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Chalk up those hands, check those carabiners and head out onto the sun-baked rocks of Italy!

Complete with plentiful and varied rock climbing opportunities for participants of all levels, Italy has plenty to offer.

Enjoy coastal cliffs on the island of Sardinia as well as the Amalfi Coast. Take full advantage of the rugged terrain of the Italian Alps in the Aosta Valley and the Dolomites too!

Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Rock Climbing trips in Italy. The mountains are calling!


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Italy’s rugged and diverse landscape combined with its superb summer climate makes the Mediterranean paradise an ideal rock climbing location. The country is pretty big by European standards, but getting here is no problem. Depending on where you are going, you’ll likely arrive somewhere different. To get to the Dolomites, flying into Milan is best. Arriving in Turin is ideal for a trip to the Aosta Valley. Meanwhile, arriving in Cagliari or Olbia works well for climbing in Sardinia.

Other popular rock climbing destinations in Italy include around Pisa and Genoa on the western coast; Trieste in the west, along the Slovenian border; Lake Como in the north; and Ancona, on the Adriatic Sea coastline. Bouldering is also quite popular in the north too.



Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

During the summer, northern Italy can get quite hot in the valleys, but become more mild with higher altitudes. Rain is uncommon during this season, though more frequent in the autumn. Sardinia has a Mediterranean climate and is generally warm all year long. The summers can be quite hot with a very strong sun. Rain is not uncommon in the spring.

How long should I stay?

This depends on what you would like to do and how much time you have to spare. Many guides offer a variety of trips from single-day excursions to week-long expeditions. Overall, a week or two is probably enough to thoroughly experience whichever location you choose to visit.



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Best time to visit:

May to September, although in Sardinia rock climbing may be done all year round.




What People Say

  • 27 reviews


Excellent guide and climbing.
My brother and I did our first multi pitch climbs with Etienne in the valley near Arco. We had a
great time on the rocks, we always felt secured and learned a lot too. Etienne knows the area very well and picked a pitch with a great view. Would recommend to any beginner climbers who want to challenge themselves.
We came to do 1 day climbing for beginners, ended exceeding expectations with the BEST advavature we ever add. The
guide was super comb and professional. We just wait for the next time…
Its important to look at reviews of each guide to choose the best experience. Look no further. Etienne Bernard is
flexible, safe, personable, proactive, and HIGHLY experienced. Although it was snowy and frigid, Etienne helped me persevere up the a 600′ climb. He was very encouraging, I never felt unsafe, and I fully recommend his guiding services. I hope everyone looking to climb, ski, or hike in the Dolomites, Italy is able to having Etienne as their guide.
Etienne was a fantastic guide! He suggested doing a multipitch tour of the Sella towers after I contacted exploreshare with
a description of my experience, this was a great way for me to check out a bit of the Dolomites and a first taste of multipitch with the limited time I had available. Very friendly and knowledgeable, and went out of his way to help me get to and from the Val Di Fassa. Thanks again, and hope to return in the future!
We had a great experience with Mr.Enrico Geremia for our via ferrata trip up Marmolada. Enrico was a friendly guide
and did not compromise with any of the safety equipment. We felt secure all the while with Enrico. We would certainly recommend our friends who have plans to hike the Dolomites in the future to use this platform 🙂
Had a great trip with Arne, although we didn’t do the North Ridge of the Badile due to lack of
access after last year’s rockfall. We had 3 days climbing in the Bregaglia completing multipitch rock routes on the Badile and the Cengalo. We did the classics Via Molten and  Spigolo Vinci respectively. Arne is a very professional guide of few words and we got on well and had a good time. We spent 3 days at the Gianetti hut before the weather turned and we spent time in the Val di Mello climbing a couple of granite classics.  The weather was marvellous as was the climbing and the scenery. Arne was, as you would expect, very knowledgeable and I always felt safe and in good hands. I had a great experience, and climbing with someone new was part of it. I would certainly consider contacting Arne again for further adventures.
I had an amazing time!
This was an incredible experience!!! Our guide Fabio, president of the Tuscan Rock Climbing Federation, took us throughout the beautiful
Muzzerone. His 35 years of experience definitely showed. He was wise, courteous, and knowledgable. The climbing itself was some of the best we’ve encountered: the rock faces were gorgeous (nice and gritty, easy to grip) and the views of the Mediterranean were spectacular. Highly highly recommend.
Samuel Levi Young for Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre
Enrico is a great guide and the climbing is amazing. Highly recommended.
The day was great, we felt safe, Stefano was responsive to our request, our pace, etc. The only thing that could
have been improved was the communication before getting to Italy. I had a hard time deciding on what was appropriate for the level of our group, gauge how long and how hard the different options were with the limited info that was given to me.
Everything was perfect and Marija extraordinary. I would repeat!
Javier Bienzobas Lázaro for Rock climbing in Cima Grande di Lavaredo
Dashing between spectacular thunderstorms, we had an amazing day with Carlos – who we’ve dubbed author of “Zen and the
Art of Rock Climbing!” He brought a new and fresh perspective to climbing, from breathing techniques to adding blue painters tape to our toes to keep our focus on our feet. It worked! Our climbing felt more fluid and natural. It was a wonderful day for the entire family.
Brilliant trip with my 14 year old son. Etienne knew the area thoroughly, chose challenging but fun routes, kept us
safe at all times and made the whole trip a fantastic experience.
Fabio and Valeria were our guides on the day. We were a family with kids aged between 10 and
14years old. Fabio was very safety conscious and passionate about the sport. Very friendly and we felt like a day out with friends. The climbing spot was amazing. Great view, nice rocks.
Enrico is a great guide!
Enrico was a great guide. He gave us some history of the mountain while climbing and took photos for us
while hiking up to Punta Penia. Very professional and helpful guide!
We were a group of 6 climbing up to Monte Procinto (5a route) – we had a great day and
our guide was really good. His calm and helpful attitude got us all to the top, even though a few of us are scared of heights. We’re not really climbers, but we performed well with the after-climb beers 🙂
I knew it was going to be an amazing time climbing but wow! Cris and his wife took care of
everything! Great communication and quick responses on all my questions and concerns. It was my first time climbing outside and also leading(3month new at gym climbing). They made me feel safe but challenged. Exactly what i was looking for. Spent 6.5 hours on the wall and that was perfect for my full day. Unimaginable views!! Will definitely be bringing my partner back for a few days climbing here!

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