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Mt Elbrus 12-day guided ascent

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Mt Elbrus 12-day guided ascent

Ivan is an IFMGA-certified mountain guide and expert on the Elbrus Region. He knows every corner of it and wants to guide you on top of Mt. Elbrus.

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12 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




Let me invite you to a 12-day guided ascent of Mt. Elbrus. I’ll guarantee the safest experience on the highest peak of Europe.

Mt Elbrus is a jewel in the middle of the Central Caucasus region, near the border of Georgia. For centuries, Mt Elbrus has remained desolate because of its altitude and its changing climate. However, today it is one of the most visited region, specially by mountaineering enthusiasts who enjoy a challenges.

In addition, the valleys surrounding the Mt Elbrus make this place a unique landscape with mountain peaks exceeding the clouds. For example, the Donguz-Orun (4.492 m), the Shkhelda (4.300 m), the Tchatyn (4.368 m) and the legendary Ushba (4.710 m). Of course, Mt. Elbus is the highest peak among them. In fact, it is the highest summit in Europe, even surpassing Mont-Blanc.

I like to call Mt Elbrus “the giant double-headed”. It has a bit lower peak in its Eastern side and the highest one in the West, which has a total altitude of 5.642 meters. Both peaks form a crown covered by a thick layer of ice.

The scenery offered by this mountain in the heart of the Central Caucasus seems like a dream. That’s why I’d like to help you make it come true.

Please find at the bottom of this description the day-by-day details of the program. I can assure this trip will be really exciting but safe and always keeping the commitment to the group level.

Feel free to contact me and tell me your wishes and expectations of the trip. It will be a climbing experience you won’t forget in your life! I’ll work to make it happen. 

I work together with a group of guides, so if I’m not available, one of my colleagues will guide you.


Day 1: Arrival

Arrival to Mineralnye Vody airport. Then, a transfer will take you to Terskol village in the Baksan Valley. Accommodation in a hotel for the following two nights.

Day 2: Acclimatization Day

Acclimatization ascent to the Observatory of Elbrus (3,150 meters of height). After that, you will enjoy a party at a local bazaar. Overnight staying in the hotel.

Day 3 to 5: Acclimatization days

A transfer will take us up to “Jantugan”. It is a climbers’ camp in the Adylsu River Valley. Then, a 2-or-3 hour walk up to the campsite on the “Green meadow”. We’ll set up our base camp here.

Besides that, during these days we will have some snow and ice training on the glacier and a ascent of the Peak Goumatchi (3.797 m) in the Main Caucasian Range. On the contrary, we can climb the Peak Viatau (3.742 m). Nights in tents.


A variant can be checking out of the hotel and take a bus transfer up to Elbrus village in the Irik-Chat River Valley. Then, after 3 or 4 hours of walking up we reach the campsite on the meadow (2.900 m). Base Camp installation in there.

Besides that, we will ascent the Peak Irick-Chat East (4.020 m) or presummit of the Peak Sovetsky Voin (4.012 m). Nights in tents.

Day 6: Elbrus village

Return by foot to the Elbrus village and bus transfer to the Terskol hotel. Overnight staying in the hotel.

Day 7: Barrels

We leave the hotel and take a 4-km transfer to “Azau”, the lowest station of the Elbrus Cable-Way. Then, we take a lift to the “Gara-
Bashi” Station (at 3.750 meters of altitude, the highest point). Accomodation in the “Bochki” (“Barrels”), a high mountain hotel, or in some other hut nearby.

After that, we will do an acclimatization hike to another hotel called “Priut odinnadtsati” (1:30 hours). Finally, we return down to “Barrels”.

Day 8: Acclimatization climb

Ascent to Pastukhov’s Rocks (4650 m) or a higher one, if you want (3-4 hours). Then, return down to “Barrels” (about 1:30 hours).

Day 9: Summit day

Ascent to the West Elbrus (5.642 m) or the East Elbrus (5.621 m). We must leave at 2 or 3 a.m. because it will take us 10-12 hours totally. Night and rest in “Barrels”.

Day 10: Extra day

We must reserve this day in case of bad weather conditions.

Day 11: Terskol

We will return to the Terskol hotel and sleep there.

Day 12: Airport - Ending point

Transfer to the airport in order to flight back home. End of the program.



More info

You can rent equipment on site.

Price per person: Group of 9: 1065 EUR Group of 10: 1055 EUR Group of 11: 1045 EUR Group of 12: 1035 EUR Group of 13: 1025 EUR Group of 14: 1055 EUR Group of 15: 995 EUR

Meeting point

Mineralnye Vody Airport


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