• Trip duration
    15 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


Discover as a pioneer an unprecedented trek around the massive of Huascarán, Peru’s highest peak! As the name suggests, this tour takes you high up in a wild and wonderful environment in the heart of Huascarán National Park. We will stroll through grasses, crawl under the branches of quenoals (Polylepis sp.), climb to non frequented passes to almost 5000 meters above sea level, vibrate hearing the continuous creaking glaciers and camp on small platforms beside colorful glacier lakes.

Here you are on the territory of vicunas, pumas, bears and other wild cervids. It is in this so special environment, far from civilization, that your adventure will make completely its sense. Ideally this exceptional trek can only be achieved with a small group of participants. Good adaptability and excellent physical condition is essential. Although some rope abseils are not excluded, no technical knowledge is required.

Some parts of the route require porters, others are with pack animals. Food supplies are planned at strategic locations, which allows you to move with a minimum of equipment and enjoy breathtaking views of the legendary peaks of the Cordillera Blanca.

In the second part of the stay, we will join the Trek in the Cedros. This very complete circuit is particularly attractive due to the variety of landscapes encountered that provides a summary of all the Andean beauties. During our progress, we will cross villages and hamlets, observe the lifestyle of their inhabitants, ancestral traditions that are still very much alive.

– Trekking: 15 days
– Total trip: 19 days / 18 nights

Best period:
May to September


Day 1: Arrival at Lima airport
Day 2: Lima – Huaraz
Day 3: Huaraz (acclimatization Pukaventana)
Day 4: Huaraz (acclimatization Wilcacocha)
Day 5: Wilcacocha – Musho – Base Camp
Day 6: Base Camp – Mirador Huandoy
Day 7: Mirador Huandoy – Cebollapampa
Day 8: Cebollapampa – Laguna 69 – Bivouac Broggi
Day 9: Bivouac Broggi – Chacraraju Pass (4950 m) – Quebrada Ranincuray
Day 10: Quebrada Ranincuray – Tuctupampa
Day 11: Tuctupampa – Kiswar
Day 12: Kiswar – Jancapampa
Day 13: Jancapampa – Tayapampa
Day 14: Tayapampa – Laguna Pucacocha – Tayapampa
Day 15: Tayapampa – Ruinapampa
Day 16: Ruinapampa – Tsaquicocha
Day 17: Tsaquicocha – Hualcayan – Huaraz
Day 18: Huaraz – Lima
Day 19: Lima – transfer to airport


DAY 1 – Reception at Lima airport

Arrival at Lima Airport and transfer by taxi to your hotel in Miraflores. Your hotel offers – in addition to its strategical location – an ideal place to discover Lima: its restaurants, shops and bars, its museums and art of living, lulled by the Pacific. It is the favorite area for tourists and Lima’s elite! Dinner on your own.

DAY 2 – Lima – Huaraz

Transfer in the morning at the bus terminal. Seven hours’ drive are needed to reach Huaraz, capital of Ancash department, Mecca of the South American mountaineering. Transfer to your hotel. Lunch served in the bus, dinner on your own.

DAY 3 – Huaraz (acclimatization Pukaventana)

Departure in the morning for an acclimatization walk on the heights of Huaraz. After a short climb along a narrow ridge, we follow an ancient irrigation canal. On the way down, we walk into a narrow canyon to reach Huaraz, where we arrive in the mid-afternoon. Lunch included, dinner on your own.

DAY 4 – Huaraz (acclimatization Wilcacocha)

Departure during the day to Wilcacocha Lake, located in the Black Cordillera. On a clear day, this place offers breathtaking views of the western slopes of the Cordillera Blanca. To complete our acclimatization, we will sleep on site.

DAY 5 – Wilcacocha – Musho – Base Camp

Morning departure by private vehicle to the village of Musho. We follow a well marked path through eucalyptus plantations and among the grasses. Arrival at the base camp of Huascarán, facing the Cordillera Negra.

DAY 6 – Base Camp – Mirador Huandoy

This is the most sustained trek day (about 7 hours walking). As no path is available to donkeys, the equipment is carried with porters. We walk between grasses, moraine blocks and quenoal branches, at the foot of the impressive Huascaran glacier. We will arrive late in the afternoon at the camp, in front of the Huandoy.

DAY 7 – Mirador Huandoy – Cebollapampa

Wake up early to admire the first rays of sunlight illuminating the mountains of Huascaran and Huandoy. The journey continues in a very mineral environment, dotted with small glacier lakes. At the pass, our efforts are rewarded with a magnificent view of the massive Chopicalqui. In the descent, and with a little luck, you can see herds of vicunas (lama wild cousins).

DAY 8 – Cebollapampa – Laguna 69 – Broggi Bivouac

Always accompanied by our carriers, we go up the Quebrada Demanda on a nice path. Quenoal thickets, small lakes and torrents decorate the trip. We have lunch at the Laguna 69 facing the imposing Chacraraju, then descent to the Broggi bivouac where we spend the night.

DAY 9 – Broggi Bivouac – Chacraraju Pass (4950 m) – Quebrada Ranincuray

The climb continues up a hill at the foot of Chacraraju. Then you switch on the eastern side of the Cordillera Blanca. Descent into the wild valley of Ranincuray and meeting with the muleteer. He will accompany you till the end of the trek.

DAY 10 – Quebrada Ranincuray – Tuctupampa

We will join the Huaripampa valley while walking through grazing areas and beautiful forests of quenoals (tortuous trees, with coppery bark, which hold the world altitude record!). Arrive at midday at Tuctupampa camp at the foot of Taulliraju. Option: Possibility for those who wish to go up the valley towards the Punta Unión pass (4 750m), then return to camp late afternoon. Total walking time in the day: 7:00 (+ 1050m, -595m)

DAY 11 – Tuctupampa – Kiswar

We continue our climb, steep but short enough, until the Alto of Pucaraju (4,650 m): from this pass, the panorama of the surrounding peaks is simply magnificent! Then long descent in a wild valley to Kiswar camp, located along a river.

DAY 12 – Kiswar – Jancapampa

We go up a broad valley, dotted with huts. Beside cattle, its inhabitants live from tuber culture. Then we reach the altitude steppes and cross the Tupatupa pass (4400 m). Descent on the hamlet of Pingospampa. Camp setup at Jancapampa at the foot of a majestic glacier circus. The afternoon is decorated with the visit of children from the valley.

DAY 13 – Jancapampa – Tayapampa

Early departure for a long climb in the beautiful valley of Yanajanca: lakes, waterfalls, forests and thickets of quenoals along the route. Once the pass of Yanacon is crossed (4610 m), we descend into a valley where live the alpaca breeders. We take an old trail that will make us reach more altitude and set up camp in front of the North-East wall of the Alpamayo.

DAY 14 – Tayapampa – Laguna Pucacocha – Tayapampa

Day dedicated to the discovery of Tayapampa Valley with its numerous glacial lakes and mountains draped in snow. Return to the camp in the afternoon.

DAY 15 – Tayapampa – Ruinapampa

A new climb expects us, in a scenery of snowy peaks and rugged glaciers. With a little luck we can observe condors! Once past the pass of Mesapata (4460 m), we descend into the Mayobamba steppe valley. Arrived at the locality of Sirwapampa, we will follow the river in the narrow valley. The climate is becoming warmer and humid, and the dramatic changes in vegetation (cactus, bromeliads, lush forests). Camp setup at Rayánpampa, not far from a shepherd hut.

DAY 16 – Ruinapampa – Tsaquicocha

This is a very beautiful day that awaits us, with the crossing of two passes: after a short descent, the trail rises in zigzags to the Vientunan Pass (4800 m). Then the Pishtanan Toro Pass (4,860 m). Shortly after the pass, a surprise awaits us: Cullicocha Lake turquoise waters, overlooked by the Santa Cruz glacier, suddenly revealed to us! After a break on its shore, we continue the descent along an irrigation canal. Arrival at our camp, facing the Cordillera Negra. Beautiful sunset.

DAY 17 – Tsaquicocha – Hualcayan – Huaraz

Descent to the village of Hualcayán, where our private vehicle will be waiting for us. Transfer to Huaraz. On the way, we will make a short stop in Caraz, including the Plaza de Armas, well-kept, really worth a visit. Installation in your hotel in Huaraz. Rest. Dinner on your own.

DAY 18 – Huaraz – Lima

Bus transfer to Lima. Overnight at hotel. Lunch served in the bus, dinner on your own.

DAY 19 – Lima – transfer to airport

Free morning. In the afternoon, transfer to the airport for your international flight. End of the trip.

Extra details


– A satellite phone (15 € / day, excluding communication costs)
– A hyperbaric chamber (15 € / day)
– Personal saddle horse (10 € / day)
– Individual tent and room (contact us to check our price)

Not included

– International flight ticket
– Lunch and dinner in Huaraz and Lima
– Tips for the accompanying staff


– Standard hotel in Lima and Huaraz with Breakfast Buffet
– Taxi Transfers in Lima and Huaraz
– Line Bus transportation Lima – Huaraz – Lima
– Transport by private car from Huaraz to different sites
– 1 IFMGA mountain guide
– 1 cooker
– 1 assistant cooker (groups of more than 4 people)
– Full kitchen equipment. Complete food.
– 1 saddle horse in reserve
– 1 kitchen tent, 1 mess tent, two-people tents, 1 toilet tent, foam sleeping mats
– Entry to Huascarán National Park
– Porters (Day 5 to 9)
– Mule and pack animals (Day 10 to 17)
– Information and specific recommendations before the start of the expedition
– Permanent assistance of the agency throughout the duration of your stay
– IGV (18%), general sales tax


– 2 people: 2300€/person
– 3 people: 2000€/person
– 4 people: 1800€/person
– 5 and more people: 1600€/person

Price per person

Group of 22300EUR
Group of 32000EUR
Group of 41800EUR
Group of 51600EUR

Other details

More info

For more than 5 people, the price is 1600€ per person.