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Rock Climbing in Sardinia

Explore the wild and rugged island of Sardinia and ascend its stunning cliffs and crags

The beautiful island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Mediterranean, after Sicily. The autonomous region of Italy lies south of the French island of Corsica and is lapped by both the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian Seas. The view from the Sardinian cliffs delving into the turquoise water is spectacular. There are multi-pitch routes, rock walls and crags for both beginners and experts. The wild natural beauty of Sardinia, together with 2,000 kilometers of coastline, incredible beaches and mountainous interior make it a fine rock climbing destination. Visit in spring and autumn for ideal weather and climbing conditions.

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Cozette Lehman


November, 2022

1-Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia

I spent a lot of money to fly to this location and to stay multiple nights at the guide’s b&b. If I had known I would only spend two hours doing one multi-pitch climb (and not the Pan de Zucchero climb I had paid for), I would’ve saved my money and gone elsewhere with another guide. As a result, I will not be using Explore-Share guides in the future if this is the model. In addition to a very short day climbing, the second day I had planned to add on was canceled when my guide had a stomach ache. He did not refer me to any other guides in the area. I was a woman on my own without transportation on an island in a remote town with a population of 700 people. As a consolation, I spent the day at a nearby beach where a local proceeded to grope and sexually assault me. When I mentioned this to Marco before leaving on my last morning in town, his irreverence was disappointing to say the least.

Richard Beck


October, 2022

1-Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Cally Archibald


July, 2022

1-Day Multi-Pitch Climbing the Masua Cliffs in Sardinia

We had the BEST day climbing with Marco in the Masua Cliffs. It was our first multi pitch so I was a little nervous but Marco made the whole experience seem so relaxed and fun. He was super professional and adjusted easily to suit our level, and sang me lots of songs when I got scared 😅. The climb itself was amazing. Because it was our first time we did an easier 5c route but it had lots of fun challenges - crack, slab, chimney. For me it was super technical and fun. The abseil down was one of the most spectacular feelings I have ever experienced. I will remember it forever. Grazie Marco for a great introduction to outdoor climbing. We can't wait to get more experienced and come back to stay longer and do some of the harder routes.

Christian Schlegel


June, 2022

1-Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia

Marco is a gentleman and a very conscientious guide. He was prepared and always ahead of the game. We will try to go climbing with him again. Thanks Marco! The choice of route was an alternative due to closure on the Pan di Zucchero. It did provide a similar experience from what we can tell. So far I like the Explore-Share Service. It has been efficient and uncomplicated with reminders and an easy way to put us in contact with our guide.

Ping-hsuan Shen


October, 2021

4-day Sardinia multi-pitch climbing

Really good experience booking via Expore and Share. We've been in contact with several companies to arrange a climbing class but non of them were able to book a guide for us, Expore and Share managed. Put guide Marco was super friendly and experienced, we strongly recommend him.

Angel Perez


September, 2019

2-day rock climbing program in Sardinia

Riccardo is an amazing guide and person! He made sure I had both fun and also got exposed to more challenging routes along our trip. Look forward to climbing with him again in the future. Grazie Mille Riccardo!

DeVette Taylor - Scripps


July, 2019

Rock climbing in Cala Gonone, Sardinia

Marco, was simply amazing! Very helpful and accommodating especially with working with our schedule. He pushed us all to be keep going(and watch our footing)!



September, 2018

1-Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia

The multipitch we did at Pan di Zucchero with Marco was fantastic. A great spot to climb, with amazing views. Marco was also a great guide – friendly, experienced, and willing to pick us up from our accommodation which was very helpful.

Helene Steuer


September, 2018

1-Day Multi-Pitch Climb of Aguglia Goloritze in Sardinia

The traveller did not leave a comment.


There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Italy

Sardinia is famous for its breathtaking landscapes. Surrounded by a beautiful rocky coastline, Lake Omodeo, the largest reservoir in Italy, large tracts of forest, and stunning sandy beaches, rock climbing is the perfect way to catch the best views of this vibrant island. The landscape of the island has been memorialised by countless artists and poets who have been attracted to its alluring natural beauty.


Good to know:

Country code




How to get there

By plane or boat


Italian and Sardinian

Best time to visit

Spring and autumn are the best seasons in terms of weather and prices

What's the weather like?

It is sunny all-year round, with the summer months ranging from June to September. Temperatures average at around 28°C. In winter, the average is 10°C. And the rainiest month is October

More info about Rock Climbing in Sardinia:

Sardinia is considered to be a micro-continent. This is because the breathtaking Mediterranean island boasts mountains, deep green woods, twinkling blue waters, smooth beaches, and stunning cliffs. This is reflected as well in the languages of the island, with Italian and a wide range of local minority languages being recognised and respected. Furthermore, the island boasts a broad history and has amazing archeological landmarks. Variety is also present in the wide range of rock climbing options for all levels. With over 6,000 routes to choose from, Sardinia is truly a climbers paradise. Some of the Sardinian rocks date back 500 million years! Granite, basalt, sandstone and lime make some of the superb walls you can try out with altitudes that range approximately from 300 to 1000 meters. Start planning your trip and choose one of the guides featured at Explore-Share.com to show you around this fabulous destination!

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