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Ascent to Nevado del Tolima

Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
Ascent to Nevado del Tolima

Explore the most beautiful of the Colombian Andes with Alex, IFMGA certified guide. 4 days to discover the coffee region, Cocora valley, Los Nevados Park, and going up Nevado del Tolima!



4 Days

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec


Join me for a 4-day trip in the Colombian Andes. We will start trekking in the coffee region, then into the Cocora valley and Los Nevados National Park. Towards the end, we will go up the impressive Nevado del Tolima.

Nevado del Tolima is a 5230 m volcanic peak. It stands in the Tolima department, between the regions of Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas. It is the second highest summit in Los Nevados National Park, after Nevado del Ruiz.

Because of the wide range of landscapes, you can see as you go up, this place is one of the main attractions for mountaineers and hikers in Colombia.

In fact, most of the routes start at a low altitude, so you’ll hike across tropical vegetation first and find glaciers closer to the summit.

Many people consider the ascent to Nevado del Tolima one of the most difficult and technical in the country. The access is not easy, it is quite steep and the glacier makes it even more challenging. Nevertheless, is a great experience!

Below this description, you can look at the itinerary I propose.

Please contact me if you want to join me for this trip in the central Andes in Colombia. You will discover the beautiful coffee region, and also go up one of the country’s most iconic peaks!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

Price details

You can also take a moderate version of this program if you prefer.


Day 1: Salento - La Argentina or Buenos aires

Our meeting point will be in Salento. We will start walking early because the altitude difference is significant. The hike to La Argentina farm has a duration of 8 hours. We will enjoy a picnic and then have dinner and sleep in a bed on the farm. Depending on the reservations it is possible to sleep in La Argentina farm or to walk 2 hours more to Buenos Aires Farm which is also a great place.

Day 2: La Argentina - La primavera

We will have breakfast on the farm and begin the hike to La primavera (4-5 hours approx). The idea is to rest well in La Primavera and in the middle of the night a big party begins!

Day 3: La Primavera - Summit - La Primavera

The party begins with a hot drink if you want and continues with a challenging hike to the Tolima Summit. It will be about 12-16 hours long. Afterwards, we will come back to the farm for a good meal and take a
deserved rest.

Day 4: La Primavera - Salento

In the morning, we will organize our bag packs on the mules and walk downhill to the Cocora Valley. The trip will end when we reach Salento.





More info

If you want to camp before the summit of Nevado del Tolima because you need more acclimatization, we can change the itinerary and go directly from Cocora Valley to Finca La Playa on the first day.

Meeting point


Equipment you will need to bring



Other gear: Hiking boots, pants, rain jacket, gloves.

About the guide

IFMGA Mountain Guide from Colombia

I was born in Suesca, Colombia in 1986 and started rock climbing in 1999. I’ve been working as a rock climbing and mountain guide since 2006 at the Colombian Mountains, part of the Andes range.

I then continued my formation as a guide in Bolivia, and became UIAGM/IFMGA certified in 2013. I worked as a guide in the Andes in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, and I also participated in international expeditions to Manaslu Mountain in the Himalayas and to Denali in Alaska.

Some Highlights:

- Rock climbing Guide since 2006
- Certification Mountain Guide with the UIAGMA/IFMGA 2013
- Certification WAFA 2014
- Leader trip children and teenagers in environmental education or outdoor.
- Countries visited for climbing: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, USA, and Nepal.



What people are saying about this trip

Lawrence Delarco


March, 2023

The Nevado del Tolima climb was more challenging than expected, The 4 day 3 night hike was very intense and the rainy weather did not make it any easier. The rubber boots that we bought in Salento for our trip were a life saver due to the mud and rain that we had to hike thru but unfortunally they came with a price of getting blisters and punishing our feet being they were new and did not get them broken in. We made it to base camp but were not able to reach the summit due to the altitude giving us a serious headache and nausea, if we had an extra day to climatize I believed that would of help to reach the summit. Alex our guide was very knowledgeable and in great shape, we felt very safe in his company. He slowed down when we were falling behind our picked up the pace if needed. Unfortunally the weather was horrible it rain on us the 3 days out of the 4 making it more slippery, muddy and difficult. We did gain more confidence and mental toughness with this hike than any other hike we have done in the pass. The Inca trail that we in Machu Pichu was a walk in the park compared to El Nevado del Tolima. We want to thank Alex for his company. expertise and bringing us back safely.

Josh Chipman


December, 2022

Alex and Alfredo did an amazing job guiding us through the Colombian wilderness and to the top of Tolima. Alex went above and beyond with giving a great experience and offered more than what we expected. Tolima is a great beginners route for getting a taste of mountaineering. Great views and great guides!

Leonid Kurza


March, 2022

Trip was perfect. Amazing landscape I've never seen before in my life and great adventure. Alex is a perfect guide you want to have in such trip. He knows region very well. Alex is attentive to details and adjust route and speed to your conditions. If I go to mountains in Colombia again, it would be with Alex. Thanks for such amazing trip.

Egor Sorokin


December, 2021

Our tour was great and Alex is an awesome, well prepared and experienced guide. He told us a lot of interesting information not just about national park and its flora but also about Colombia culture, history and etc. My wife and I can definitely recommend him and the tour itself.



March, 2020

Me and my girlfriend took 4 day ascent to Nevado de Tolima. Our guide- Alex Torres was very friendly, helpful and responsible. I can highly recommend him as guarantee of safe and enjoyable hiking.

Simonpietro Ruiz Agostini


August, 2019

I had a fanatastic experience climbing the Nevado del Tolima with Alex Torres. He is technically very prepared and is able to challenge you always keeping in mind your safety and comfort zone. His kind nature, good humor and positive attitude make a special guide. I am looking forward to future experiences with him.

John Ballesteros


January, 2019

The trip to the summit will challenge you even if you consider yourself fit and healthy. The feeling at the summit is insane - like winning a sports championship. You really have to push through mentally and physically to make it

Felix Hohlfeld


March, 2018

I booked a four days trip with Alex to climb Tolima. Alex is a very experienced mountain guide and also very socialable. He knows to ask you the right questions to make your climb successfully and well organised. Unfortunately I got sick and had to break up at 3700 metres. Alex cared the rest of the time about me while I was recovering in the mountain hut and later in the hotel. Alex is also a great doctor not only a excellent mountain guide. Thx for taking care of me. See you soon, Felix

Kevin Uruena


January, 2018

I had a blast! While challenging (both physically and mentally) the guides supported me throughout the entire trip. It was great to make the summit, and get some of the most spectacular views that only Colombia can offer. Totally recommend doing this expedition!!

Franziska Sperb


January, 2017

The trip was great and Alex did a fantastic job. Everything worked out fine and we had a great adventure!



January, 2017

We summited Nevado del Tolima last August. We really had a great trip and Alex is a very good guide. You can see part of the ascent and summit in the following video, starting on minute 8.40: https://youtu.be/8e89-dL8k_8?t=8m39s



December, 2016

We did Nevado Tolima's South Face ascent from Ibagué. It was very good. Alex and the cook were professional and fit. The only thing was it was almost impossible to do it 3 days. 4 days would have been better and it would have been nice to know that before we started. But I really liked the trip. It was hard though.


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