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Hiking in Tatra National Park: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Conquer Europe’s core Tatras mountains protected in pristine beauty

Head into the Tatra National Park whose stunning natural beauty spreads out across the Central European countries of Poland and Slovakia, with its high mountains forming a rugged natural border. Hike among the inspiring peaks glazed over with snow, scattered with demanding hikes through thick lush forest, along green-carpeted slopes infused with vast mountainside solitude. Visit during the warmer months between June and September for ideal hiking conditions.

Top hiking trips | Tatra National Park

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FAQs: Hiking in Tatra National Park

What should I know about Hiking Tatra National Park?

The High Tatras run along the border between Slovakia and Poland. They are part of the larger Tatra Mountains, the highest mountain range of the Carpathians. The Tatras Mountains are located within the Tatra National Park, a UNESCO-protected reserve that technically has one park in Poland and one park in Slovakia. It presents raw adventure through valleys, over peaks and beside lakes while offering some of the best picturesque panoramic views in Europe.

Why should I choose Tatra National Park for my Hiking adventure?

Breathtaking natural beauty

The Tatra Mountains are packed full of peaks to conquer so long as you are fully prepared. Exciting adventures include Vychodna Vysoka, which stands at 2,426 meters above sea level. Climbing is scattered mostly with difficult and technical sections, yet the Tatras also include easier hikes for beginners to explore the breathtaking panoramas that make them highly rewarding.

Majestic trails

Natural beauty blankets the rugged wilderness of the Slovak and Polish mountains. Home to true hiking adventures, you’ll explore picture-perfect valleys, tranquil crystal-clear lakes, and high peaks glazed with snow, and lush meadows meandering and rolling with the slopes. Come to experience some of the best mountain panoramas in Europe.

Core of Europe

Resting at the heart of Europe, the Tatra Mountains spread across Poland and Slovakia, and are home to a wealth of tradition and culture. The territory has swapped and changed hands many times, including being part of the Kingdom of Hungary, swept into the control of the Mongols, and partitioned by the states of Prussia, Austria and Russia, before reuniting as independent countries.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Tatra National Park?

The climate of the Tatra Mountains is characterised as temperate, with highest altitudes cloaked in snow.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Tatra National Park region?

Polish and Slovak.

What currency is accepted around Tatra National Park?

Zloty in Poland and Euro in Slovakia.

What's the country code for the Tatra National Park region?

+48 on the Polish side and +421 on the Slovakian side.

When is the best time to travel to Tatra National Park for Hiking?

Visit during the warmer months between June and September for ideal hiking conditions.

What people are saying about Hiking | Tatra National Park



Marcel is an excellent guide, teacher and now friend. Our trip was one of the most amazing trips we have experienced in the mountains. The scenery, the trails, the challenge was amazing and we are currently booking our next trip with him. Highly recommend :).



The guide Jakub was the best!  He is an excellent guide and a great person, always with a smile on his face, even when I was slow ... He told me about the local nature and history. Very smart guide and good person, I felt very safe with him.



Marcel was an awesome guide! The hike was the highlight of my trip to Poland


A truly great guide Marcel Kubinsky, helpful and patient, he was prepared for different situations throughout the climb. Nice interlocutor, we spent the whole time talking about mountains, life at the mountains, mountaineering etc. We are happy about this climb.



The hike was much more difficult than I was prepared for but it was worth every view! Marcel is a very experienced guide and very patient, and has a lot of knowledge about the Tatras mountains and surrounding regions. I would recommend Marcel to anyone who is looking for a guided trek or tour in the Tatras / Carpathian ranges, either in Poland or Slovakia :) P.S. Hiking poles are good to have while descending from Rysy peak. Thank you very much!

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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