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Rock Climbing in Cinque Terre

Located in Liguria, on the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre will take your breath away. Experience its stunning views on a thrilling rock climbing adventure with one of the guides at Explore-share.com.

With its awe-inspiring cliffs that overlook the intense turquoise sea and its beautiful villages, Cinque Terre is a top spot for a rock climbing adventure holiday. Compare and book a certified guide for your rock climbing trip in Cinque Terre on Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from.

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What people are saying about these trips

Cassidy Creel


November, 2022

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

We had one of our best days in Italy rock climbing with Franco! He was super nice and we were able to climb everything we wanted, plus the views were amazing. Highly recommend :)

Anne Dacanay


October, 2022

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

I had so much fun, Franco is a very experienced and knowlegeable guide and I loved the challenges he gave me the option to pursue. No pressure, no fear, and maybe next time I will be able to sport lead on limestone. Beautiful location and views!

Monica Nguyen


September, 2022

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

We had the most fun and incredible rock climbing day at Celsa with Carlo and Louise! We had so much fun and loved getting to know our guides! Carlo was a great instructor and you could tell he was very passionate about rock climbing and wanted us to excel and encouraged us! It was an amazing day!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Olivier bedard


May, 2022

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Shaun F.


July, 2020

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

Great experience overall - we went to the Apuan alps where we were able to climb multiple routes with a fantastic view all with our guide Franco - very fun and memorable experience and would definitely recommend



December, 2019

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

Really great climbing experience near Cinque Terre. The location was beautiful and our guide was fantastic. 1/2 of our group was experienced and 1/2 was not. Our guide made sure to find an area to accommodate everyone's abilities. Would highly recommend this experience!

Annina Vasilescu


October, 2019

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

I got to spend two amazing days climbing on two of the most beautiful climbing places you could think of. The guides were fantastic! Everything was well prepared, they took good care of everything and everyone, making sure we all felt safe and satisfied at all times. So if you want to start climbing as a beginner in one of the top 20 climbing spots of the world, or if you already have climbing experience and simply want to improve your technique or skills. Or if you’re already an experienced climber and you simply are looking for super professional climbing partners, this is what you have to go for! I feel like I made friends and will definitely come back next year to climb again with these lovely guys 🏼🏼🏼

Samuel Levi Young


July, 2018

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

This was an incredible experience!!! Our guide Fabio, president of the Tuscan Rock Climbing Federation, took us throughout the beautiful Muzzerone. His 35 years of experience definitely showed. He was wise, courteous, and knowledgable. The climbing itself was some of the best we've encountered: the rock faces were gorgeous (nice and gritty, easy to grip) and the views of the Mediterranean were spectacular. Highly highly recommend.

Chengann Tan


December, 2017

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

Fabio and Valeria were our guides on the day. We were a family with kids aged between 10 and 14years old. Fabio was very safety conscious and passionate about the sport. Very friendly and we felt like a day out with friends. The climbing spot was amazing. Great view, nice rocks.



April, 2017

Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre

Our guide, Cris (Roberto's colleague), was very professional and easy going. He made us feel very comfortable. It was clear safety was a priority. We did a variety of climbs that were great for my sister (beginner) and myself (intermediate). So fun and a great way to see the views in a unique way!


There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Cinque Terre

With the sea as backdrop, deep green shrubbery and rocks, rock climbing in Cinque Terre is a feast for the eyes. Plus, the region is world famous for its sunsets.


Good to know:

Country Code







Cold and rainy in winter, hot and sunny in summer

Best time to visit

To avoid crowds and extreme hot weather, late autumn, early summer and early spring are best. Top months are September and October

How to get there

Fly in to Pisa or Florence and either drive or take a shuttle bus to Monterosso del Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, the towns that make up Cinque Terre

More info about Rock Climbing in Cinque Terre:

A UNESCO world heritage site, Cinque Terre is made up of five villages: Monterosso del Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. They all overlook the sea from the top of rugged cliffs that make for top rock climbing spots. Enjoy a unique active holiday in this stunning region of the Italian Riviera and after spending the day outdoors on the cliffs, enjoy the vibrant culture, top-notch cuisine and delectable wines that Cinque Terre has to offer. Make sure to book one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com to help you find the most adequate rock for you and the most beautiful spots to climb in


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