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Rock climbing in the Pyrenees: Pic du Midi d’Ossau, Mallos de Riglos, Ordesa Valley, Mont-rebei gorge

Rock climbing in the Pyrenees: Pic du Midi d’Ossau, Mallos de Riglos, Ordesa Valley, Mont-rebei gorge | France

Join AEGM-certified guide Pau for one or more days of rock climbing on some of the best routes in the Pyrenees, like the Pic du Midi d'Ossau, Mallos de Riglos, Ordesa, Mont Rebei and many others.



1+ Days

Jun - Sep




* Discover the amazing variety of routes in the Pyrenees

* Climb some iconic walls in Mallos de Riglos and Mont Rebei

* Choose a route suitable to your experience and skills


The Pyrenees and the Pre-Pyrenees mountains in northern Spain offer an incredible variety of rock climbing options, of different length and level of difficulty. From granite and limestone of all qualities to the curious conglomerates, amazing walls and peaks await you here.

For one or more days, I can guide you on some great climbs in the Pic du Midi d’Ossau, Mallos de Riglos, Ordesa Valley or Mont-Rebei, among others. Spain is an authentic sunny rock climbing paradise, with many famous routes to choose from.

You also have the option of climbing on fully equipped roads or clean fissures, where we will have to place almost all the protections.  These are some of the climbing locations you can choose from: 

  • Midi d’Ossau. One of the great peaks of the Pyrenees. It rises at the entrance of the valley, as if it were the Pyrenean Matterhorn. The Ossau is the peak with more climbing routes in the Pyrenees: Proposed routes: Southeast classic: 530 mt V + MD inf / Flipp Matinal: 250 mt 6a MD sup / Via de los Surplombs: 290 mt 6a MD sup / Espolón Este:260 mt 6b + (6a obl) ED inf / Las cuatro puntas (The four points:(Jean-Sante, Punta Aragón, Gran Pic, Petit Pic): 650mt +, D +

  • Mallos de Riglos. They are onf of the mythical walls of our geography and more specifically of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees. Their aesthetics and verticality make them a very particular climbing, and we must add on top of that the quality of the rock and the athletic climbing. We offer you a series of classic routes spread across the most representative mallos. Proposed routes: Serón- Millán (Mallo Pisón): 300 mt /  V + Murciana (Mallo Pisón): 260 mt 6c + (6a + obl) / Rabada- Navarro (Mallo Fire): 360 mt 6b (6a obl) /Galletas (Mallo Fire): 315mt, 6b A0 (V + obl) / Mosquitos (Visor): 250 mt 6b / A0, (V + obl) Normal al Puro: 200mt, 6b / A0 (V + obl) / Espolon Adamelo: (Buttress Pison) 200 mt V + /  Jorge Sanz (Mallo Frechin): 220 mt 6a 

  • Ordesa. Dozens of stories have been written about the terrifying emptiness and the instability of the huge blocks on the walls of Ordesa. Here you have the opportunity to learn more about these classic routes. Proposed routes: Brujas/Franco- Española: 435mt 6b (6a obl) MD sup / Ravier al Tozal:350 mt 6a + (V + obl) MD / Espolon de Primavera: 215 mt 6a MD / Edelweis – Gallinero: 400 mt 6b obl. Or the route of your choice!

  • Mont Rebei. The imposing walls of Mont Reebei attract everyone who visits them, many meters and an overwhelming atmosphere accompany us at all times in their vertical routes. Proposed routes: Diedre Gris: 410 mt 6a + (V + obl) /  Paul Lalueza: 450 mt V + / Delfos: 415 mt V + / Latin Brothers: 475 mt 7a / A1 (6a obl) / Cade: 550mt 6c (6a obl) / Santiago Domingo: 415 mt V + 

  • Vilanova de Meia. Necronomicon 140mt  V+/ Musical expres 220mt 6b (6a obl) /El señor de los Bordillos 210mt 6c+ /Lleida 200mt V+/A0 /Tierra de Nadie 175 mt 6b+ / Wild Planet 275 mt V+/A0 / Rampas invertidas 200 mt 6a / Diedre Farreny 170 mt  V+

  • Terradets. Cade 500 mt V+/Ae / Reina Puig 530mt V+/Ae / Gali-Molero 500 mt 6b, (V+ obl) / Pere Camins 460 mt 7a+( V+ Ae obl) / Mescalina 430 mt 7b, 6a A0 / Colores 215 mt 6b / Merchely 390 mt 6a.

The options are almost endless, and an unforgettable climb is guaranteed! I will help you choose the best route according to your level, wishes and time available.

So if you want to join me for 1 or several days in the Pyrenees, just contact me and book your trip! Get ready for amazing climbs in some of the best routes in Spain!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Personal insurance

Price details

The price includes guiding fee, civil liability and accident insurance, technical equipment.

About the guide

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Mountain Guide

Mountain enthusiast, with 14 years I made my first climb in my beloved Montserrat. Since then I have not stopped, taking me to carry out alpine projects from the Andes to the Himalayas passing through the famous walls of the USA, the Alps, Morocco.etc.

I have10 years of experience guiding.


French | English | Catalan



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What people are saying about this trip



Pau adapted to our physical condition and help us to get trough the challenges of the trip. We had a great experience! The reason for lower rate of site service is the reception of numerous payment reminder while the payment was completed. I had to communicate via email and provide several overviews of my transaction to ensure my reservation.



Pau was an all around excellent guide. Would highly recommend climbing with him.

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