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Trekking the “Alpamayo Circuit” in Peru in 13 days, Cordillera Blanca

Trekking the “Alpamayo Circuit” in Peru in 13 days, Cordillera Blanca | undefined

Join certified mountain guide, Edgar, on this exciting 13-day trek of the Alpamayo circuit. Experience the Cordillera Blanca in all its glory!



13 Days

May - Sep




* Have a genuine mountain experience in the wilderness of Peru

* See the beautiful turquoise glacial lakes of Ichicocha and Jatuncochca

* Be accompanied by donkey drivers who will take some of the load off our backs


Are you ready to have a genuine mountain experience in the wilderness of Peru? This laid-back 13 day trek of the Alpamayo Circuit is the perfect way to experience the most beautiful mountains of Cordillera Blanca!

The Cordillera Blanca range is made up of some of the world’s most amazing and diverse trekking terrains. This range has over 50 peaks that rise above 5,000 meters and 20 peaks more that surpass 6,000 meters in height. The peak of Alpamayo is regarded by countless travelers as the most marvelous peak in all of Peru.

The Alpamayo circuit is a trek that passes through 170 kilometers of mountain range. On this trek, we will hike through the heart of the Alpamayo mountains. This range has the largest amount of tropical glaciers on earth! We will be able to gaze upon many turquoise glacial lakes.

During this trek, we will be accompanied by donkey drivers who will allow us to take some of the load off of our backs. This means that this trek is accesible to a wide range of hikers.

Over the course of 13 days we will get to see many magical sceneries. We will be able to see the beautiful turquoise lakes of Ichicocha and Jatuncochca. On this amazing trip we will see much more places of interest such as Llamacorral, Taulipampa, Huillca, Caracara and more!

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Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transportation start and back

- Permit and entrance fees

Price details

This is the price to join one of my group tours.


Day 1: Huaraz- Cashapampa- Llamacorral

We will leave Huaraz around 7 AM from your hotel and drive along the callejon de Hualas until we reach Cashapampa. Here, we will meet our donkey drivers. We will prepare our packs then start hiking. We will hike to our first campe at Llama corral where we will stay overnight.

Day 2: Llamacorral- Taullipampa

We will start the day with an Andean breakfast at our campsite. We will hike along the valley and see the beautiful lakes of Ichicocha and Jatuncocha. We will have lunch in a nice place called Quisuar, then we will go up to the Alpamayo south base camp. We will take some pictures and enjoy the view then hike to our next camp called Taullipampa.

Day 3: Taullipampa- Tuctupampa

We will start hiking in the early morning to Punta Union Pass. We will climb a zigzag path to the pass. We will arrive at the pass at 11 AM, where we can enjoy the nice views then descend to lake Morococha to have lunch. We will walk a few more hours to the camp at Tuctupampa.

Day 4: Tuctupampa- Quisuar

We will climb to the Pucaraju pass, arriving at 11 AM. From here we will zigzag down a path to a nice landscape surrounded by highlands straw and many trees. We will hike to Huecroncocha lake to have lunch. Then walk down a few more minutes to Quisuar, where we will camp.

Day 5: Quisuar- Jancapampa

We will hike up a moderate path, passing plenty of sheep, and arrive at the Tupatupa pass. Then we will go down by the base of the Pucajirca mountain and arrive at camp in Jancapampa.

Day 6: Jancapampa- Huillca

We will hike to Yanacon pass where we will look out on a beautiful landscape. After the pass, we will go down to the next camp in Huillca.

Day 7: Huillca- Caracara

We will do moderate walking for two hours to get to Mesapata pass. Then we will walk a flat area to the water stream in Moyobamba Valley to have lunch. We will continue to the base of Caracara pass where we will set up camp.

Day 8: Caracara- Jancarurish

The first two hours should be fairly windy. We will hike to Caracara pass and see many white peak mountains. We will take pictures then start going down to Jancarurish. On our way we will see Alpamayo’s north face. We will set up camp overlooking the mountain face.

Day 9: Jancarurish Rest Day

Today is a free day for all. You can consult your guide for different things to do in the area.

Day 10: Jancarurish- Osoruri

We will walk along the Alpamayo Valley until Ruinapampa, where we will see some pre-inka terraces. From here we will climb zigzag. We will break from climbing to have lunch, then continue to Ichicvientona pass. We will have a short rest to take pictures and relax then descend to camp in Osoruri.

Day 11: Osoruri- Calamina

We will walk up for about one hour to the Jatunvientona pass. Then we will go down a few meters to the beautiful blue lake of Cullicocha at the base of Santa Cruz. We will have lunch then we will go down to the camp in Calamina. Here, we can see the sunset over the Black Mountain.

Day 12: Calamina- Hulcayan- Huancarhuaz

We will hike to the small village of Hualcayan where we can visit the humble shops. We will have lunch and arrive early to the Huancarhuash Hot Springs where we can relax and bathe. We will cmap in the small village of Conay or Huancarhuas.

Day 13: Huancarhuaz- Cashapampa- Huaraz

We will have one last Andean breakfast then board the bus at 9 AM. We will stop for lunch in Carhuas then continue to Huaraz where we will arrive at 3 or 4 pm and have an overnight in Hotel Huaraz.



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We had such an amazing time on this Trek! From the beginning to the end we had wonderful service through “Wild Huayhuash - Tomas Operator”. It is an amazing, beautiful, take your breath away hike. The guides are knowledgeable, kind, and extremely helpful. We had guide/cook Rosmel, guide Angel, operators Edgar and Tomas. Rosmel made us food every day(breakfast, lunch, snacks (popcorn), and dinner), woke us up to a fresh cup of tea every morning in our tent, and guides us through the first few days of our hike. He was like Superman carrying our lunch on his back every day of the trek (think heavy food in pots, with juice). Angel was the guide the rest of the way through the trek and was also very kind and professional. He was funny, paced us well through the hard sections, and let us have breaks whenever we needed. Both Rosmel & Angel were always working to get us to the best viewpoints, and best camping spots first, before the other groups. They also both helped when I had an asthma attack during the trek. From the operator side, Tomas and Edgar were amazing. Going through all the information we would need, allowing us to leave extra things in their office, allowing us to rest and shower in one of their rooms at no extra charge when we got back from the trek, and Edgar helped us find a map of Huayhuash so we could document our journey when we got back (finding a map of Huayhuash in Huaraz was not easy). This was a well put together group, and always seemed to be one step ahead of the other Huayhuash trekking groups. I highly recommend!

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