort to reduce over-tourism. We strongly embrace and implement a socially and environmentally responsible policy promoting the protection of nature and environmental awareness.

Our network makes it possible to offer and operate at the highest standards a variety of activities all over the country, in classic touristy destinations (Santorini, Athens, Crete, Rhodes, etc.) and less known regions of Greece (Tzoumerka, Karpenisi etc.).

Send us a request and come join us for a unique adventure in Greece!


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Our first time with Explore-Share. An absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Extremely good value, very well organised with attention to detail. We travel widely and this has by far been the best of experiences. Well done to all concerned. We are already looking at booking another tri



George offered great introduction and guidance. Very patience and increased the level of climbing according to the participants. Great experience!



Our first time with Explore-Share. An absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Extremely good value, very well organised with attention to detail. We travel widely and this has by far been the best of experiences. Well done to all concerned. We are already looking at booking another trip!



George was a great guide, fun to talk to, informative, and attentive to safe. We all made great friends with him, and had a great experience.

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