7-day Selvaggio Blu hike in Sardinia (group)

Marvel yourself with this outstanding 7-day hike through the “Selvaggio Blu” in Sardinia. Join Alberto, an IFMGA/UIGAM mountain guide on this amazing trip.




Trip Duration

7 days

People per Guide

9 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov

Type of Trip

Not specified



    This amazing outdoor week in Sardinia is an experience for those adventurers who want to challenge themselves on a wild and exceptional trail. Next season come join me on what is considered to be the most challenging hiking trip in Italy.

    Please note that this is a group program and is only available on the dates detailed below. I can also take private groups but there is a 6-people minimum (only available in April, May and then September, October).

    Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea, located in western Italy. The Selvaggio Blu, the “Wild Blue” trek, will take you along the east coastline of Sardinia, a wonderful combination between the mountains and the sea at the Orosei Gulf.

    During this legendary trip, we will have the opportunity to hike above limestone cliffs and go down to beautiful beaches with transparent waters.

    This trek is not the classic, well marked trip. During 50 km we will head north and trek through old mule tracks opened back in the 20th century and tracks opened by shepherds to chase their goats in a rocky environment. As the track gets narrow and exposed in some places, we will have to climb rock walls using the amazing wooden ladders called “iscala”. This ladders were built by shepherds long time ago and they are now restored.

    We will also have a short but exciting via ferrata across some hanging woods above the coastline. All these thrilling activities plus abseiling down a few walls and hiking a very exposed narrow paths are some of the challenges that will be waiting for us.

    Another thing that makes the Selvaggio Blu trek so unique and breathtaking is that no huts will be found during the journey. We will sleep under the stars with only our sleeping bags and a pad. The perfect setting after a thrilling adventure! For rainy nights, the caves along the track are the comfiest option to stay dry.

    Something important to have in mind, is that supplies for the journey must be organized in advance. There isn’t any place to get food and water during the trip. Everything you need will be found at the overnight spot.

    For this adrenaline-filled adventure you will need a solid hiking background. We will hike about 6 hours per day with a 10kg backpack. Therefore, a good fitness level is required. In order to enjoy all the challenging activities, it’s absolutely necessary to have no fear of heights. But if you don’t have any technical skills, we will take care of that!


    Does it sound tempting? Send me a request to book this trip and live an amazing and remarkable experience in Sardinia! I will be happy to guide you through it!

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    Price per person

    Group of 6
    350 EUR

    Group of 7
    350 EUR

    Group of 8
    350 EUR


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
     <b>IMPORTANT: 450€ must be paid in cash upon arrival, in order to cover all the adittional services (accomodation, meals, transportation).</b>


    • Day 1Briefing

      We will meet at 6pm at the Albergo Santa Maria in Santa Maria Navarrese for a briefing and gear check before dinner. We will have a nice rest before our first day of adventure.

    • Day 2Starting Wild Blue Trek

      After leaving the Hotel we will hike for less than 2 hours across a tree trail until we get to Pedra Longa: the official starting point of Wild Blue Trek. We will have the opportunity to swim at the Forrola beach. After relaxing, we will start climbing the first cliff of the trip that will lead us to Cengia Giradili. We will walk through dirt roads and after 5 hours, hiking for 12 km, we will reach our overnight spot: the Ginnirco sheepfold.

    • Day 3Bacu Tenadili Section

      This will be the longest but worthiest day of the wild blue trek. It will take us 9 hours and 17 km to hike through the most challenging territory, climbing up 800m and going down 1100m. After a while, we will face our first technical section on Bacu Tenadili (narrow valley in the local language) In order to reach Porto Pedroso Fjord, we will climb across a steep rock band with our harness on. It will take us 4 hours to get there from our previous overnight spot. After a long hike we will reach Punta Salinas, where the best landscapes await us. Then, we will go downhill for 1 hour to a beautiful beach: Cala Goloritzé (a UNESCO heritage site) where a good meal will be the best way to end an amazing day.

    • Day 4Via Ferrata

      This is the shortest day, with 5 hours and 6 km hiking, 300m of vertical gain, and with “no fall zones” to be cautious about.

      This day we will climb the challenging “Su Ledere ‘e Goloritzé” route. We will reach a hanging trees spot called “the springs”, with exposed landslides and a golden cave 100m above the sea. After the Ispuligi’s forest we will get ready for the via ferrata (30m). After this adrenalinic activity, we will continue through an easy and comfortable traverse until we finally get to Cala Mariolu: the most beautiful beach along the coast.

    • Day 5Grotta del Fico's Cave

      This day we will hike the path that goats followed when they wanted to reach the beach. After a few hours of hiking we will have the first abseiling of four for today. We will have a little rest in Bacu Mudaloru before we keep going across vegetation and caves. We will have the chance to visit the “Grotta del Fico” cave, where seals used to give birth. This will also be the next overnight spot. After 6 or 7 hours and 9km hiking, we will sleep in this amazing place, 20 meters above sea level.

    • Day 6End of the Trail

      This will be the final hiking day of this great adventure!

      We will follow the original Blue wild trek and reach the mule track that comes from Ololbizzi. After two long abseils with rope we will reach the Cala Biriala beach. We will have a long, relaxing moment in the Oronnoro’s forest before continue abseiling down the last meters of the track. After 7 hours and 4 km hike, the Cala Sisine Beach will mark the end of the trail. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy a last swim and head back to Santa Maria Navarrese. After 45 minutes by boat, dinner and a good comfy bed will be waiting for us at the hotel.

    • Day 7Back to the Airport

      After a delicious breakfast, we will head to the airport. But before saying goodbye, we will prepare our next journey together!


    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required

    Extremely Fit

    Meeting point

    We will meet in the Albergo Santa Maria in Santa Maria Navarrese at 6pm.


    2 nights in Hotel with half board

    More info

    <b>IMPORTANT: 450€ must be paid in cash upon arrival, in order to cover all the adittional services (accomodation, meals, transportation).</b>

    Gear List for the trip:

    - 50L backpack

    - sleeping bag

    - sleeping pad

    - climbing harness, 1 big screw gate carabiner, 2m rope 9mm thick minimum

    - head torch

    - mug, plate and cutlery

    - comfortable hiking shoes

    - lights gore-tex jacket

    - light down jacket

    - light fleece

    - 3 t-shirts

    - long pants and short pants

    - underwear and socks (3 pairs)

    - swimsuit

    -buff classic tubular

    - sun hat, sun lotion and sun glasses

    - insects repellent

    - light beach towel

    - 2 water flasks 1 L each

    - trekking poles

    - spare phone battery

    If you need technical equipment, request it in advanced.


    About the Guide


    Mountain Guide UIAGM / IFMGA since 2011

    It is said that passion is called so because it passes; then what I feel for the Mountain must have a different name, because it has been years since I have it, and it keeps on growing…

    When I was a kid my parents took me to the mountains every summer, almost always in Val di Funes and in Val Pusteria. I liked to walk there. At the age of 14, I realized that all these mountains could be climbed… At 21, I attended my first climbing course with a mountain guide, it was as if I had opened my eyes from that moment! I used to climb in every spare moment and I read many books from Reinhold Messner, Hermann Buhl, Wakter Bonatti… my intention was to do like them.

    My favorite field of action has always been the Dolomites, but I have also explored the Julian Alps, the Ortler and the Mont Blanc massif. And not just during the summer but also in winter. I then dedicate it to off-piste skiing in search of open spaces and the most picturesque canals, ski mountaineering, pristine environment, away from the tracks where everybody goes.

    The desire to become a mountain guide is born in me during my first year, I admired the other people who had from this great passion make it their work.

    If there is one thing that my personal history has taught me is that it's never too late to learn how to put the tips of the skis out of slopes, or to reach a top that has always been seen in dreams. And when I arrive at the destination, and I see in the eyes of those who followed me, the joy and happiness of the enterprise of discovery, I feel as if I were there myself for the first time, and that's the same place seen and reviewed reveals a new face and passion ... starts to burn.

    Get in touch with me and let’s leave for great adventures together.



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    All was ok , great group. A Little more sun will be better but, imposible control the weather. Thanks
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    Nuño Silva Gordon

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