trip duration TRIP DURATION
2 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
2 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Mar, Apr
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP
Not specified


Join me for a winter mountaineering trip in Tokachidake, in Hokkaido!

Hokkaido has abundant snowy mountains in the winter, thanks to the cold Siberian wind and the moisture the wind picks up from the sea of Okhotsk in the north. This spoils skiers and snowboarders with the famous powder snow but it also provides an ideal playground to mountaineers.

Why not you come with me to explore the less known activity in Hokkaido, perhaps as a refreshing break from backcountry skiing for a few days?

I have selected a relatively climber friendly route for this itinerary, which is the Kamihoro North West Ridge. The ridge stands at 2,000 m but it offers easy access with a short approach path starting at 1,300 m. In particular, from Mt. Kamihorokamettoku (a.k.a. Kamihoro), you can enjoy the magnificent view of the snowy peaks of Tokachi, Furano, and the mountain ranges of the distant Daisetsuzan. This area is a major backcountry skiing destination in earlier winter periods but turns into an accessible alpine climbing area.

Depending on the weather, conditions and your abilities, I can also guide you to another itinerary. Please contact me for more information!

As an alternative, there are also 2-days ice climbing programes that I offer. Have a look if you’re interested!

I also offer a 2-day Winter Mountaineering Course in Hokkaido, which is oriented to beginners.

Please also be aware that in case I am busy I will ask my fellow guides to guide you.

Accommodation options in TOKACHI:

Ryounkaku: Half-board with onsen. JPY 10,000.

– Hakuginso: Self catering. Guide can arrange booking. Amazing onsen outside! JPY 3,000.


Day 1

Tokachidake Onsen

From Sapporo, we will drive to town of Tokachidake Onsen (100 km, 2.5 hrs). We will spend 2 hrs training at a frozen dam of height around 10 m, to practice ice climbing techniques and check your abilities on using ice climbing gears. Overnight stay at a traditional onsen ryokan.

Day 2

Kamihoro North West Ridge / Sapporo

Start with a snowshoe approach for 1.5 hrs, before the climb of the Kamihoro North West Ridge (500 m vertical, grade III*, 7 pitches, ascent 3 hrs, descent 2 hrs). A relaxing dip in an onsen before driving back to Sapporo. Estimated time of return is around 6 pm.

*Scottish Winter Grades:

III – Mixed ascents of moderate rock routes; icy gullies; sustained buttresses.

Price per person

1 Person90000JPY
Group of 260000JPY

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
Please note that accommodation is not included and client will have to pay for guide's accommodation as well.

Other details


Accommodation options in NISEKO:
- Hotel Kanronomori: Japanese style onsen hotel (half-board). JPY 12000~20,000 (pp per night)
- Goshiki Onsen: An Onsen accommodation in the mountains, far from ski resorts. Self catering JPY 4,000. Half board JPY 10,000.
- The Woodpeckers: mountain hut-like accommodation, just below Niseko Moiwa ski resort. Half-board included. JPY 7,500.

Accommodation options in TOKACHI:
- Ryounkaku: Half-board with onsen. JPY 10,000.
- Hakuginso: Self catering. Guide can arrange booking. Amazing onsen outside! JPY 3,000

Accommodation options in ASAHIDAKE:
- Shirakabaso: For youth. Half board, JPY 8,000

Accommodation options in SOUNKYO:
- Mount View Hotel: Onsen, lots of Asian tourists. Half board. JPY 10,000
- Choyo-tei: Japanese style onsen hotel (half board). Great food! JPY 15,000-20,000

Accommodation options in SAPPORO:
- Route Inn Sapporo and Sapporo Aspen Hotel: Food not included. JPY 8,000-9,000
- Sapporo Grand Hotel: JPY 10,000-20,000

Accommodation options in OTARU:
- Kourakuen: Japanese style onsen hotel (half board). JPY 20,000
- Musashitei: Japanese style onsen hotel (half board). JPY 20,000

More info

- Crampon compatible Mountaineering boots (e.g. Nepal Evos)
- Technical ice axes
- Harness
- Helmet
- Crampons
- Items such as ice axes, harness, helmet, and crampons can be rented at JPY 2,000 each.
- Other ice climbing gears such as ice screws, quick draws etc. will be provided.


I offer this trip for the months of March and April. During this period, the temperatures ranges from -10c to -15c, and at time there could be blizzards with wind speed of around 20m/s (72 km/h).

Required Levels:

Intermediate / Advanced. Previous experience of intermediate winter mountaineering necessary. You need to be fairly proficient in rope works and crampons.


In case of bad weather / conditions (including road conditions), the trip itinerary may be altered and/or date change can be discussed.

Riding on the guide's car is considered as ride sharing and thus will only covered under normal car insurance. The guide's responsibility and liability is only applicable from the departure from the start of the approach path until our return to the same point.

Please make sure all participants are individual insured appropriately with international travel insurance. My insurance will only cover up to JPY 1,000,000 upon death and a compensation of JPY 1,000 per day in case of hospitalization.

For any injuries in the mountains, the guide will not be liable and will need to be paid by your own means.