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1/2 Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia | undefined
1/2 Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia

1/2 Day Multi-Pitch Climb of the Pan di Zucchero in Sardinia

Come with local aspirant guide Marco on a half day-long adventure to a classic Sardinia rock formation – the Pan di Zucchero – and have a great time climbing.


1/2 Day


Mar - Nov






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Follow me to one of Sardinia´s amazing coastal rock formations and climb the Pan di Zucchero! Loaded with plenty of routes at different levels of difficulty, you can choose the best route for your goals and abilities and I will put you at the top of the rock!

The Pan di Zucchero is a rock formation just off the coast of southwest Sardinia. Along with being the tallest rock in the Mediterranean at 133 meters, it is a popular destination for climbers who want to cope with the lengthy climbing routes of this natural monument.

From the top of the rock, you will be able to see all along the coastline of the Iglesiente, an intriguing mining region throughout history. You will have the rare opportunity to compare the spectacular views of Pan di Zucchero, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Sardinian mainland all at the same time.

Our trip begins in the morning and will take us to the rock by boat, a ten-minute jaunt from our starting point. We will ascend the faraglione depending on your route and ability, and head for the top where we will take in the Sardinian and Mediterranean panoramas.

Our trip home can include the mining railroad, or we can return directly via the boat. I know the climbing routes and the Pan di Zucchero intimately well, so I will give you a safe, satisfying, and absolutely fun experience that you will remember long after the climb.

This is a relatively challenging climb, with certain routes that require a more sustained ability than others. You will want to be in good physical shape to take on this climb. I can help you decide which will be the best route for your skillset and climbing ambition, and we can craft your perfect adventure together.

Stop dreaming about it and book now to make this unbelievable climb up the Pan di Zucchero come true!

I have an incredible program in the east of Sardinia climbing an iconic rock face at Aguglia Goloritze! Or we can check out the Pranu Sartu, also in the southwest of the island!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The price includes the guiding fee, rock climbing insurance, and climbing equipment / gear.

The price may be up to 250 Euros / day depending on the route. Please coordinate with me for a firm quote.

The price does NOT include travel expenses and transfers, transportation to the Cliff, meals, extra costs, and anything not explicitly listed as ¨included.¨

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Where do you suggest staying to go on this climb?

If you want to stay nearby, I suggest booking an accomodattion at Nebida or Gonnesa. If not, you can stay in Cagliari, which is a 1 to 1.5 hour drive to Masua (the meeting point)

Which are the climbing grades of the routes in Pan di Zucchero?

There are routes from 5c to 6b (French scale, 5.8 to 5.10c in YDS). We can choose the best route according to your climbing level and experience. Radio Galena is the easiest route to the top.

How far is Pan di Zucchero from Cagliari?

I takes around 1 hour to get from Cagliari to the starting point, where we will take the 10/15 minutes boat ride to Pan di Zucchero.

Which type of climbing will we do in Pan di Zucchero? How long are the routes?

In Pan di Zucchero we will do a multi-pitch sport route, and the routes range from 80 to 120 meters long.

What's included in the price?

Price includes the guiding fee, rock climbing insurance, and common climbing equipment / gear. The price does NOT include travel expenses and transfers, the boat transportation to the Cliff, and meals.

Do you offer other climbs in the area?

Yes! I guide climbs in the Masua Cliffs, Aguglia Goloritze, Pedra Longa, and also via ferrata and trekking trips in Sardinia. You can check the options here: https://www.explore-share.com/mountain-guide/marco-bigatti/

What do I need to bring for the climb?

I can give you all the climbing equipment. You can bring a little backpack with some water and food.

Is this trip suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is suitable for beginners. There are some easy multipitch routes that we can do even if you don't have experience in multipitch climbing.

Do I need to bring or rent climbing equipment?

You don't need to bring or rent climbing equipment, I can provide all the climbing equipment.¿ for you.

Where's the meeting point?

The meeting point is at the Masua parking lot.

Do you provide climbing shoes?

Yes, I do provide climbing shoes! Of course you can bring yours to feel more comfortable, but I can provide if you don't have them with you.

How long does the climb take?

The climb takes around half day.

About the guide: Marco

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

My name is Marco Bigatti, nicknamed “Il Biga”. I was born in Milan, I started climbing in 2006 and since then I have not been able to tear myself away from the vertical world. I turned my passion into a job, becoming Mountain Guide in October 2017, the first mountain guide that lives all the year in Sardinia.
I experience the mountains from a 360-degree point of view. I have practiced all disciplines of climbing in the Alps: rock climbing, alpinism, ice climbing , as well as ski mountaineering.

In addition to alpinism, I love pure sport climbing, seeking out the best climbing sectors throughout the entire Alpine range. But it was in Sardinia that I found a paradise of crags, in particular in the south-west of the island, where you are able to enjoy all types of climbing throughout the year.
I offer climbing day or trips for beginners or experienced climbers who need a guide, multipitch packages for those who want to live an alpine experience, climbing courses, all-inclusive climbing holiday with accommodation in our nice B&B by the sea, guided trekking and mountain biking tours.



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What people are saying about this trip



I spent a lot of money to fly to this location and to stay multiple nights at the guide’s b&b. If I had known I would only spend two hours doing one multi-pitch climb (and not the Pan de Zucchero climb I had paid for), I would’ve saved my money and gone elsewhere with another guide. As a result, I will not be using Explore-Share guides in the future if this is the model. In addition to a very short day climbing, the second day I had planned to add on was canceled when my guide had a stomach ache. He did not refer me to any other guides in the area. I was a woman on my own without transportation on an island in a remote town with a population of 700 people. As a consolation, I spent the day at a nearby beach where a local proceeded to grope and sexually assault me. When I mentioned this to Marco before leaving on my last morning in town, his irreverence was disappointing to say the least.



Marco is a gentleman and a very conscientious guide. He was prepared and always ahead of the game. We will try to go climbing with him again. Thanks Marco! The choice of route was an alternative due to closure on the Pan di Zucchero. It did provide a similar experience from what we can tell. So far I like the Explore-Share Service. It has been efficient and uncomplicated with reminders and an easy way to put us in contact with our guide.



The multipitch we did at Pan di Zucchero with Marco was fantastic. A great spot to climb, with amazing views. Marco was also a great guide – friendly, experienced, and willing to pick us up from our accommodation which was very helpful.

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