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Winter Rock Climbing near Barcelona

Ana RosbergNovember 20, 2019

With winter approaching and covering the northern hemisphere’s mountains in white, outdoor adventure enthusiasts start polishing their skis as winter sports come to the forefront. However, there are plenty of winter rock climbing destinations in Europe for those that prefer more granite than ice and more sun than snow.  In fact, the colder months are sometimes the best months for climbing in places that boast scorching summer temperatures. Such is the case of, for example, Barcelona, which features great rock climbing options in its nearby surroundings. 

Marc Vilaplana is an AEGM rock climbing guide based in Catalonia that offers guided rock climbing programs for all levels in the region. We asked him to share the 411 on winter rock climbing near Barcelona, and he was enthusiastic to give us a full overview of the options.  Read on to see what he had to say and start planning your winter rock climbing adventure. Whether it’s single or multi-pitch, sports or trad., whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced climber, traveling solo or with your family, you will find the perfect Catalonia rock climbing program to suit you during the chilly season.

Top reasons to go winter climbing near Barcelona

winter rock climbing
Photo courtesy of Marc Vilaplana

There are many reasons why the Barcelona surroundings are great for winter rock climbing. Not only is the region sunny year-round, but it is also easy to access, and offers rock climbing alternatives for all levels. Additionally, you can find short rock climbing getaways and longer multi-day programs.

According to our guide, Marc, the top reasons to go on a winter rock climbing adventure near Barcelona are:


During the spring, winter and autumn months, climatic conditions are very favorable for rock climbing near Barcelona. Average winter temperatures in Montsant, Montserrat, and Montsec -some of Catalonia’s top rock climbing areas- range between 10-15°C (50-59°F).

“Many people think that the winter is too cold to go climbing, but this is not the case. We have many days with high pressure systems that result in clear and sunny skies, and generally speaking, the weather conditions are predictable and stable. Therefore, during the peak hours of the day, the Barcelona surroundings are great for rock climbing adventures.”

South-facing walls

During the winter, south-facing walls receive the warming rays of the sun, which makes them optimal for winter rock climbing. You will find plenty of such walls near Barcelona, one of the main reasons why this is such a top destination for rock climbing in winter.

“There are many rock climbing areas with south-facing walls, so we have plenty of spots that get sun during the winter. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of rock to choose from and you can enjoy climbing on limestone, conglomerate rock and granite.”

The proximity of rock climbing locations

The climbing areas near Barcelona are very close to one another. This is ideal for those that want to get a taste of the different walls and crags in the area, especially on multi-day adventures.

“We will find most of the best quality rock climbing areas in Catalonia within a 150 km radius. This makes it an ideal location for a combined climbing trip in which we can explore different rock climbing locations in the region.”

New to rock climbing? Join Marc on this 2-day rock climbing initiation course in Catalonia.

Already have some experience? Then this 2-day Catalonia multi-pitch climbing course is for you!

Best winter rock climbing spots near Barcelona

Now that we have established why winter rock climbing in Catalonia should be on your list of upcoming musts, below, we share the best rock climbing destinations near Barcelona.



1- Montserrat

winter rock climbing
Photo courtesy of Marc Vilaplana

The Montserrat massif belongs to the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range and gets its name from its peculiar saw-like shape with jutting rocks. The main peaks in this massif are Sant Jeroni (1236 m./ 4055ft.), Montgrós (1120 m./3674 ft.) and Miranda de les Agulles (903 m./ 2962 ft.). Just 60 km away from Barcelona, Montserrat is a top spot for short one-day rock climbing getaways.  With around 4000 routes of pink conglomerate rock to pick from, this is an ideal location for technical climbs.

Montserrat offers a wide variety of climbing options including single-pitch routes, as well as routes of up to 500-meters. Furthermore, both trad. and sport climbing coexist in this area.

Head to the Montserrat Massif for a quick rock climbing getaway and join this 1-day program for multi-pitch climbing near Barcelona!

2- Siurana and Montsant

Winter rock climbing
Photo courtesy of Marc Vilaplana

Located in Tarragona, just a 2-hour drive away from Barcelona, the Siurana and Montsant climbing areas in the Prades Mountains offer a wide variety of single-pitch sport climbing options. This region boasts worldwide fame for having a large concentration of high-quality grey and orange limestone routes for all levels. Whereas the Siurana climbing routes are characterized by more fingery edging, the Montsant routes feature pockets and cobblestones. On the edge of Montsant lies Margalef, which is another top rock climbing location in the region.

“In Siurana, we will find vertical walls and overhangs, where technique and finger strength are very important.

In Montsant, we will find mostly overhangs, and the sport climbing requires more strength and resistance.”

Join an exciting 5-day single-pitch sport climbing program in Siurana and Margalef this winter!

3- Montsec Range and Alt Urgell

winter rock climbing
Photo courtesy of Marc Vilaplana

A little farther away from Barcelona, located in the province of Lleida, the Montsec range and Alt Urgell are perfect spots for multi-day rock climbing adventures.  The Montsec range in the Pre-Pyrenees is home to the Terradets and Montrebei gorges, which are popular rock climbing locations. Alt Urgell borders with Andorra and attracts rock climbers from all over due to its amazing walls and crags. Both spots are also ideal locations for multi-pitch rock climbing adventures. Whether you are looking for sport or trad climbing options on walls of up to 500m, you will find just what you want in this mecca for rock climbing in Spain!

“The rock is mostly limestone and we will find vertical drops and overhangs with grips and holds. We will also find more challenging climbing options with stunning tufas.”

Join this multi-pitch climbing program in Montsec and tailor it to suit your preferences!

Other great spots for rock climbing near Barcelona

Aigüestortes and Cavallers

Winter rock climbing
Photo courtesy of Roger Martorell

A little bit further north and higher up, in Vall de Boí, Aigüestortes and Cavallers in the Catalan Pyrenees are also amazing rock climbing destinations. Rock climbing in the Aigüestortes National Park is a treat for all climbers and offers top quality slate and granite rocks and Cavallers boasts amazing sports climbing options. Some of the most popular routes in this location include the Agulles de Comalestorres, a tower of rock with three sport climbing routes, and Placa Xalmet, a granite slab overlooking the reservoir, among others.  These rock climbing locations in the Pyrenees are amazing, but because they lie at higher altitudes, temperatures are also colder during the winter, therefore you can put them on your bucket list for the warmer months!

You can find a more detailed Pyrenees rock climbing guide here

Other winter rock climbing destinations in Spain

winter rock climbing
Photo courtesy of Sendero Sur Aventura

Spain boasts many amazing rock climbing locations, and in the winter, there are many spots that you can visit to practice this sport.  AEGM certified guide Palan Martin offers a great selection of options for winter rock climbing near Madrid.  Another spectacular location for winter rock climbing in Spain is the Costa Blanca where the popular Peñón de Ifach in Calpe is a main rock climbing attraction.  Finally, another favorite winter rock climbing destination is El Chorro, in Málaga, where the sun is always shining.

Whichever your style or level, don’t miss the chance to enjoy some top winter rock climbing near Barcelona, or in some of Spain’s other sunny destinations!

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