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8-day hiking trip in three Cyclades islands, Greece

Cyclades islands, Greece
Cyclades islands, Greece

An 8-day hiking trip in Greece visiting three of the Cyclades islands: Naxos, Koufonisi and Amorgos, together with Pavlos, an aspirant IFMGA mountain guide.

8 Days

May, Sep




The Cyclades are a group of more than 200 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. In this 8-day hiking traverse, I invite you to visit three of them: Naxos, Koufonisi and Amorgos.

Each of these islands has a unique character, that you will discover step by step in this exciting adventure.

Our trip will begin in Naxos, which is the largest island of the Cyclades and certainly one of the most fascinating. Incredible landscapes, traditional villages between mountains and Venetian castles are some of the highlights of this island.

We’ll spend 3 days in Naxos and then take a ferry to our next destination: Koufonisi, a small gem of the Cyclades. This is a paradise of white-sand beaches (like Pori beach) and natural pools of turquoise water. Swimming here is definitely a must! Tasting fresh fish from the daily catch is another unmissable experience.

Our last stop will be Amorgos, an island rich in tradition and history. Surrounded by mountains, this is still an under-the-radar destination and a beautiful hiking spot. With very scenic views of the Aegean Sea and one of the most picturesque towns of the Cyclades, Amorgos is the place to experience the ‘original Greece’.

Would you like to join this incredible hiking trip in three beautiful Greek islands? Take a look at our next departure dates and send a request! You can also ask for a private trip.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer


Day 1: Arrival in Naxos

Your trip begins in Naxos. As the ferry arcs toward the island you catch the first glimpse of the Portara, a marble gateway on the headland, all that remains of an ancient temple to Apollo.

I will wait for you in the port and will escort you to your hotel. In the afternoon, after a brief orientation meeting, we’ll set off to explore the old town of Naxos.

To conclude the day, we will have our first dinner together in a traditional Greek restaurant.

Overnight in Naxos, Nastasia Village (D)

Day 2: Naxos / Chalqui / Naxos

There are countless hiking opportunities around Greece, thanks to its diverse and rugged terrain, and one of the best islands for this kind of activity is Naxos.

Today we will start our hike from the spot where the two “small” Kouroi (male statues) of Naxos have lain down, for 2600 years now. Continue onwards to the Upper Castle, the former Venetian stronghold, passing olive groves interspersed with elements of the phrygana and maquis, and enter one of the most beautiful villages of the island, Chalki.

A traditional meal in a local tavern will be served as a perfect remedy for the given effort.

Overnight in Naxos, Nastasia Village (B,L,D)
Hiking distance: 7km / Hiking Duration: 3 hours
Driving distance: 
Naxos town to Kouros statue 10km / 25min
Chalki to Naxos Town 17km / 35min

Day 3: Hike Mount Zeus

The island is home to the highest mountain in the Cyclades, Mount Zeus and the hike to the top of it, is probably the most epic one in the region.

Mount Zeus has important historical significance because in ancient times, the local Greeks believed that the cave on the northwest flanks of the mountain was the birthplace of the god Zeus. When climbing it you’ll get the distinct feeling that Greek mythology is actually rooted in reality.

Afternoon is free, and the best way to spend it is to relax on one of the beaches around the main town and refresh your body in the clear and scented waters of the unparalleled Aegean Sea.

Overnight in Naxos, Nastasia Village (B,L,D)
Hiking distance: 6,5km / Hiking Duration: 4 hours
Driving distance: 
Naxos town to Zeus cave 22km / 40min
Filoti to Naxos Town 19km / 35min

Day 4: Naxos / Koufonisi

The town of Naxos is regarded to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, particularly popular for its fine architecture that is composed of Venetian and Cycladic elements.

In the morning, we’ll explore the impressive Venetian castle that stands on top of it.

Later on in the day we’ll catch the ferry to Koufonisi.

Hidden away between the larger Cycladic islands of Naxos and Amorgos, Koufonisia is made up of two tiny islets, which are separated by a 200-metre sea channel.

These two islands combine to form a place of sheer, tranquil beauty. Locals live mainly from fishing – it is claimed that there are more boats than residents – and there are no proper roads and hardly any cars, so everyone either walks or cycles.

Overnight in Koufonisi, Aeolos Hotel (B,L,D)
Naxos to Koufonisi 14:00-16:30

Day 5: Koufonisi / Amorgos

The sandy beaches that rim Koufonisi’s south coast give onto turquoise blue sea of a hue that seems confined to artists’ palettes, seemingly impossible in reality; reaching them is a pleasure in itself.

Since there are only a few roads, and little traffic, the best way to do that is on foot. So today we will hike from our hotel to the beach of Pori, where you can enjoy a swim before returning.

In the afternoon we will catch the ferry to Amorgos, the most eastern of the Cycladic Islands. The amazing crystal-clear waters of the island’s coastline provided a setting for Luc Besson’s 1988 film_“The Big Blue.”_ There’s a peaceful atmosphere on this small island, and the few residents are mainly fishermen or farmers.

Overnight in Amorgos, Yperia Hotel (B,L,D)
Hiking distance: 8km / Hiking Duration: 4 hours
Koufonisi to Amorgos 16:45-19:20

Day 6: Amorgos

Amorgos’ landscape is famous for its wild herbs that grow in abundance everywhere on the island.

Walking along the paths you will experience the calm silence, authentic island scenery and some of the most breathtaking views of the Aegean.

Today we’ll head out on the beautiful 8.1-kilometer-loop walk that links the traditional village of Langada with the monastery of Epanochoriani and the village of Tholaria.

The cobble stone path will take us high up, in the enclosing circle of hills dotted with small white churches, a patchwork of stone walls and lush vegetation.

Overnight in Amorgos, Yperia Hotel (B,L,D)
Hiking distance: 8,1km / Hiking Duration: 4 hours

Day 7: Amorgos

At 400 meters above sea level, Chora is an impressive sight. A rock wrapped with a 13th-century Venetian castle looks down on a clutch of whitewashed houses and churches.

After visiting the Chora we’ll hike towards the monastery of Chozoviotisa. Clinging high above the turquoise sea on the island of Amorgos, and nestled like an aerie on a sheer bluff is one of Greece’s most extraordinary old Byzantine monasteries and religious gems. From there, we’ll follow wide cobbled mule paths, all the way to Aegiali.

Overnight in Amorgos, Yperia Hotel (B,L,D)
Hiking distance: 13km / Hiking Duration: 5 hours
Driving distance: 
Aegiali to Chora of Amorgos 18km / 30min

Day 8: Amorgos / Naxos

Early in the morning, you’ll catch the ferry to Naxos from where you can continue independently and spend some days in Naxos or return to Athens.




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About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I am a mountain guide of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (HFMC) and an IFMGA mountain guide. I live in Greece, a unique country with some of the least explored landscapes in Europe.

I discovered my passion for mountaineering when I was 17. What started as a hobby soon turned into an exciting profession that has taken me on many expeditions around the world over the last two decades. One of my biggest achievements was reaching the summit of Mt Everest in 2004, as the Deputy Leader of the first successful Greek expedition.

Besides, I studied Mass Media Communication and I'm a Film Director. Producing documentaries is another way of unfolding my love for nature and travel.

I really like designing new itineraries and taking clients off the beaten tracks, allowing them to enjoy authentic experiences in my country.


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What people are saying about Pavlos



I can't put into words how great our experience was. Pavlos made us feel like family. The climb was a life changing and humbling experience. The mountain was beautiful!



Best guide I have had ever! Always helping and easy to adapt to needs and changes. Really impressed!...and great talker. Interesting and great knowledge of the area, the local restaurants, the history, etc. First class service!



This was an awesome experience! Thansk to Pavlos, who is a perfect guide (and not a luxury at all when you want to climb Mytikas, we had 2 meter of snow in April). We did not reach the top due to heavy snowfall, but made a couple of other hikes while Pavlos told us the complete history of the Olympos mountain range. The breathtaking views from the refuge Giosos Apostolidis with the ever smiling ward Lazaros: it made it all a highly recommended journey! Thanks to all for making this happen!

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