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Embrace the Adventure: Top Rock Climbing Trips

Combine fitness, agility and mental fortitude to conquer steep summits!

It is only natural that the sport of rock climbing has become so popular recently. Seasonal climbing walls have sprouted up in urban centers. The world´s most daunting mountains, cliffs, and ravines have become as sought after as tropical white sand beaches. This amazing sport – along with the diverse types and varying difficulties – is finally getting the recognition that it so naturally deserves. Take adventure to new heights and book a guided rock climbing program today!

Rock Climbing

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FAQs: Rock Climbing

What should I know about Rock Climbing ?

Rock climbing is a tough, but rewarding sport that may be practiced by participants of all levels. From climbing boulders without a harness or belay system to using ice axes and crampons to summit a glacier, there are opportunities for everyone. Rock climbing can be practiced everywhere that there are mountains (and even in places without) and offers one of the best ways to be one with nature and feel like you are on top of the world. Climbing with certified guides is highly recommended because they can help improve your technique and show you the best routes to the most spectacular views.  

Why should I choose Rock Climbing for my outdoor adventure?

Enjoy spectacular views

Rock climbing is a great way to get above the treeline and on top of some of the world’s tallest mountains. Whether you are in Canada, Switzerland or Chile, there are spectacular views waiting for you at the top of the nearest peak.

Take advantage of all the variety

There are six different types of rock climbing, each of which offers something slightly different. From bouldering and wall climbing to trad and alpine climbing, there is a suitable adventure out there for every climber.

Excellent exercise for body and mind

Rock climbing is a physically demanding sport. It requires upper body and core strength as well as endurance. Equally as important is the mental stamina that is needed to reach the top of a tough ascent. The sport offers great exercise for both body and mind.

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Merlin was a fabulous guide! Not only is he a super accomplished climber, but he is also personable and fun to spend the day with. We have some climbing experience, and Merlin selected sport climbing that was a fun challenge for our skill level. We 100% recommend him as a guide.



This trip was the highlight of my week. Toti was very helpful and knowledgeable, and really made the day great.



We had a great time!



Dimitris is nice and kind person, and also experienced guide. I had a nice time!



Excellent guide! I would recommend to anyone looking to climb in Montserrat! The perfect route was picked for my ability and I had a great day out with Francesc.

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Need Assistance?

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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