Great Trip Ideas for Adventurous Travelers in Colombia

Andrew AstonMay 06, 2019

Colombia is known around the world for its friendly people, exciting cities, beautiful beaches, and extremely biodiverse natural landscape. With so much diverse terrain available, adventure tours in Colombia are thriving, with an array of fun and enjoyable outdoor activities to indulge in.

Colombia’s sublime weather all-year-round means there are always opportunities to head out and explore this fascinating country, with activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and mountaineering proving to be some of the best experiences one can have in the glorious countryside.

The mighty Amazon Rainforest, vast tracts of jungle, towering and majestic mountains and volcanoes and some of the most relaxing, tranquil beaches you will ever see dot the landscape of Colombia, with outdoor activities often providing the best views of each.

Have a look at some of the top travel adventures in Colombia available, and start planning your next trip!



1. Conquer Nevado del Tolima and Feel on Top of the World


Scaling the summit of the towering, majestic and challenging volcano of Nevado del Tolima (5220m) is an immensely satisfying achievement, and the diversity of the landscape you pass along the way, ranging from tropical forest, rivers, and waterfalls in the lower reaches to hot springs and glaciers in the higher sections, is absolutely magnificent.


Adventure Tours in Colombia
The mighty and majestic Nevado del Tolima. Photo courtesy of Alex Torres.

The 4 days it takes to reach the peak contains many technical challenges and tricky terrain, with acclimatization to the high altitudes essential. Once at the top you are exposed to some positively mind-blowing views, with seemingly the whole country stretching out beneath you. It is a worthy payoff to the hard work needed to get there.

  • Getting there: Tours start in either the towns of Salento or Juntos, both located approximately 250km from Medellin and 300km from Bogota. Regular buses run from both cities to Salento, taking 6-8 hours.
  • Difficulty Level: Very difficult, owing to the lack of easy access, the steep inclines, and high altitude. A high level of fitness and technical ability is recommended.

Climb Nevado del Tolima with a certified mountain guide!

Read more about this on our guide to climbing Nevado del Tolima in Colombia.

2. Swap the City Streets for Rock Climbing in the Great Outdoors!


The town and municipality of Suesca, just 59km from the Colombian capital city of Bogota, is a rock climbing mecca, with the world famous Suesca Rocks renowned as being one of the best rock climbing venues in the world.


Rock climbing at the epic Suesca Rocks. Photo courtesy of Alex Torres.

The rocks offer rock climbing for people of all levels of ability, from absolute beginners to experts, with its high-quality sandstone allowing for a variety of roofs, slaps and traditional routes to undertake, each containing glorious and sensational views out over the Colombian countryside.

Rock climbing in this charming setting allows you to forget all your worries, free your mind and have fun!

  • Getting there: Just a 1-hour drive North of Bogota via Autopiste Nte. and Route 55.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy to difficult, meaning it is open to everyone, from those that have never rock climbed before to expert rock climbers.

Rock climb the stresses of modern life away in Cuenca, very close to Bogota!

See all the options available for rock climbing in Suesca!

3. Traipse the stunning Los Nevados National Natural Park with a Fun Hike


The Los Nevados National Natural Park is one of the most biodiverse places in Colombia, with a phenomenal range of forests, lakes, deserts, rivers, and glaciers adorning the region, with the famous volcano of Nevado del Ruiz (5300m) also nestled within.


Adventure Tours in Colombia
The richly biodiverse and beautiful Los Nevados National Natural Park. Photo courtesy of Ascenso Andino Colombia.

Hiking around the park is a compelling and engaging experience, as you will pass through every possible form of landscape and scenery imaginable, and there will be significant time devoted to trekking up to higher ground such as Canon (3950m) to take in the remarkable sweeping panoramic views.

  • Getting there: Approximately a 4-hour drive from Salento via Pereira-Armenia.
  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate, due to its tricky access and relatively high altitude.

Hike around the glorious Los Nevados National Park and prepare to be wowed by its stark natural beauty!

4. Escape Bogota and Trek around Majestic Colombian Valleys


The Valle de los Halcones is a mere 59km from the hustle and bustle of Bogota, yet its ambiance and vibe make it feel a million miles away, the positively splendid scenery of lush green valleys and the sound of birds chirping making even the busiest of minds at ease.


Adventure Tours in Colombia
Possibly the most peaceful place in Colombia – Valle de los Halcones. Photo courtesy of Ascenso Andino Colombia.

The valley and its surroundings can be trekked in half-a-day to a day, and the tranquility and peacefulness of the place will make you never want to leave.

There is a myriad of walking and hiking routes for people of all ages and ability to trundle around, and expert guides will be on hand to guide you to the best spots.

  • Getting there: Just a 1-hour drive North of Bogota via Autopista Nte. and Route 55.
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy – fun for the whole family!

Discover an area that is serenity personified, not far from Bogota!

5. Test yourself with a Gruelling Mountaineer Traverse in the Colombian Andes


Climbing to the summit of Ritacuba Blanco (5411m) is not for the faint of heart, with the overall journey entailing approximately 15 intense, challenging and testing days from the starting point of El Cocuy. Along the way, you will be dealing with hostile and rocky terrain, high altitude and many long hours of climbing up a litany of peaks.


Adventure Tours in Colombia
Climbing Ritacuba Blanco is challenging yet rewarding. Photo courtesy of Edy Grange.

The end result is the opportunity to scale the highest peak of the Cordillera Oriental in the Andes Mountains, where a sense of euphoria will engulf you and the sweeping panoramic views back out over Colombia will be worth the toil and endeavor to get there.

  • Getting there: The starting point of El Cocuy is approximately an 8-hour bus trip Northeast of Bogota via Bogota-Tunja.
  • Difficulty Level: Very difficult – should not be attempted unless you have a very good level of fitness and previous mountaineering experience.

Push yourself and discover the hidden wonders of Colombia on this truly epic mountaineering adventure!

So what do you think? Take a pick from our wide array of adventure tours in Colombia, and fall in love with this beautiful, colourful country!

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