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Denali prep course
Denali prep course
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Denali prep course
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Cascades, Washington, 9 Day Denali Prep Course

A certified mountain guide wants to lead you on an 8 day prep course for climbing Mount Denali that includes classroom sessions and mountaineering sessions in the Cascades of Washington state.




Cascade Range


8 Days


May - Sep






Credit Card, Wire Transfer and more!

  • Spend 9 days learning about the important skills needed to Climb Mount Denali.
  • Put your skills to the test on a beautiful peak in the Cascades.
  • Enjoy the beautiful views of the natural landscape of Washington State.


On this 9 day course, our goal is to ensure that you are properly prepared for an ascent of the great Mount Denali (6,190m) in Alaska.

The highest mountain in North America, Denali is a fantastic climb. However, with that glory comes much difficulty.  As a result, a course like this is essential for climbers hoping to reach the summit of that great mountain.

The course can be broken up in different ways. The first option is to have the trip broken up over consecutive weekends. It would involve a 2 day classroom weekend, followed by a 3 day climbing weekend and another 3 day weekend, where you will climb to the summit of a selected peak. This option is ideal for local residents. The other option is to combine the three sessions in one 9 day period. This option involves 2 days in a classroom, followed by 3 days on the mountain, a day off and concluding with a 3 day trip to the summit of a selected peak.

No matter which of these 2 options you choose, you will learn many of the skills necessary for climbing the great Mount Denali.

The choices of mountains we will climb in the Cascades during the mountain sessions include great peaks like Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan.

Climbing Mount Denali is a demanding, rewarding, thrilling and unforgettable experience. And we want it to be an experience that you enjoy safely and successfully. Hence the thoroughness and importance of this course. If you would like to participate, just send us a request.

If we are climbing Mount Baker during the course and you want to climb Mount Shuksan on another occasion, join us on this trip. And if we are climbing Mount Shuksan during the course, we can take you to the summit of Mount Baker on this trip.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Permit and entrance fees

Price details

Please note the price does not include transportation, personal climbing equipment, meals, or guide gratuities.

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Day 1: Day 1 of classroom sessions

For the first day of the classroom session we will cover the following items.

  • Introductions

  • Run through of experience of participants in cold weather mountain environments

  • The Denali packing list

  • Reserving your climbing permit

  • Choosing a flight service to Kahiltna

  • Detailed day to day of the route

  • How do do food shopping and food packing

  • Boot fitting, socks and lacing

  • Crampon fitting with overboots

  • Skis versus snowshoes

  • Backpack and sled rigging

  • Prussic cutting and trying for rescue and travel systems

Day 2: Day 2 of classroom sessions

On the second day of the classroom session we will cover the following items.

  • Introduction to Kahiltna base camp

  • Packing an expedition backpack

  • Packing an expedition sled

  • Rope management and storage to prevent freezing

  • Attaching to the rope/prussic systems

  • Rope-team travel in a glacial environment

  • Attaching to fixed lines

  • Ascending fixed lines

  • Clipping past an anchor

  • Descending fixed lines

  • High altitude concerns

  • High altitude eating hydration

Day 3: Day 1 of course sessions on the mountain

For the first day of the application session on a glaciated peak, we will cover the following items.

  • Travel to a mountain environment

  • Review/practice packing backpacks and sleds

  • Uphill walking techniques with a weighted sled

  • Downhill walking techniques with a weighted sled

  • Lower glacier navigation and travel

  • Belaying and probing for a good campsite

  • Work hardening snow for camping

  • Wind wall building

  • Tent set up and anchoring

  • Cooking shelter area construction

  • Pee hole area construction

  • Cooking and snow melting

  • Weather reports and forecasting

Day 4: Day 2 of course sessions on the mountain

On the second day of the application session on a glaciated peak, we will cover the following items.

  • Self arrest with packs and sleds on a rope team

  • Snow anchors specific to Alaska powder

  • Attaching the rope to anchors

  • Clipping past running protection

  • Self rescue with a pack and sled in actual crevasse

  • Probing a campsite and food cache

  • Camp selection and set-up

  • Cooking and snow melting

  • Tent organization

  • Keeping hands and feet warm

Day 5: Day 3 of course sessions on the mountain

For the third day of the application session on a glaciated peak, we will focus primarily on crevasse rescue in an actual crevasse. We will use video to record the lesson for future reference.

Day 6: Day Off

Day 7: Day 1 of climbing expedition

On the first day of the expedition we will perform the following tasks.

  • Briefing by participant leaders

  • Travel to mountain location

  • Stop for lunch if needed

  • Pack backpacks and sled

  • Rope-up for glacier travel

  • Progress toward camp 1

  • white-out navigation scenario

  • Camp set up, including kitchen, tents and toilet crevasse

Day 8: Day 2 of climbing expedition to camp 2

In the morning, we will pack up camp, load pack and sleds and make our way to camp 2. At camp 2, we may use fixed lines depending upon route chosen, deal with winds scenario and set-up camp with wind walls and reinforced kitchen.

Day 9: Summit Day

On the final day, we will make our way to the summit of the selected mountain. The summit ascent may include the use of fixed lines depending on route chosen. Afterward we descend back to camp 2, we will pack up the camp, make our way down to base camp and return home.


What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

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About the guide: Miyar

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Guide Agency

At Miyar Adventures, we know that every trip is as much about discovering yourself as it is about discovering the world. Miyar was founded because of our passion for climbing - a passion we will strive to share with you whether you join us for a trip close to home or in a remote corner of the Himalayas.

We strive to be your trusted companion as you chase your life-long dreams. We believe it is our duty to ensure that you are safe and that you have fun every time you climb with us.

We want to make climbing accessible to all adventure-seekers, regardless of their age and climbing background. And when we go climbing with seasoned climbers, we make sure they have enough of a challenge.

Miyar's guides have relevant training through the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) for the terrain in which they guide. This includes training in rock climbing, ice climbing, glacier travel, and snow sports, as well as avalanche training and Wilderness First Responder or higher level medical certification.


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What people are saying about Miyar



Sandeep and his wife, Jasmine, are lovely guides! We did a 1 day intro to rock climbing excursion with them and we had a great time! They communicated well and provided us with a fun and safe day of climbing. They chose routes based on our experience and taught us a lot. I highly recommend hiring Miyar Adventures. We have already shared their info with friends and family.



Everything was great. From the explore share professional that connected me to the guide service, and the guide on the mountain.



Hisham was a great guide!



I had an amazing time climbing the tooth and the guides Jasmine and Sandeep were great! I really appreciated their flexibility and allowing me to choose a different route up the tooth. Amazing hike in. I’m glad we were able to beat the heat and the crowds.



We had an amazing experience, The Miyar team was outstanding. We all learned so much for our guides Anne and Deim. You all did wonderful in answering all my concerns and questions. Thank you so much!

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