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Rock Climbing in Briançon

Discover this rock climber’s paradise in the heart of the Hautes-Alps!

Take advantage of all the diverse climbing terrains and incredible views that this spectacularly beautiful region has to offer!

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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Briançon

As you climb and once you reach the summit, you will be immersed in the region’s stunning beauty. From snow-capped mountains on the horizon to excellent views back down into the valley, there is plenty to see throughout the trip.


Good to know:

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Best time to visit:

June to September

How long should I stay?

This really depends on how much time you have. Guides offer trips of varying lengths from a single day to an entire week. Outside of rock climbing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in this area as well

What’s the weather like?

During the summer, the weather is fairly warm with average daily temperatures of about 20ºC to 25ºC. However, the temperature does decrease as altitude increases. Rain is also not very common. Each of the summer months has, on average, about seven rainy days

More info about Rock Climbing in Briançon:

Located on a plateau that rises more than 1.300 meters above sea level, Briançon is the highest city in France and a great jumping off point for all kinds of outdoor adventures. It is located at the confluence of the Durance and Guisane rivers and has excellent access to various different climbing terrains. Both the Ecrins and Hautes-Alpes are easily accessible, providing prospective climbers with more single and multi-pitch ascents than you could fit into a single itinerary. In addition to rock climbing, the area is also a popular spot for kayaking and cycling during the summer as well as skiing and ice climbing during the winter


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