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Training camp for Pierra Menta Eté Trail Run (3 days)

Areches Beaufort

Your UIMLA-certified guide Carolina will lead you on this challenging, fun and brilliant 3-day training camp in order to prepare you to take on the Pierra Menta Ete trail run close to beautiful Areches-Beaufort in the Alps, France.



3 Days





* Trail run around the spectacular region of Areches-Beaufort in the Alps

* Trace the route of the famous Pierra Menta trail run race

* Push yourself to new physical limits on this challenging training camp

* See spectacular views and scenery - some of the best in Europe!


Join me on this 3-day training camp to prepare for the Pierra Menta Ete trail run and you will not regret it, as we give you the ideal preparation in perfect conditions near the outdoor activity mecca of Areches-Beaufort, where trail running and similar activities are at the heart of many conversations!

The Pierra Menta is a world-famous race on the trail running calendar, attracting trail running devotees and enthusiasts from around the world every year. It is located near the gorgeous and exquisite village of Areches-Beaufort, often overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbor Chamonix, and sitting in the shadows of the towering and majestic Mont Blanc.

We meet at our hotel on the first day, where we will go through what is expected over the three days of training.

We then begin by completing a training run of the first stage of the race, in the Roche Parstire section, before retiring to the hotel in the evening where we get to chat to members of the race organization.

The second and third days are much the same, as we tackle some of the more challenging aspects of the course such as the mythical Grand Mont, as well as segments composed of air passages and technical singles.

This is the ideal preparation for the race, as you will be tracing the exact course, thus allowing you to get an idea of the conditions and paths expected.

We will be pushing you to your physical limits, whilst at the same time improving your technique and making sure we are still able to take in all the stunning scenery around us such as pretty forests and marvelous views.

We finish after 3 days, hopefully weary yet excited by the prospect of having improved your trail running!

This trip is the perfect preparation for your trail running race – book now to experience!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Snacks

Price details

Price is to join a group of 5-8 people. For private groups, get in touch with me.


Day 1: Meet and run

Meet at hotel. Then a sporty “warm-up” with the recognition of the final sprint stage
in the Roche Parstire sector. In the evening, briefing and exchanges with one of the
members of the race organization.

Day 2: Run

Run the mythical stage with the passage through the legendary summit of Grand Mont and near
2900m D +, punctuated with ridges and crossed passages!

Day 3: Run and finish

Last day, composed of runs featuring air passages and technical singles.



More info

A minimum number of participants (defined in advance) is required for the departure to take place. If the number of participants is insufficient and the departure is cancelled, clients will be informed via a phone call at least a week prior to the scheduled departure date and will receive a complete refund.

Clients are required to have a multi-risk insurance, covering cancellation fees, rescue and accident, repatriation and baggage loss or theft.

It is recommended you bring with you:

  • A lightweight backpack including:
  • A waterproof jacket
  • A warm, long-sleeved, fleece-type top
  • A survival blanket, a whistle
  • An individual pharmacy kit
  • A cap or headband
  • A hat and thin gloves
  • Sunglasses suitable for running
  • Long tights if worn for running
  • Cereal bars and energy drink
  • A plastic bag for waste
  • Biodegradable toilet paper
  • A headlamp and spare batteries
  • A minimum water reserve of 1,5l
  • An elastic strapping band
  • Some cash
  • Mini-crampons like yaktracks
  • A harness
  • A via ferrata lanyard
  • A helmet
  • running shorts
  • A short-sleeved t-shirt
  • A pair of running socks
  • Trail shoes already worn
  • Spare clothes for 3 days
  • A personal toiletry kit
  • Spare shoes
  • A spare water bag
  • A pair of spare laces
  • A pocket knife
  • Earplugs or ear plugs

Meeting point

Hotel in Areches-Beaufort.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Leader

I hold the State Certificate of Mountain Leader (UIMLA), Athlete of Team Garmin Adventure. I won many trail competitions such as Oxygen Challenge, The Glaciers Tour of Vanoise, Albertville Trail, Drayes Blanches of Vercors, the Frison Roche Beaufort, Run and skate of Chamonix… I have also some racing podiums such as the Saintélyon, the Lyon Urban Trail, the Causses Marathon, the Allobroges. I am an ex-sportswoman of high level in rowing (World Championships, World Cups, France Championships). I have a mastery STAPS (Sport) and BEES First degree in rowing. I organise and supervise many trail courses in the Alps with a pro team, a friends group with whom we have a mission: Run and enjoy! I invite you to contact me if you want to train and/or discover these incredible massifs.


French | English



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What people are saying about -Caroline


J'ai eu l'opportunité de participer à deux stages, l'un dans le Cantal, l'autre à Chamonix. Un grand plaisir de partager une passion commune avec des participants très sympas de tous niveaux et de tous horizons. Caroline, une grande professionnelle de la montagne et du trail, n'a pas son pareil pour organiser ces rencontres, et tout cela dans une super ambiance et des paysages à couper le souffle.


J'ai fait deux stages avec Caro, c'est devenu une amie, et chacun de ces stages m'a laissé des souvenirs inoubliables. Le premier stage en 2014 en Haute Savoie à l'occasion du Trail du Gypaète. Le Deuxième stage en 2015, dans les Calanques de Marseille. Ces stages auront été parfaits à tous les niveaux: Paysages grandioses (on sent qu'ils ont été choisis avec soin), des échanges techniques avec des "pros" (un grand moment quand Caro inspecte les sacs à dos...), pleins de conseils nutrition - mode de vie etc... La découverte des autres stagiaires mais aussi des autres encadrants (très bon contact avec Guillaume Lenormand par ex.). Des conditions matérielles top (hébergement, repas, organisation etc...). Seule critique: le temps passe trop vite, c'est toujours trop court! Donc au final quand c'est fini, on n'a qu'une envie... c'est de repartir pour un autre stage! Et vu le nombre de personnes que l'on croise sur les stages qui en sont à leur n-ième participation, je peux affirmer que ce sentiment est partagé!


Pour moi le trail c'est avant tout la découverte de nouveaux territoires, les rencontres et les échanges avec d'autres passionnés, le respect de la nature. Mes 3 stages avec Caroline m'ont permis de retrouver ces fondamentaux dans un cadre toujours bon enfant, mais pas moins professionnel. Caroline est une passionnée de montagne et de tout ce qui y touche (sport, culture, gastronomie) et elle sait comme personne transmettre sa passion et ses bons conseils, toujours avec le sourire. Je garde un excellent souvenir des rencontres avec les autres stagiaires et mais aussi avec les autres encadrants, Guillaume, Seb, Cédric, Lydie et tant d'autres rencontrés au cours de ces stages.



Great experience, but definitely favored toward elite runners. One of our guides, JC, was amazing. He cared about every runner. The other guide seemed only to care for the elites (and himself). On top of Col des Montets, I asked if we had time to put on warm layers. The guide said "of course," but then quickly proceeded to run off with the entire group while I stood bare and freezing with my gear unpacked. Total lack of consideration for the well-being of his runners. Otherwise a great tour.



Well organized tour of the TDS course. Amazing views await even if you’re not planning to run the race

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