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Oetztal Alps 4-day ski touring program

Oetztal Alps ski touring
Oetztal Alps ski touring
Oetztal Alps ski touring
Oetztal Alps ski touring

The Oetztal Alps are home to several renowned peaks, including the Wildspitze. Join Jan, IFMGA certified mountain guide, for 4 days of ski touring in Austria.


4 Days

Mar, Apr




The Oetztal Alps, in Austria, spread widely across the Tyrol. They are a true paradise for ski lovers. 

I want to guide you on a 4-day ski touring trip to ascend several 3000 meters peaks. In fact, the program will include the ascent of Wildspitze (3770m). It's the highest summit of the Oetztal Alps and the second one in Austria. All of these ascents have one thing in common: the wonderful descents afterwards!

We will meet in the town of Vent to start our adventure. Each night we will stay in a different mountain hut, allowing us to explore different slopes each day. On the first day we will go up to Saykogel or Hauslabkogel. The second and third days include the ascents of Similaun Mittlere Guslarspitze. Finally, on the last day we will ascend the Wildspitze and end the trip with a spectacular descent.

Looking forward to joining me in the Oetztal Alps for 4 fantastic ski touring days? Then please send me a request indicating when you want to leave! It will be my pleasure to guide you in this area that I know so well. And if freeride is what you are looking for, why not have a look at my program in Solden.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses


Day 1: Saykogel or Hauslabkogel

Morning in Vent, and then via the Martin Busch Hutte we ascend to Saykogel (3360m) or Hauslabkogel (3401m). An incredible descent and we go to the Similaunhutte.

Day 2: Hauslabjoch

In the morning we head up to Sumilaun (3603m). We can cross back to the hut and to Hauslabjoch. From there follows a wonderful and long descent to Hochjoch hospice.

Day 3: Mittlere Guslarspitze

Early in the morning we ascend Mittlere Guslarspitze (3128m). A glorious descent takes us to Vernagthutte.

Day 4: Wildspitze

Today we head through the Brochkogeljoch to the Wildspitze (3770m), the second highest mountain in Austria. We cross Mitterkar Joch downhill around Breslauer Hutte back to Vent.


About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I've been skiing and climbing since my early childhood. I graduated in 2005 from the Univerzity of Hradec Kralove with a Master degree at the Faculty of Education. Since then I worked as a history and PE teacher. I was also running an Outdoor sport's club at that time, spending plenty of time climbing, skiing etc. with my students.

In 2009, I became a full time skiing and climbing instructor.

2009 – APUL C ski instructor
2010 – APUL B ski instructor
2011 – APUL telemark and snowboard
2012 – ISIA Mark (International ski instructors association)
– MSMT climbing instructor and Mountain leader
2013 – entered the UIAGM mountain guide education
2014 – passed the UIAGM Aspirant exam.
2015 - Succeeded the UIAGM / IFMGA final exam

Spending your holiday with you would be my pleasure. Whether in winter on a ski tour (in Czech Republic or Austria) or in summer among the spectacular sandstone towers.

It will be, with no doubt, a very pleasant experience for all of us. I'm an easygoing, friendly and reliable person with a good sense for responsibility.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me !


Russian | German | English | Czech



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What people are saying about Jan



I had a great time and the guide really made me feel like we were friends on a day of climbing. Would do again! Thank you.



This review is not for Jan Novotny, but for Juras Sefl. Unfortunately communication with Explore share was very haphazard, and I got the feeling if I hadn’t established contact a few aus prior to our climbing date, it wouldnt have happened. No contact from jan Novotny who was indisposed and got his friend Juras to fill in last minute. Juras Sefl was excellent, reliable and took excellent care of my first time climbing teenagers who felt safe in his hands and trusted him. I wasn’t so impressed with the head organisation, as I say, communication and organisation was not optimal and I wasn’t sure what kind of service we would get. No communication with the guide. Anyhow, the overall climbing experience with Juras was excellent.



Jan was knowledgeable about the history and geography of the area, the route and pace were goid for me, he helped me with my attempt to learn Czech, the weather and snow were mostly good, altogether a very enjoyable day.



Guide: Jan Hais! What a great ski tour our threesome had in the Giant Mountains in the spring of 2022, with our guide Jan Hais. The weather was great, as was the culture of alpine huts and mountain lore in the land of the giant, Krkonoše. But the trip was really pulled together in such a successful way by the skill of our guide. He was an expert at understanding our needs. We were strong and experienced in some ways, yet less so in others, particularly in the use of alpine touring gear. Jan expertly knew when to give us room to roam, yet to jump into help when we needed it. Excellent! We did seem to fall through the cracks a little in pre-trip communications—not our guide’s fault. However, Jan listened empathetically to our concerns and his professionalism reassured us. Thank you, Jan Hais. Thanks, too, to the team at Explore-Share for reaching out to us over our pre-trip hiccups.



it was great! Jiri is a fantastic guide and man, we all enjoyed being with him a lot!!!

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