Water Sports trips – Bled

Slovenia's most charming town awaits with fantastic water adventures!

From sliding down waterfalls in Grmečica Canyon to scrambling the rugged terrain around Fratarica Canyon, enjoy Bled’s spectacular and diverse scenery with this fun and exciting sport.

Take advantage of the near proximity of many of these destinations and explore as much of this little yet diverse place as you can.

Take a look at our options for canyoning trips around Bled and make your pick! Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified guides.


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Bled — a very scenic alpine town in north-western Slovenia — is the most famous tourist destination in the country and a perfect starting-point for outdoor adventures around the mountains of the Julian Alps.

The turquoise alpine rivers, wild gorges and impressive waterfalls in this area allow many water activities: canyoning is one of the most exciting! It consists of a mix of swimming, jumping, abseiling and climbing. There are different levels of difficulty, but it’s usually a family-friendly activity that children will enjoy a lot.

Bled is easily reached from Ljubljana and the nearby major international airport (LJU). Most guides will opt to meet you in or around Bled, but if you have the chance to spend some time in the capital, you should lake it.



Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

During the spring, temperatures are quite pleasant, but get colder with more altitude. Rain is not infrequent either. During the summer, temperatures are moderate, but can rise all the way up to the mid-30s. In autumn, temperatures become quite pleasant again. Rain is less common during these months.

How long should I stay?

This depends, really, on how much time you have available. Most guides offer trips that are either a half-day or one-day and explore only a few canyons. Spending at least a half-week here is the best way to sample a bunch of different canyons as wella s other activities.


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April to October




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