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Selvaggio Blu Hiking

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Probably the most beautiful but also the hardest trek in Italy, Selvaggio Blu usually takes a minimum of 6 days to complete. You will be walking on the eastern coast of the island of Sardinia, with the Mediterranean as a backdrop and surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever see. Over sea cliffs, through deep gorges and through rock arches, Selvaggio Blu is a true mountaineering experience and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Explore-Share.com only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides.

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Crystal Bersntein


October, 2021

7-day Selvaggio Blu trek by the sea in Sardinia

Giovanni and Filipo were absolutely fantastic - knowledgeable, experienced, kind, funny and compassionate. We could not have asked for better guides. First rate experience with wonderful people.

Nuño Silva Gordon


October, 2018

7-day Selvaggio Blu hike in Sardinia (group)

All was ok , great group. A Little more sun will be better but, imposible control the weather. Thanks


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