Heliskiing in Mont Blanc: What are the Best Spots?

Ana RosbergDecember 03, 2018
Mont Blanc has captured the eye of Turner, the pen of the Shelley’s, and the piano of Liszt, among many who have also found inspiration in this stunning massif in the Alps. In mountaineering and winter sports, it is an emblem that attracts adventurers, explorers and athletes year round. But there is still a world of untouched spots to discover, and heliskiing is the perfect way to get away from the crowds for some free ride and off piste adventures. However, don’t expect that you will be able to land just anywhere. In the Alps, helicopters must land in specific helicopter landing sites (LZ’s) and this is understandably so in order to protect the environment.
In fact, in France and Germany, heliskiing is banned altogether due to the concern that this practice could aggravate human impact on the surrounding wilderness. Therefore, in order to go heliskiing in Mont Blanc it is necessary to do so on the Italian and Swiss side, and to find properly trained professionals that are aware of the environmental regulations and can show you the way in compliance with them, both for the regulations and for the environment.
Here you will find some of the best heliskiing programs in the Mont Blanc massif for you to choose from and start planning your trip. And, if you read on, you will find out all the considerations necessary for your adventure!

Top reasons to go heliskiing in Mont Blanc


heliskiing in Mont Blanc
Ph: Guide Monterosa
There are many reasons why heliskiing in Mont Blanc is popular. First of all, it allows skiers to access diverse terrain and remote areas where there is fresh snow and fewer people around. With Mont Blanc being such a popular ski destination, getting away from the crowds is not always easy. Furthermore, there is an added sense of adventure in heading to lesser known spots of the massif.  Secondly, the helicopter ride in itself is exhilarating and allows you to catch stunning views of the Mont Blanc massif from way up high in the air. Finally, a heliski trip allows you to quickly reach a high starting point and visit different spots in a short span of time. Additionally,  it is a practical way to spend a day out in a remote area in the mountains without having to carry heavy backpacks or food during the actual skiing.

Best Spots for Heliskiing in Mont Blanc


There are many spots from where you can begin your heliskiing trip in Mont Blanc. Below, we’ve picked some of our favorites in Italy and Switzerland.


heliskiing Mont Blanc
Ph Peaks Hunter Mountain Guide Team

Aosta Valley

The stunning Aosta Valley is a beautiful autonomous region in Italy, located in the Western Alps. Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso are all present in this breathtaking spot, ideal for heliskiing.  On this heliski day in the Aosta Valley you will be able to enjoy two flights and two runs.


At the foot of Mont Blanc is another stunning spot on the Italian side of the Alps, a lovely Alpine town called Courmayeur that is great for skiing adventures. Furthermore, it features a small museum that documents the mountaineering history of the region. On this heliski day in Courmayeur you will be able to adapt the itinerary to suit your level and needs!


Heliskiing in Mont Blanc
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Valle du Trient

Located in Valais, in Switzerland, this stunning Alpine location is the perfect spot to begin a heliski tour such as this heliski weekend that includes an overnight at the cozy Bekker Mountain Chalet.

Arolla & Verbier

Arolla and Verbier are also in Valais in Switzerland and are great kick off spots to set off on a heliski adventure. Book a heliski tour with a guide and find the best runs in the region.

Haute Route

The Haute Route is a famous pathway that leads you from Zermatt to Chamonix (and vice-versa). Book your place on this private 5-day haute route heliski program and set off on an incredible adventure!

Cost of a heliski trip in Mont Blanc


The cost of a heliski trip varies greatly depending on trip duration and number of drops. Also, on how many people are joining the program. On average, a heliski trip for four people with one drop costs approximately €200 per person.

Other Mont Blanc attractions


The Mont Blanc massif is a spectacular spot to visit where you can not only enjoy ski touring adventures, but also other fun winter sport activities such as ice-climbing, snowshoeing and more!
Some interesting places to visit in the region include the Aiguilles Rouge, a group of red tinted mountains right in front of the Mont Blanc massif, The Argentiere Glacier, a lovely hidden spot in Mont Blanc, and Vallee Blanche, which is one of the most famous off-piste spots in the world.
Whichever the option you choose for your heliskiing in Mont Blanc adventure, exploring this stunning massif in all of its grandeur is an experience you will never forget!

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