Day Hike Along the Top of the Bowl Route in the Tablelands


Follow one of our certified guides to the incomparable Gros Morne National Park and enjoy a day hike along the Top of the Bowl Route of the Tablelands.

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Long Range Mountains, Appalachians

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  • Astound yourself by trekking through the Earth’s exposed mantle.
  • Immerse yourself in the natural culture of a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Get to the top of the Tablelands and take in the views of Trout River Gulch.


Soar to the top of the Tablelands on this epic day hike on the island of Newfoundland in eastern Canada! Explore the diverse and enchanting Gros Morne National Park and take advantage of the phenomenal geology of this amazing natural wonder!

The illustrious wilderness of Canada extends all the way east to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The country as a whole is synonymous with pristine outdoors and the wild frontier, but the small slice of beauty found in the Tablelands and Gros Morne National Park is of the highest order.

The ancient rock formations have been created over time through plate tectonics. The Long Range Mountains, a segment of the Appalachian Mountain range, extend through the park, and the Tablelands possess peridotiteexposed mantle – that is an amazing sight to behold. Orange-hued stones throughout the barren landscape provide another-worldly feel to an exciting and historic experience.

The Trout River Gulch and much of the barren landscape was formed through glaciation, which occurred as recently as the last ice age. What was left in the wake of the retreating glaciers are the gorgeous geoformations of Gros Morne, the Tablelands, and the impressive island of Newfoundland.

This is where you come in! This program is designed to give you the best moments of the Tablelands while hiking your way to the top, a roughly three- to four-hour trek. This is the most direct route to the top, so it is a great way for impatient adventurers to get to the unprecedented views from the top of the hike.

Starting at the Tablelands Trail, you will follow the directions for the Lower Bowl Route. A stream will accompany your path, and you will cross it at the base of the bowl and continue up. In early summer, you may even catch a glimpse of a lingering snow bed from the winter and spring.

You will follow the rim of the bowl around until you reach the top, where congratulations and pictures are in order. You will be able to look out over the Trout River Gulch as well as Bonne Bay, some of the most remarkable vistas in Gros Morne. We will return the way we came, reliving the thrill of an exciting hike that you will remember fondly.

This hike is perfect for travelers and adventurers who want to take advantage of the unique topography of the Tablelands. The terrain has moments of difficulty with challenging paths and steep sections, so it would behoove you to bring a reasonable level of fitness to the hike.

Guiding through Gros Morne is our specialty, so we will make sure you have a safe and satisfying time digging into this amazing land and its natural culture.

Book this one-of-a-kind day hike NOW and experience the Tablelands from the Top of the Bowl for a truly Canadian outdoor experience!

We can also try a program looping around the Winter House Brook Canyon Route of the Tablelands! Or we can head to Quebec and have a canyoning day in the Massif de Charlevoix!


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