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Indoor Climbing in Bucharest, Romania: 6 of the Best Climbing Gyms to Visit post image

Indoor Climbing in Bucharest, Romania: 6 of the Best Climbing Gyms to Visit


Marina Parra

January 18, 2019

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Rock climbing is a unique sport that makes you overcome both your physical and mental limits. Since Bucharest is not really close to the mountains, a trip to the climbing crag means taking a day off, but not everyone can do that regularly. The solution? Indoor climbing gyms.

Whether you are on a trip to Bucharest and want to challenge yourself by trying a new sport or you want to train before tackling Romania’s Carpathian mountains, these climbing gyms can offer you the necessary facilities to reach your objective in a safe environment, all while having a blast. From bouldering to top roping and lead climbing, this list covers them all in order to make it to choose the right gym for your needs:

1| Vertical Spirit

Vertical Spirit is the tallest climbing gym in Romania with walls reaching up to 15m high, where you can both top rope and lead climb. At the same time, they offer a bouldering area along with a moon board, while the total climbable area is 450 sqm. After climbing, you can relax with a massage offered by a professional.

Book a 2-hour introductory rock climbing lesson at Vertical Spirit Climbing Gym!

2| Carpatic

With 650 sqm worth of climbing walls, at Carpatic Gym you can find two separate bouldering rooms as well as a wall where you can lead climb and top rope. Moreover, they also offer a children's area and have a nice selection of hangboards you can use.

If you like these two gyms, they have a partnership together and for an extra fee you can get a dual subscription.

3| Blokx

Blokx is the newest bouldering gym in Bucharest, located in its corporate sector. They have a great difficulty range for their routes and regardless of your level, you’ll have enough to play with. There is a small top rope area as well, but its purpose is to get you more familiarized with climbing rather than offering a real challenge. There is a special area for kids where they can play and climb safely, without the risk of running around the main bouldering area.

After your climbing session, you can enjoy some Romanian craft beer and make some new friends. They also have a great schedule, with the gym being open every day until 23:00.

4| Fabrica de catarat

Fabrica is the first climbing gym in Bucharest dedicated to bouldering and they have a climbing area of 550 sqm. You have a good training area with different hangboards as well as a moon board. However, the routes here tend to have quite a quick progression in difficulty, with not a lot of easy routes. Nonetheless, this should not hold you back, as a lot of boulderers and climbers started here.

5| Galactic Gym

Galactic is the largest climbing gym in Romania with a climbing area of 900 sqm. This includes a bouldering area, two moon boards, and a special area for kids. The 12,5m high climbing wall where you can top rope as well as lead climb also has a ceiling section for that extra pump.

6| Climb Again

Climb Again started off as a project to help people with special needs by offering them free climbing lessons. Recently, they have also opened a climbing gym where you can boulder or top rope. All the entry fees are used to further sponsor the courses and evolution of these athletes.

As you can see, there are quite some gyms you can choose from if you want to go climbing in Bucharest. Take into consideration your objectives and abilities and choose the one that suits you best. If you’re not sure, just go and check out a couple of them to make up your mind.

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