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Climbing Trip in Aneto Peak, Spain

Climbing Trip in Aneto Peak, Spain
Climbing Trip in Aneto Peak, Spain
Climbing Trip in Aneto Peak, Spain
Climbing Trip in Aneto Peak, Spain

Join Ivan, an experienced and IFMGA-certified mountain guide, on an unforgettable expedition to the majestic Aneto Peak, located in the historic Svaneti province of Huesca in northeastern Spain. This journey promises excitement and breathtaking scenery as you explore one of the region's most renowned peaks.



2 Days





  • Push your limits in the highest peak in the Pyrenees Mountains
  • Emerge as a more skilled, capable, and self-assured climber
  • Climb alongside the legendary mountaineer, Oscar Cadiach I Puig.


Venture into the trails of Aneto Peak, the highest peak in the Pyrenees Mountains and a prominent landmark in Spain. Rising majestically to an elevation of 3,404 meters (11,168 feet), Aneto Peak stands as an imposing mountain in the stunning Posets-Maladeta Natural Park.

Join us on specific dates to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to climb alongside a true mountaineering legend, Oscar Cadiach I Puig. With his remarkable achievements, including being the first Spanish mountaineer to climb Everest from both sides, conquering the 'Magic Line' on K2, and successfully scaling all 14 of the world's 8000-meter (26,246 feet) peaks without supplemental oxygen, his presence will undoubtedly add an extraordinary element to this journey.

Explore captivating ridge routes, starting from the lower Llosás gap, and leading all the way to the majestic summit of Aneto. This extraordinary trail requires climbers to skillfully navigate through the rugged terrain, skillfully maneuvering around towering rock formations and imposing needles. Witness the amazing views of the picturesque valleys of Coronas and Llosás, as you make your way up this incredible mountain.

On the first day, we will arrive and embark on the ascent, gradually making our way to a height of 2,800 meters (9,186 feet). As nightfall approaches, we will set up a bivouac, providing us with an opportunity to rest and recharge.

The following day, we will continue our journey, aiming to reach the summit of Aneto Peak. This day will test our skills and endurance as we push ourselves to conquer the challenging terrain. After experiencing the triumph of standing at the peak, we will commence our descent, ultimately arriving back at our starting point where our car awaits.

Contact me today and prepare yourself for the ultimate experience of conquering Aneto Peak, an exceptional training ground where you'll emerge as a more skilled and confident climber!

If you're looking for a similar adventure, I recommend exploring my other programs, such as "Climb Tetnuldi via the SW Ridge."

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Rope

- Harness

- Crampons

- Belay and rappel devices

- Quickdraws

Price details

Equipment for personal use is not included, but can be rented upon request for an additional fee.


Day 1: Arrival to Aneto Peak

On the initial day of our journey, we reach the majestic Aneto Peak and begin our ascent, gradually climbing to an elevation of 2,800-3,000 meters. As night falls, we find a suitable spot to set up our bivouac, allowing us to rest and recharge.

Day 2: Climb to the Summit

On the following day, we continue our ascent towards the summit of Aneto Peak, pushing ourselves to reach the pinnacle. With determination and perseverance, we conquer the final stretch and stand atop the majestic pea. After relishing the moment, we begin our descent, making our way back to the starting point where our car awaits, marking the end of our journey.




The lodging for the night will be a bivouac, providing a rustic and immersive overnight experience.

Meeting point


Equipment you will need to bring

Rent equipment on site


Other gear: For this trip, you will need to bring: * Poles * Helmet * Goggles * Crampons * Ice Axe * Harness * Backpack * Water Bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I start training and what kind of training do you suggest?

What experience and how fit do I need to be to climb this mountain? Is this program suitable for children or older people?

How will accommodation be handled on the mountain?

About the guide

I'm an IFMGA-certified guide and have been guiding for the past 15 years.

I got the chance to do beautiful ascents like the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Mont Cook, McKinley, 7000m Peaks in ex-USSR, technical climbing In the Caucasus, new climbing routes in the USA, ski-touring in Alps, Russia etc.

I'm an expert in the Elbrus region. I know every corner of it and will be happy to guide you to the summit, at 5.642m high, skiing or walking.
Please get in touch with me and let's leave together for a wonderful adventure in the incredible Caucasus mountain range!

I work together with a group of guides, so if I'm not available, one of my colleagues will guide you!

My favorite saying: "We will either find a way, or make one".


Russian | English



What people are saying about Ivan Moshnikov

Maximilian Siller


December, 2019

This was my second trip together with Ivan Moshnikov. It's safe to say that everbody in our group absolutely loved it. We had a great time in Russia and it was an absolut blast. Even though we were not able to experience "true Mamay snorking powder" we still skied perfect snow for 7 days in a row. I threw my mobile in a corner in the first day and did not pick it up until 8 wonderfull days filled with skiing, amazing food, going to sauna and enyoing wonderfull company. However, if you a looking for a super lonely place, Mamay is probably not the right choice. The valley gets visited frequently by locals and other tourists. Still, there is enough place for everybody I think. 10/10 I will definitly come again. Many thanks to Yulia, Roma and Stepan!

Valero Lopez


December, 2019

It was a great adventure! I got answer to the few questions I have prior my departure and the support to get the required document. Once in Irkutsk we met with Ivan and depart to Mamay Valley where we had unbelievable snow. Days with snow where enjoyed in the forest with unbelievable amount of powder and days with sun were enjoyed higher up on the ridges where we could enjoy nice views, untouched snow and 5***** powder! I would repeat over and over again. The hut is really cosy and we have all what we need for a week of adventures. The sauna is a good think to do in the evenings before great dinners.

Irina Hotz


December, 2019

The skitouring in Mamay as coordinated by Ivan was absolutely fantastic! Our guide Roman Romanov did a brilliant job in finding the best snow and runs, taking all of our needs into account and was very professional. The hut was really cozy, the food delicious and the sauna after skiing were the ideal finish to the perfect ski day!

Andre Frick


August, 2019

It was great to be with Ivan. Above all, I came through him in an area that I otherwise would not have been able to travel. He really took good care of everything and I learned a lot. DychTau is a mountain that demands a lot from the beginning to the end!

Bronwyn Scarr


July, 2019

This was one of my best-ever trips! The country is indescribably beautiful and one of the last truely wild places on earth - there were days we saw more bears than other people! Our guide (Igor) was fantastic, knowledgeable and just an all-round good guy - it felt much more like hiking with a buddy than someone we had just met. The whole organisation worked really well and I liked that everyone that worked for them (at least those we met) was a Kamchatka local. I would highly recommend this trip and hope to go back some day.

Gavan Lee


July, 2019

Vladimir was our guide for summiting of Mount Kazbegi in July, 2019. He was a brilliant guide, as well as champion snow boarder, and I would highly recommend him for anyone planning climbing Kazbegi or Elbrus.

Zenab Mansoor


July, 2019

The guide was actually not Ivan Mishnikov but Denis who was a Junior guide with CetNeva. Overall the guide company is really good. Cook and the barrels where I stayed were excellent. Lisa, manager of CetNeva, were attentive and always present to help out. Guide was excellent in skills, just a little shy. Would recommend 100%. Thanks!



June, 2019

Ivan is a master of his craft. His knowledge, instincts and skills are of the highest quality. He is the best guide I've ever climbed with and when I return to Russia, I'll be climbing with him again. Also, his character is also of the highest quality, he is responsible, smart, and incredibly professional in every aspect. When you're doing something risky (like climbing a mountain), he's the exact person you need with you. I'd climb with him anywhere, any weather any time of year.

James Neill


May, 2019

We went to Mt Elbrus ski touring in May and did not summit due to bad weather. If you want to be sure to summit I would suggest you book about 8 days as it takes at least 4 days to get altitude acclimatised to the point you can make an attempt ) and it seems the bad weather systems last about 3 days.... groups submitted the two days prior to us but no one summited for the next three due to 80 kmh winds. In regard to CetNeva, I had some trouble with communications and replies (partly caused at my end) but once that was sorted things went well. Lisa runs the admin side and is good. We did not have Ivan as a guide we had Roman - but Roman was over qualified for us but patient and pleasant despite our lack of skills and never being ready on time.

Arkadijs Reimanis


May, 2019

No info from travel agent essential information about imigration cards, That mens no info that taht cards important ( No Info dont loose them). About transfer from airport was very good. Food excelent. No additional guide for ascenting Elbruss. I had different habit for ascenting. The Guide doesnt like. TIn the Summit ascenting he said that i should keep same style climbing as them. And put all responsibility on me if i wpould refuse contnues ascent to summit. So i this result bad sleep. And did not feel well to make summit ascent. I refuses to go. So that day i am ski touring myself due to arriving Caucasus. Rest was ok. Please return 250 euros . So incomplete mission



May, 2019

Ivan is a more than competent guide and a cool guy to know. He is thoughtful about his guests needs and treats their limitations with tact by ever providing both helpful feedback and encouragement. Last but not least his mashed potato recipe is to die for!

Cristina Dähler


January, 2019

Everything was just perfect. Our local Guide Sergey showed us the best spots with really nice descends in amazing powder. His hut was very cute and our cook Tonja did a great job. Everything was just perfect. A dream came true. Thanks Sergey for the perfect guiding.

Maximilian Siller


August, 2018

I had a great time with Ivan at Dychtau! I can definitely recommend this to every climber who wants to experience something different to the alps. You can find yourself in a wonderful place with barely any western tourist and enjoy the astonishing nature and the welcoming local culture. It somehow felt like I was climbing my first REAL mountain... and I loved it! 10/10 would carry 20kg backpacks, play cards with Russian soldiers and go to sauna again :) thanks,

Petur og Inga


July, 2018

Thank you for a great tour and a big adventure to reach Elbrus! You did a great job, leading us all the days!

Akihiro T.


June, 2018

Hi Ivan, Thank you so much for this expedition! Everyone went home safely. We succeeded with your help. Next time, please come and go to Hokkaido powder!!!!! I am looking forward to seeing you again. Best regards, Aki


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