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8-day Snowshoeing polar expedition in Spitsbergen

8-day Snowshoeing polar expedition in Spitsbergen
8-day Snowshoeing polar expedition in Spitsbergen
8-day Snowshoeing polar expedition in Spitsbergen
8-day Snowshoeing polar expedition in Spitsbergen

One of the certified guides from the Polar Experience team, personally trained by Dixie Dansercoer, takes you on a polar expedition, snowshoeing around frozen fjords and vast icefields in Spitsbergen, the largest island on Svalbard archipelago


8 Days



Join me for an incredible polar expedition, spending five days on the ice of the Arctic tundra of Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago.

This short expedition is an ideal first step for those who are planning to travel to the geographical pole, practice winter hiking in the High Arctic Alpine mountains or crossing the Greenland icecaps.

You will get invaluable experience in the ice as well as the priceless opportunity of exploring a destination far from the beaten tracks.

Svalbard is an archipelago in northern Norway, in the Arctic Ocean. Frozen fjords and high peaks are part of the stunning landscapes that you can see in this remote ice fields.

On the first days of our expedition, you’ll need to acclimatize to the new environment. You will also learn how to improve your snowshoeing technique, in order to travel safely in the Arctic conditions.

Besides, I will share some of my experiences too, like rituals for setting up a camp or how to get dressed in a freezing weather.

During the day, you will pull pulks to transport your personal stuff. By night, we’ll sleep in tents under the stars.

This is a complete polar experience that will allow you to enjoy all the wonderful things that polar travel has to offer.

Furthermore, you don’t need to have previous experience in winter camping to be a part of it, as this is a beginner’s program. You just need to have motivation and a good physical condition.

You can find the complete itinerary for this program, below this description.

Please, contact me if you want to be a part of this polar traverse in Spitsbergen! I have a large experience traveling in polar regions, so I will make sure you have an amazing trip.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

Price details

This is the price to join a group from 6 to 12 people.


Day 1: Oslo - Longyearbyen

We gather in Oslo and fly together to Longyearbyen in the evening.

A little after midnight we arrive at the airport in the largest settlement of the island of Spitsbergen and we take a transfer to the hotel. There they are waiting for us and we can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Day 2: Preparation day

After a cozy breakfast we start the preparations.

Together with the guide we take the route, the course of the mini-expedition and the safety guidelines. Everyone’s personal clothing and collective equipment will also be checked. We store supplies, distribute our daily rations and learn how to store everything in the trays as economically as possible. If possible we will make a first test trip on the frozen Adventalen fjord. We set up the tents, learn how to organize the tent inside and make the final practical arrangements.

Dinner in Longyearbyen and overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 3 to 7: 5-day expedition

After getting the rifle and the fuel for the cooking fires, we prepare for the mini-expedition.

The route has been drawn on map. In the coming days we will be pulling snowshoes, pulling a pulka, through the vast snow and mountain landscapes. We live on the ice. The physical effort is not too high, we walk around 6 hours every day, converted about 15 km. We do not go ‘in the red’ and take every member of the team into account. Gradually we learn to deal with the freezing temperatures and how best to act to make it comfortable. The daily rhythm also allows to fully enjoy the Arctic environment.

On day 7 we return to Longyearbyen. The pulkas are discharged and we enjoy a well-deserved shower.

In the evening we relax and look back on the unforgettable adventure of the past days.

Overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 8: Longyearbyen - Oslo

Early in the morning we say goodbye to all the warm and hospitable people we met in Spitsbergen and take the bus to the airport in Longyearbyen.

Flight to Oslo.



More info

Group size: if you are 8 or more participants, a second guide will join. The maximum group size is 12 people.

This items are included in the price: -International flight to and from Longyearbyen, based on economy booking class Q and dependent on availability. In the event that the planned booking class is not available, there will be a supplement, depending on the tariffs of what is available. -During the expedition, Julie will provide solid follow-up from the back office. -The communal expedition material (tents, camping stoves, communication, navigation and safety equipment). -The use of the expedition material (ski equipment, shoes, bindings, pulks, harnesses, sleeping mats and polar sleeping bags). -Airport taxes, VAT and warranty contributions. -1 piece of checked luggage (maximum weight: 23kg and maximum measurements: 158cm). -1 piece of carry-on luggage (maximum weight: 8kg and maximum measurements: 55x40x23cm).

Meeting point

About the guide

Guide profile image

Polar Experience



Master Polar Guide

Polar Experience is a Polar guiding agency designed and created by Dixie Dansercoer and managed by Julie Brown.

Dixie Dansercoer (12 July 1962 – 7 June 2021) was a Belgian polar explorer with thirty years of experience in polar travel and expeditions. He went to the poles on 34 occasions, for personal or guided expeditions, photo and film productions, and lectures aboard polar cruises. 

He received the title of ‘Master Guide’ in the newly established IPGA platform (International Polar Guides Association) and he's one of only four people to have crossed the complete Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic continent.

In 2012, together with Sam Deltour, Dixie broke the world record for the longest non-motorized expedition to the South Pole. On skis, and assisted by a kite, they traveled at least 5013km.

He was the only polar guide who could provide expedition material for twelve expedition members, in the Arctic (Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen) the Antarctic (Wolfs Fang, Queen Maud Land), and also in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Today, the Dixie Dansercoer Team is led by Eric and Julie and his amazing and well-prepared team of guides, whom he trained himself. Please get in touch with them if you are interested in the different tours they are guiding. They will be happy to introduce you to the wonderful world of Polar Travel.


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