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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Palermo:

The island of Sicily is home to supreme beauty in the Mediterranean Sea. Prominent mountain peaks, tranquil waters, active volcanoes and thermal baths. The wilderness brings the island to life respite the solitude of the mountainside. Rock climbing here provides you with pristine landscapes that cloak the background to top-quality climbing.



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Italian and Sicilian

Best time to visit

Visit all-year round for quality rock climbing conditions

What’s the weather like?

Home to a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters

More info about Rock Climbing in Palermo:

The capital of the Italian island of Sicily, Palermo plays a key role in the history and culture of the region. The coastal city is surrounded by rugged mountains that look out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. The ancient city can trace its origins all the way back to the year 736BC, and currently has a population of approximately 670,000 people



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