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Antisana, Cayambe, Chimborazo Guided Ascent

Join one of the ASEGUIM Mountain Guides from Ecuadorian Alpine Institute on a 16-day trek up 3 of the highest mountains in Ecuador: Antisana, The Cayambe Volcano and Chimborazo.

Mountain RangeAndes
Duration16 days
Offer periodSep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Skill LevelIntermediate
Fitness LevelFit
Type of tripNot specified


Join me for a breathtaking 16-day Expedition up 3 of the Highest Peaks in Ecuador. Together, we will climb Antisana (5,758m), Cayambe Volcano, (5,790m), and Chimborazo (6,310m).

This trip is not just about reaching the summit of 3 incredible peaks however, but exploring the glory of Ecuador as a Country and Culture. Hence, why the whole trip will take 16 days.

In between the climbs of these glorious peaks, you will get the chance to explore the Indigenous Market of Otavalo. You will get to enjoy Baños, a beautiful valley town. And Papallacta a paradise like place where you will get to relax and enjoy the warm water of natural hot springs. You will also have a day to explore the capital city of Quito, where we will happily take take you on a tour. There are Zoos and Museums on this trip. There are Andean Eagles and Condors. Even the drives from place to place will offer you a glimpse into the beauty of Ecuador’s magnificent landscape.

And all of that is not including what you will see climbing up and reaching the top of those 3 peaks. Actually, 4 peaks if you also include the Pichincha Volcano (4,794m), which we will climb for Acclimatization purposes on the third day.

In order, we will climb Cayambe, Antisana, and conclude with Chimborazo, the Highest Peak in all of Ecuador.

Each one of these climbs will present its own unique experience. They will also present their own brilliant, Panoramic Views once you reach their summits. However, this climbs are challenging. They will involve the usage of many mountaineering skills involving Ice and Rock Climbing. Each climb will also involve hours of Night Climbing because we will beginning each ascent at Midnight.

So come, join me on this amazing journey to the peaks of Ecuador’s 3 greatest jewels, Cayambe, Antisana, and Chimborazo. While also having the chance to see a great deal of Ecuador itself, from tasting its food, to talking with its people to traversing its glaciers. This will be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

I’ll be awaiting your message.

And if you want to see even more of Ecuador’s incredible, natural treasures, and would like to join me on a tour of the World Famous Island of Galapagos, you can also join me here.



10 nights will be spent in hotels of various class ratings. The remaining nights will be spent camping during the ascents.

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Personal Gear climbers should bring with them include, Gore-Tex type jacket, Fleece thermals or warm fleece, a pair of light liner gloves, Balaclava or polypropylene cap, Wool or synthetic socks, Headlamp, Glacier glasses/dark sunglasses, Sleeping bag (20-30 degrees Fahrenheit), Backpack, Trekking Boots, Plastic climbing boots, crampons, gaiters, 3 pairs of outer socks, 3 pairs of liners, 2 pairs long underwear, down jacket, Gore-Tex parka, warm pants, Gore-Tex pants or bib, warm gloves/mitts, Gore-Tex over mitts, cap/hat, helmet, ice axe w/leash, harness, 2 locking carabineers, some oval bineers, prussic slings/ascenders, ski poles, plastic garbage bags, thermarest pad, spoon, bowl, compass, personal toilet/first-aid kit including drugs/sunscreen/chapstick, camera, and a one-liter poly bottle.

Meeting point

Quito International Airport.



Day 1: Quito

After arriving to Quito, the EAI team will meet you at the airport, take you to the hotel, and give you an initial program orientation.

Day 2: Shopping day in Otavalo

We will drive north to Otavalo, a market town. During this day you will get a good idea of the indigenous population and the products they sell at the market. If you are going to take pictures, be discreet because this population does not like being photographed. After shopping, we will hike to the San Pablo lake, the biggest lake in Ecuador. We will also enjoy an Otavaleños style lunch. Afterwards, we will return to the hotel in Quito for the night.

Day 3: Pichincha Volcano (4,784m)

We will take an acclimatization hike to the top off the Pichincha Volcano, where all participants can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view, while also getting adjusted to the altitude. Afterwards, we will return to the hotel in Quito for the night.

Day 4: Free Day in Quito

During this free day, Participants are welcome to join us on a scenic tour of Ecuador’s wonderful capital city.

Day 5: Cayambe Volcano Refuge (4,700m)

We will depart Quito at 9 am, and arrive at the Cayambe Volcano Refuge at approximately 3 pm. We will spend the night at the Refuge.

Day 6: Cayambe Glacier

We will wake up early, eat breakfast, and by 8:30 am, we will hike to the glacier. Once there, for approximately 6 hours, we will practice various climbing skills that will be utilised for the rest of the expedition. Afterwards, we will return to the refuge, and rest during the early evening, as the summit day begins at midnight.

Day 7: Cayambe Summit (5,790m)

We will all wake up at midnight, have breakfast and perform final equipment check. We will leave the refuge at 1 am, and climb with headlamps for the first 4 hours. We will reach the summit at approximately 9 am. We will return to the refuge at approximately 2 pm, and from there we will drive to the Guachala Hacienda for the night.

Day 8: Rest Day

After breakfast at around 8-9 am, we will go to the Papallacta hot spring for a day of relaxation. We will stay at the Papallacta Resort for the night.

Day 9: Antisana Base Camp (4,700m)

We will take an amazing, approximately 4 hour  mid-morning drive to the Antisana Volcano base camp, where we will set up camp for the night.

Day 10: Preparation day for Summit of Antisana

The group and guide will prepare the route for the summit trip that will take place at midnight. Participants will enjoy an early dinner, and go to bed usually around 6:30 pm.

Day 11: Antisana Summit (5,704m)

We will wake up at midnight, have breakfast and perform an equipment check before departing at 1 am. We will reach the summit at approximately 8 am. After returning to base camp we will pack up and make the drive back to Quito, where we will spend the night in a hotel.

Day 12 to 13: Baños Valley Town

These 2 days will be about relaxation and recovery in the town of Banos, which we will arrive to at approximately 2 pm. Once there, we will spend the rest of the first day and night in the Hotel Sangay Bungalos before changing locations to a wonderful hotel across from the Ines Maria Waterfall.

Day 14: Whimper Hut (5,000m)

We will leave Baños at approximately 11 am, and after 3 hours of driving, we will reach the Carrell Refuge of Chimborazo at approximately 2 pm. Once there, we will hike for 40 minutes to the Whimper Hut on the Chimborazo West Flank. We will then rest, have an early dinner, and go to bed by 6:30 pm.

Day 15: Chimborazo Summit (5,790m)

We will wake up at midnight, have breakfast and depart at 1 am. The approximate climbing time to the summit is between 8 and 9 hours. We will return to the refuge at approximately 12 pm. Once there, we will make our way to Estrella del Chimborazo for the night.

Day 16: Quito International Airport

We will depart from the Estrella del Chimborazo and drive back to Quito, where participants will be dropped off at the Quito International Airport to catch their flights home.

About the guide

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ASEGUIM Mountain Guides from Ecuador

We are a group of ASEGUIM certified guides (Association of Mountain Guides in Ecuador) with 20 years of experience in climbing adventures, trekking, rock climbing, cycling, rafting and kayaking in outstanding destinations of Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

Our tours combine physical challenges with cultural experiences in the most scenic and wild places of South America. We aim to take you off the beaten tracks, exploring the best locations in a comfortable and safe experience.

We believe acclimatization is an essential factor when approaching high mountains like the Ecuadorian volcanoes. Because of that, we carefully design our programs to provide a good acclimatization through a series of gradual climbs and some training sessions between attempting big objectives.

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