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Day hike to the Cala Luna beach in the Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia

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Enrico, an AIGAE certified natural guide, would love the opportunity to show you the most incredible spots in Sardinia. Join him on this hike across Cala Luna and other dazzling places in the island.


1/2 Day

Mar - Jun, Sep - Dec




* Bathe and hike across the most enchanting beaches of Madeira.

* Discover Lupiru, a majestic arch of rock in the heart of the island.

* Explore the three highest peaks in this natural paradise near Cala Gonone.


On this long and challenging, yet incredibly rewarding hike in Sardinia, we´ll get the chance to explore the dazzling beach of Cala Luna, in the Gulf of Orosei. Don’t miss the chance to discover all its hidden spots and breathtaking sceneries.

Our adventure begins in Buchi Arta, rising at 360 meters and only 8 kilometers from the enchanting town of Cala Gonone. Thereupon, we will tackle a steep path until we reach the Codula Luna canyon, which lies about one kilometer behind the beach. Then, we’ll follow another steep trail which leads to the majestic rock arch of Lupiru.

After a break, we will continue through the same path towards another equally charming town: Nosculi. Here, we’ll enjoy the most breathtaking views of Cala Luna. Later, we’ll descend back to the beach to rest under a dazzling sky and refreshed by the ocean breeze. Finally, another spectacular path, right behind the beach, will take us back to our departing point.

Furthermore, we’ll get the opportunity to swim in one of the most stunning beaches in Sardinia: Cala Luna. These spectacular beaches offer unrivaled views of the Gulf of Orosei and the Tyrrhenian Sea.  So, there is not a better way to end this marvelous experience.

Would you like to join me? Request to book this trip and live an unforgettable experience in Sardinia. Allow me to be your guide on this natural paradise near Cala Gonone.  And let’s hike through marvelous beaches, trek through enchanting paths, all with the company of the freshest ocean breeze and the most fantastic views of the island.


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Don't forget to bring: Sunglasses Backpack Water bottle Bathing suit Towel Sunblock Another pair of Hiking shoes A lunch pack Rain/wind jacket Comfortable clothes Camera

Meeting point

Cala Gonone, Dorgali

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