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Adamello 3-day guided ski tour | Italy
Adamello 3-day guided ski tour
Adamello 3-day guided ski tour
Adamello 3-day guided ski tour
Adamello 3-day guided ski tour

Adamello 3-day guided ski tour

Massimo Candolini, highly-experienced skier and certified mountain guide, invites you to this wonderful Italian region of Lombardy to explore the insides of Mount Adamello and its surroundings.




3 Days


Jan - Apr






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Ready for an adventure in a wonderful landscape? Join me in this fantastic ski touring trip to Mount Adamello in the Alps!

It will be a 3-day excursion in the discovery of snowy settings and mountains peaks while putting into practice your skiing skills.

Come to this ski trip to the insides of the Adamello mountain range. It is a majestic group of snowy glaciers.

Our tour will make us transit through the Passo del Tonale to reach the Mandrone hut. Then, from the Lobbia Alta to Mount Adamello’s peak.

In addition, an endless descent will take us across the Pisagna Glacier up to Ponte di Legno.

And here the distances and the endless descents add up to a perfect and enjoyable tour on skis.

Do not let you little ski touring experience be a deterrent. This trip’s difficulty is not high because the maximum altitude we will reach is 1000m.

This is a trip meant for winter sports lovers who want to adventure into the snowy valleys of the Alps.

We will share the fantastic experience of submerging into the alpine mountains while ski touring through valleys and glaciers.

Then join me and let me guide you across the insides of Mount Adamello in the Italian region of Lombardy.

Most importantly, the trip expects to provide a full ski touring experience. We will depart as soon as the Sun rises and return at sunset. You will spend every night at a different mountain hut.

So, come with me to this adventurous ski touring trip. I assure you you will enjoy every second of our time in the magnificent Mount Adamello and its surroundings. I’m sure it will be a touring excursion you will always remember. I’ll be waiting for your contact; it will be a great pleasure to guide you through this unique skiing adventure across the wonderful Italian Alps.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


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About the guide: -INMONT

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Mountain Guide

We are inMont, a group of IFMGA Alpine Guides from Venezia Giulia Region.

We offer all range of mountain activities: mountaineering, rock to ice climbing, high mountains, ski mountaineering, expeditions in and outside Europe, and we organize courses.

We are Massimo Candolini, Guido Candolini, Gianni Dorigo and Andrea Fusari. In addition, some Alpine Guides of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region collaborate with us.


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What people are saying about -INMONT



poor weather limited the experience. We had hoped for a guide more familiar with the area, our first and last night were in a remote place requiring an hours walk. We only learnt about this on the day of departure. otherwise no problems

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