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There’s more than just a great lake here. There are mountains too! Check out the Bergamo Alps where you’ll find Monte Legnone. It’s the tallest mountain in the Lake Como area and fun to climb across 2 days.



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How to get there

Fly to Milan then drive or take the train to Como

Best time to visit

The warmer months of late spring, summer and early autumn are the best times to visit


The summers are hot with day time temperatures of 25- 30°C and the winters are cold with temperatures dropping to below freezing

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There are actually a number of mountains around the lake, so if you’re looking for a more strenuous climb then the Via dei Monti Lariani hiking trail is a good option. This is a long-distance route and stretches out for 125 km. If you’re looking for something shorter, consider a full day hike to Sant’Amate’s church. This hike takes you up a steep incline and gives you awesome views of the lake. The Sentee di Sort half-day hike offers more excellent views of the lake with less time hiking



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