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How Much Does It Cost to Climb Mount Fuji?

Emma KellyJuly 03, 2019

Situated on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Mount Fuji, which stands at 3,776 meters, is the country’s tallest mountain. It is a sacred symbol for the nation and is especially important for those who follow the traditional Shinto religion. Every year, thousands of people hike to the summit of Mount Fuji. Thinking of going there soon? This guide with all the updated costs to climb Mt Fuji can help you plan your budget.

How Much Does a Guided Tour to the Top of Mount Fuji Cost?


For a 2-day trip, you can expect to pay approximately 100,000 yen for a private excursion. That cost is significantly less- around 50,000 yenif you join a group tour of around six people. 

The price generally includes:

  • Guiding fee
  • Guide’s expenses
  • Half board meals

Important: these are the prices to climb Mount Fuji during peak season (from early July to mid-September). This ascent usually takes 2 days, so you have to contemplate an overnight at a mountain hut (so that you can start climbing early the following day and reach the top just in time to catch the majestic sunrise!). Read our guide with all the information you need to know before climbing Mount Fuji.

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Is It Cheaper to Climb Mount Fuji in the Off-Season?


Climbing Mount Fuji with a guide in the off-season (from mid-April to early June) can be quite cheaper than in the peak season, mainly because the ascent can be done in one day.

The average price for a guided private trip during weekdays is 33,500 yen.  The price increases by about 20.000 yen if you decide to climb during weekends or holidays.

Climbing Mt Fuji in the off-season is a great option if you want to avoid crowds. However, you must consider there is still snow on the ground, so the ascent is more difficult and strenuous, and you need to have some mountaineering equipment.

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Mount Fuji
Climbing Mt Fuji is popular with both locals and tourists. Photo courtesy of Yusuke Hirota.

What Other Costs Should Be Factored into My Mount Fuji Adventure?

Admission, accommodation, and food

To enter the trail you’ll need to pay a 1000 yen admission fee. On a two-day climb, you’ll also need to pay to stay in the mountain hut overnight. This should cost you 5,000 without meals and 7,000 yen with two meals. You’ll also have to pay 100-200 yen to use the toilet. It’s likely that you’ll want to buy water and snacks while in the huts to it’s best to bring extra cash (there are no ATM’s on the mountain) and factor that into your budget too. 


If you do not have the suitable hiking equipment that may be another cost you are facing. There are hiking sticks available for purchase along the trail and these normally cost around 1,500 to 2,000 yen. If you need more than just the sticks, you can hire a full set including boots, sticks, backpack and warm weather gear from around 10,500- 13,000 yen.


The peak season for climbing Mt Fuji is also the Northern Hemisphere summer which drives up flight prices. Your flight price will vary depending on where you’re coming from. In the summer months expect to pay around $1,100 USD for a direct flight from the west coast of the USA to Tokyo. From the east coast, the flights will be slightly more experience, around the $1,600 USD mark. From Europe, flights are on average around €1,300 to Toyko.


Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji is a Japanese icon. Photo courtesy of  Yusuke Hirota.

Travel Insurance

It’s always good to have travel insurance, even more so if you’re going to be participating in a mountain climb. The cost of this will depend on your personal circumstances while traveling and the provider you choose.


Reaching the summit of Mount Fuji is a very special experience, one that will not forget. Now that you have an idea of how much it may cost you, check out these great trips to Mount Fuji and book your unforgettable Mount Fuji adventure today. 


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