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The Kyrgyz “Nomad’s path”, 14-day Trek in the Terskey Ala-Too (Tian Shan) in Kyrgyzstan

Trekking in Kyrgyzstan
Trekking in Kyrgyzstan
Trekking in Kyrgyzstan
Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Join Misha, your KMGA-certified guide, as he takes you on this magical, mystical and sensational 14-day trek in the Terskey Ala-Too (Tian Shan) in Kyrgyzstan, an adventure that take us across the most spectacular scenery in Central Asia, along the Kyryz “Nomad’s path”.


Tian Shan

14 Days

Jun - Aug




* Discover the magical and awesome landscape of Kyrgyzstan!

* See mountains, gorges, rivers, valleys, fields and glaciers

* Explore the ancient villages, towns and cities of the country


If you join me on this truly amazing 14-day trek in the Terskey Ala-Too (Tian Shan) in Kyrgyzstan, you will be exposed to the most jaw-dropping and breath-taking landscape, scenery and terrain imaginable, as the countryside changes from rocky mountains and mars-like red terrain, to lush green forests and fields, tranquil lakes, and vast valleys and gorges, all along the famous Kyrgyz “Nomad’s path”.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and is best known for its highly mountainous terrain and its long, distinguished and ancient history and culture.

We meet on the 1st day in Manas Airport, and from there we head to Tamga Village for a spot of sightseeing and to get to know each other.

The subsequent 10 days then entail trekking, hiking and sightseeing through a kaleidoscope of different settings and terrains, with every day bringing us to incredible sights around the towering and majestic Tian Shan Mountains.

Some of the highlights include the Fairy Tale Canyon, a desolate tundra reminiscent of another planet, the gorgeous and sumptuous Chunkur Kel and Issyk Kul Lakes, the impressive and mighty Djuuka Pass, featuring enormous gorges and canyons, and the snowy mountains, rocky slopes and glaciers of the impressive Tosor Pass.

Along the way we will be trekking, traipsing and travailing around postcard-pretty and lush green fields and valleys, covered in lovely natural vegetation, and countless streams, rivers, waterways and gorges.

On day 12 we return to civilization, when we head to the pretty town of Tamga, and the final few days are spent exploring both Tamga and the city of Karakol, the 4th biggest in the country.

Our trips ends when we head back to Bishkek, tired and weary, yet content and satisfied at having trekked through some of the best unexplored scenery in Central Asia.

Following this path around Kyrgyzstan is a truly special experience – book now and you won’t regret it!

For a different perspective of Kyrgyzstan, have a look at our 12-day “Asian Patagonia” trek in Kyrgyzstan, from Bishkek, here!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Transportation start and back

- Permit and entrance fees

- Luggage transfer

Price details

Price does not include:

1. Accommodation in hotels after the program;

2. Single room accommodation

3. Alcohol and soft drinks;

4. Transfers, excursions or horse riding over the program etc.;

5. Visa and invitation letter to Kyrgyzstan;

6. Medical insurance.


Day 1: “Manas” Airport – Bishkek – Tamga village

Meeting in airport “Manas”. Transfer to Bishkek accompanied
by a great view to Kyrgyz Ala Too Mountain Range. Start
driving towards Tamga village. Visit Burana Tower on the
way, which is famous historical monument and UNESCO
heritage (11-12 century A.D.). During the excursion you can
climb to the top of 24m tower and see panorama of beautiful
Chui valley with Kyrgyz Mountain Range on the background.
Stop in the Boom gorge for lunch.
Dinner and overnight in Tamga guesthouse.

Day 2: Tamga village

Drive to Barskoon Gorge to visit waterfalls. Our first stop at
the memorial to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It used to be
one of his favorite place for recreation. From the monument
start round hiking trip to waterfalls. Two of them calls
“Snowleopard’s tears” and “The cup of the Manas”. The third
one “Snowleopard’s jump” is the largest and the most
powerfull. Drive up to Barskoon pass and get to Arabel high
mountain plateau. Such places Kyrgyz people call “Syrt”. Its
terrain and climate is similar to tundra in the North but caused
by severe of high altitude. Excursion to the “Skazka” (Fairy
Tale) canyon after lunch. It’s a place with colorful sandstone
rocks which looks like Mars landscape or characters and
decorations from Fairy Tales. Just switch on your imagination
and you can easily spend hours walking in this magic place.
Stop at the lake side for swimming.
Dinner and overnight in Tamga guest house.

Day 3: Tamga village – Tamga gorge

Breakfast around 8 o’clock. Then final preparations and
transfer from the guesthouse to outskirts of Tamga village. The
way is easy and not steep this day, so people can gradually
acclimatize themselves to climate and high altitude. First we
hike along old road in Tamga gorge and among orchards. On
the way we make excursion to Tamga-Tash stone with ancient
Tibetan inscriptions on it, dated from X-XIc. Further we wade
a river and enter a forest zone in Chegedek gorge. Short ascent
by serpentine road in deep coniferous forest, and we come to
camp place, which is just on the border of forest. Stay in tents.

Day 4: Chegedek gorge – Karal Dyobo

The day begins with long ascent to the high plateau called
Altyn-Kungey. First trail follows us along the river and then
waving among great number of little hills, which forms whole
plateau. From the plateau you will be able to enjoy beautiful
view of Issyk-Kul lake and its shore. In good clear weather
there is excellent view to Kungey mountains, which are
hundred kilometers away, across the lake. Next step after
reaching the plateau is climbing to easy pass which follow us
to neighbor plateau called Teekaryn. On the way we have to
wade two big rivers, so it is better to have some sandals for it.
Crossing the plateau, we stop at the footstep of Korool-Dyobo
hill (Observation hill). Setting up the camp, relax, enjoy the
sunset and having dinner with one the best view to Issyk-Kul

Day 5: Karal Dyobo – Tosor pass – Chunkur Kel Lake

It is a long trip this day but trail is not difficult. In the morning
we descent from the plateau to Tosor river. Further we go
along old road leading to Tosor pass. On the way to the pass
we pass by steep rocky slopes and small glaciers. From the
pass we can see beautiful panorama high mountain valley lying
behind the pass and surrounded by snowy mountains. From the
pass we already can see final point of the day trip – Chunkur
Kel lake which still looks small from 5km distance. After
taking the pass we leave the road and follow to the bottom of
Uchimchek valley. Short stop at shepherd’s house and walk
further to Chunkur-Kel lake. Put up camp on the shore. The
bravest ones even can swim in the lake.

Day 6: Rest day on Chunkur Kel Lake

Camp on the lake all day. Optionally it is possible to go for
radial hikes to Tamga pass or make an ascent to one of the
nearest peak.

Day 7: Chunkur Kel Lake – Kerege Tash gorge – Barskaun gorge

Walk around the lake and follow along the river flowing out of
the lake. Entrance into Kerege-Tash valley open us another
great panorama of Terskey range. Wide mountain valley
surrounded by snowy peaks with falling glaciers and smooth
lines of grassland. In 5-7 km the valley becomes narrow and
we descent to the bottom of the gorge. Further the path goes
along the river, time to time climbing up the slope and going
down to the river again. During the way we twice wade the
main river and five-seven times smaller inflows. So be ready
for lots of water entertainment. In the end of the trip we reach
Sary-Moinok pass and road to Kumtor gold mine, where our
support car meets us and drive (3-5km) to the camp place on
confluence of Barskoon and Dongureme rivers.

Day 8: Barskaun gorge – Dongureme pass – Dongureme gorge

In compare with other days, this one is the most intensive. We
start from the forest and come to narrow place of the gorge.
Here we wade narrow but very rapid river and continue
climbing up to Dongureme pass. Sometimes the trail goes steep
and sometimes it gets lost so we have to follow river-bed or
hillside. But when we reach the pass, it will present us with
great view to celestial mountains. You will be able to walk on
little glacier coming down to the pass and see amazing fauna of
high alpine zone. Form the pass we go down until the better
camping place, where temperature is not so cold and wind are
not so strong as on the pass. Setting up the camp and have rest.

Day 9: Dongureme gorge – Djuuka gorge

Today we continue descent from the pass and soon reach
confluence of Dongureme and Djuuka rivers. Here we make
one of the final wade across the river and come to flat glade
called Chon-Tash, which means Big Stone. The name of the
place tells its own tale. Many huge boulders are scattered
about, on territory of one square kilometer. Setting up the camp
and have rest

Day 10: Djuuka gorge – Djuuka pass

Depending on weather and physical condition of the group, this
day can be spent as day of rest or radial hike towards Djuuka
pass. On the way to the pass we have possibility to see three
wonderful lakes. Each of the lake have different color – blue,
green and brown. However, each one is filled by single river.
From the pass by corner of the eye, we can catch a look to
another big lake called Chokaly-Kel and Arabel plateau. And
then return back to camp.

Day 11: Djuuka gorge – Kashka Suu gorge

Today we descent further along Djuuka gorge to the
confluence with Kashka-Suu gorge. Find a good place for
camp on the bank of Djuuka river. From the camp there is
beautiful view to mountain ridge of high snowy peaks and
sheer cliffs. On the way we can see grand dome of It-Tish peak
– the highest peak of the region. In translation from Kyrgyz its
name means Dog’s Fang.

Day 12: Kashka Suu gorge – Tamga

Final passage until the nearest farm, where the bus meets us
and drives to Tamga (70km). After lunch in guest house, we
can go to Issyk-Kul lake, take evening bath and relax on beach
in the warm sun.

Day 13: Tamga village – Karakol town

Drive to Karakol town right after breakfast. Karakol (former
Przhevalsk), at the beginning, was a Russian military outpost
founded on 1 July 1869. For a long time, many Russians lived
there. This fact reflected to a culture and architecture of the
town. Now it is fast developing and the fourth biggest city in
Kyrgyzstan. Sightseeing tour around Karakol includes visiting city center, bazaar, Russian Orthodox Church, Dungan
Mosque, Przewalsky museum. Accommodation in a hotel or
guest house.

Day 14: Karakol town – Bishkek city

Taking North shore of Issyk Kul to drive back to Bishkek city.
On the way stop in Cholpon Ata and visit to open-air museum
with thousands petroglyphs. Then driving to Bishkek and
accommodation in hotel. Take a short rest and continue with
sightseeing excursion around Bishkek. Walk from
Philharmonic to Ala Too main square. Passing by “White
House”, open-air art gallery, oak park, different monuments
and finish by Opera House and Victory Square. Farewell
dinner in Bishkek.

Day 15: Bishkek city – Airport “Manas”

Early breakfast. Drive to the airport. Flight home.


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Mountain Guide

Whether in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, China or Tibet, my passion for travel and customer service will make all the difference on your trip. I lead my groups off-the-beaten-path and always strive to make sure that your experience goes far beyond ordinary tourism. An IFMGA-certified mountain guide, I will take you ski touring or climbing to some of the best spots in the area and will make sure you get a sense of our local culture, and leave with unforgettable memories and a burning desire to return.


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What people are saying about Misha



Our horseback riding trek in Kyrgyzstan was an unforgettable adventure! From start to finish, everything was perfectly organized. Misha picked us up at the airport, ensuring a smooth start to our journey. The views throughout the trek were absolutely insane, showcasing the stunning beauty of Kyrgyzstan's landscapes. The horses were well-trained and a pleasure to ride, making the trek even more enjoyable. Our guide was amazing, knowledgeable, and incredibly supportive, adding immense value to the entire experience. Overall, the combination of breathtaking scenery, excellent organization, and fantastic guidance made this trip just AMAZING! Highly recommended for anyone looking for an extraordinary horseback riding adventure.



I would recommend this trip to anyone. It was such an incredible experience and Misha was the best guide one could ask for. His knowledge is incredible and he answered every one of my million questions. On top of that he is a great guy to be around. The hike is diverse and the natural beauty is second to none. Don’t miss out on this experience!

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