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Lake Garda offers plenty of varied rock climbing opportunities for all levels, year-round. Additionally, it is a top spot for sports climbing and via ferrata in Europe.



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The climate of Lake Garda is mild year round, and famous for being windy

Best time to visit

You can enjoy rock climbing on Lake Garda year round, however the warmer months between June and September are the most popular

How to get there

Verona-Villafranca airport is 15km away from Lake Garda, and Brescia-Montichiari is 30km away. You can take a train or drive to Lake Garda from there

More info about Rock Climbing in Lake Garda:

Famous for its stunning lakeside towns, for its delicious cuisine and local Bardolino red wine, for its crystal clear blue waters, and for its fun outdoor adventure options, Lake Garda is a top destination in northern Italy. Rock climbing in this region is a popular activity, with many stunning cliffs overlooking the lake to practice on. Furthermore, there are routes and options for all climbing levels, and also many courses and guides that can provide proper instruction and guidance to beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers alike!



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