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Rock Climbing in the Hautes Pyrenees

Reach peak alpine experience among the towering French Pyrenees

The southwestern chunks of France rise and fall with picturesque mountains in the Pyrenees. Pristine scenery, top-quality rocks, prominent peaks and large areas of protected parkland. Hautes-Pyrenees is a world-class climbing destination for all levels of ability. Visit in spring, summer and autumn for different rock climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in France

Bursting with breathtaking landscapes, the French Pyrenees is packed full of incredible natural highlights. The rush of rivers, picturesque peaks dominating the wilderness, and whispers of legends swirling through the valleys. Fields of orchids and bellflowers give colour to the mountains, while eagles and vultures swoop over the heads of marmots, boars, and foxes that roam the picturesque Pyrenees.


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Best time to visit

Visit in spring, summer and autumn for different rock climbing conditions

What’s the weather like?

The climate is warm and pleasant throughout the year, and is one of the sunniest places in France

More info about Rock Climbing in Hautes Pyrenees:

Located in the southwest of France is the department of Hautes-Pyrenees, consisting of a collection of distinct areas. Contrasting with the flat plains of the north, the southern chunks of the department are populated with mountains, including Pic du Midi de Bigorre. A large part of Hautes-Pyrenees is held within the Western Pyrenees National Park, which has a strong magnetic pull of outdoor adventurers, especially rock climbers


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