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The lodge is the best-situated mountain lodge in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Situated, just 25 minutes walk from the entrance to the Huascaran National Park. It is in an extremely privileged and unique location, making it a specialized day-trek and acclimatisation lodge in the Cordillera Blanca.

It has been strategically situated amongst the giants of the range, towered over by the 3 highest peaks whilst offering unrivaled trekking. Adjacent to the Lake and Ruins of Keushu and between the gorges of Llanganuco and Rajururi, the lodge nestles into its hilltop surrounded by a pampa at 3500m, boasting the best access to the HNP ?s principal sights and attractions.

Classic Day Treks
Below is a list of the Classic Day Treks that we recommend. They have been ordered by altitude and physical difficulty to prevent altitude sickness and over exertion:
– Day 1 – Lake & Ruins of Keushu 3505m
– Day 2 – Llanganuco Lakes 3900m
– Day 3 – Ice of Huandoy 4000m
– Day 4 – Lake 69 4650m
– Day 5 – Portachuelo Pass 4800m

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