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Best Mountain Bike Trails in Europe


Ana Rosberg

August 5, 2019

Last updated on March 22, 2022 by the Explore-Share team


Europe has a thriving bicycle culture both in its cities and in its stunning wilderness areas, and for good reason. For starters, it is well prepared for cycling. In the cities, bicycle paths abound, and in the mountains too! Whether it's in the Alps, in the Dolomites, or in the Rhodope Mountains, you can find stunning mountain bike trails to enjoy half-day, full-day or multi-day two-wheel adventures. Furthermore, electric mountain bikes allow you to explore more challenging terrains and go longer distances. Europe also has the benefit of having great mountain huts and delicious cuisine in its different regions, and this makes longer mountain bike adventures all the more enjoyable.

There is an infinity of mountain bike trails in Europe that are well worth discovering. Below is Explore-Share's pick of the best. Read on to find out more about the top spots to go on a mountain bike active holiday, choose the ideal program for your level and expectations, and start planning your mountain bike trip with a certified guide!

1. Tour du Mont Blanc


Also known as TMB, Tour du Mont Blanc is a world-famous hiking trail that circles the Mont Blanc Massif. It is traditionally a 10-day hike that covers approximately 170 km in total and passes by Switzerland, Italy, and France. Currently, it is also a popular, albeit challenging, mountain bike trail for intermediate to advanced riders that usually takes around 6 days on a bike.

Riding at an altitude, traversing different terrains, enjoying stunning views of the Alps, with the added plus of having a good accommodation system and tasty cuisine to try on the way are some of the best aspects of exploring this world-famous route on a bike.

On the downside, some stretches are not easy to ride, and so most TMB mountain bike tours also require some hiking. Going with a certified guide is a great way to ensure safety and arrange logistics. Furthermore, many programs include e-bikes which are ideal for more difficult steep stretches. Otherwise, there are also many local mountain bike rental shops to gear up for the ride.

In brief 

  • Duration: 6-10 days

  • Difficulty: intermediate to advanced

  • Best time to go: During the summer months between July and September.

Join a thrilling intermediate 6-day Tour du Mont Blanc e-bike adventure with one of our certified guides!

2. Innsbruck mountain biking tour


Located in Tyrol, Austria, Innsbruck is famous for its stunning landscapes and has become a top spot for mountain bike adventures.

The Crankworx Innsbruck, which attracts top MTB riders in the summer, takes places in this breathtaking region and there is a well-developed infrastructure for the activity, for riders of all levels.

Innsbruck features a great network of very different single tracks for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. For example the Maria Waldrast Bike Trail Tyrol is 32km long and is perfect for intermediate half-day adventures, whereas the more challenging 6-day Innsbruck Loop is 301km long and takes you through some of the most emblematic spots in the region such as Zillertal Valley,  Stubai Valley, and the Karwendel Silver Region, to name a few.

A certified mountain guide will be able to offer you the perfect program to suit your expectations and level while helping you out with logistics. 

In brief 

  • Duration: depending on the route or program. You can find half-day to multi-day options.

  • Difficulty: all levels.

  • Best time to go: between the summer months of June and September.

Enjoy this unique intermediate 4-day mountain bike program in Innsbruck!

3. Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

The Rhodope Mountains, located between Bulgaria and Greece, are one of Bulgaria's top destinations. The region is well known for its stunning wilderness and for its cultural landmarks. On a mountain bike tour in the Rhodopes, you will get to experience meadows, gorges, river dams- including the famous Vacha dam-, large caves and impressive rock formations including the Chudnite Mostove. Furthermore, you will get to discover cultural landmarks such as the breathtaking medieval Asen's Fortress, the 4th century B.C. Thracian Tomb, and Roman Ruins. Additionally, as you explore the different towns on the way, you can also try the delicious wine and cuisine of the region. The mountain bike trails in Rhodope are perfect for those who wish to combine an active holiday in nature with a lot of history and culture!

In brief 

  • Duration: depending on the program, you can find half-day, full-day, and multi-day mountain bike adventures.

  • Difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

  • Best time to go: late spring, summer and early autumn between the months of May and October.

Book your place on an unforgettable 1-week bike and wine tour in the Rhodope Mountains!

4. Trans – Slovenia


The Trans-Slovenia mountain bike tour is an amazing adventure that takes you through Slovenia, Italy, and Austria.

There are different variants of this mountain bike trail, however, all of them will allow you to experience the immensity of the Julian Alps and discover breathtaking landscapes, charming towns and cultural and historical landmarks on the way.

The famous Kranjska Gora is a common starting point for this adventure, and some of the popular spots you can visit include the awe-inspiring turquoise Soca River, the wineries of Goriška Brda, World War I military roads, and the Adriatic sea coastline.

Of course, going with a certified guide who knows the region well and can guide you is a must to tackle this unforgettable mountain bike trail.

In brief 

  • Duration: 7 to 10 days, depending on the program.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

  • Best time to go: The summer months between June and September.

Don't miss the chance to go on this thrilling 1-week Trans Slovenia mountain bike tour starting from Kranjska Gora!

5. Lapland, Finland


Although Lapland in Finland, with its pristine powder snow and northern lights, is thought to be the perfect winter destination, in the summer it is the perfect destination for mountain bike adventures. Don't miss out on the chance to discover the stunning wilderness of this amazing region with unique flora and fauna including deer and bears. The landscapes are simply breathtaking, plus you will enjoy the really long summer days and then have the chance to rest in typical local cozy Finnish cabins. And, when your muscles are sore, you can enjoy the traditional practice of going into a hot sauna and then jumping into freezing cold lake water to get the blood pumping! Start planning your adventure to this unique destination with a certified guide that can show you the best mountain bike trails in Lapland!

In brief 

  • Duration: depending on the program.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

  • Best time to go: the summer months between July and September.

Join an intermediate 5-day mountain bike tour in Lapland, Finland!

6. Dolomites, Italy


Located in eastern Italy, the Dolomites are traditionally a popular location for hiking and rock climbing in the summer and are becoming a top spot for mountain bike adventures too. The rugged mountains with deep forests and rocky terrains with awe-inspiring landmarks such as Cinque Torri, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Canazei, and the Ronda Sella massif make this region a favorite for this thrilling activity.

Although most mountain bike trails in the region pose challenges in terms of inclination and terrain, electric mountain bikes are available for less experienced riders that want to tackle an unforgettable ride. Additionally, you can enjoy resting in cozy mountain huts and refueling on the delicious local cuisine while in the area. Of course, a good fitness level is a must, as is going with a seasoned guide that can show you the way.

In brief 

  • Duration: depending on the program.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate.

  • Best time to go: The summer months from June to September.

Explore the Dolomites on a thrilling 7-day electric mountain bike adventure!

Europe is an ideal destination for multi-day mountain bike active holidays. Wilderness areas are well cared for, and mountain bike rentals, trails, and infrastructure are in top shape for travelers. Furthermore, there are several destinations that combine rugged terrains, awe-inspiring landscapes, and nature, as well as historical and cultural landmarks that make for an all-encompassing holiday.

Don't miss the chance to book your place on an exhilarating mountain bike trip with one of the guides at Explore-Share.com!

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