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6-day Hut-to-hut trek in the Polish Tatras

6-day Hut-to-hut trek in the Polish Tatras

Join a fantastic hiking trip through the Polish Tatras on this wonderful 6-day adventure with Zosia, a local UIMLA-certified mountain leader.



6 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Enjoy the beautiful Tatras on a unique trek.
  • Explore the high and wild part of the mountains.
  • Follow a local and experienced guide to the best spots in the Tatras.


There are many ways to explore the Polish Tatras. One of them is trekking from hut to hut, either through the marked trails or new paths. Follow me for a fantastic 6-day trip where we’ll enjoy the stunning views this mountain range has to offer and the charming huts along the way.

The Tatras mountain range is on the border between Poland and Slovakia with close to 30 peaks over 2,500 meters. It is becoming a popular ski destination for its spectacular powder snow, uncrowded pistes and cheap prices. But many people come here to enjoy the mountains during the summer and spring months as well.

On this adventure, we’ll begin at the Chocholowska Valley and hike up to Bystra, which at 2,248 meters is the highest summit in the West Tatras. My proposed itinerary is to go from Chocholowska on the first day to the Koscieliska Valley and sleep at the Ornak hut. On the second day, we’ll go by Czerwone Wierchy, Ciemniak and Kopa Kondracka (2,005 m) and spend the night at the Kalatowki mountain hotel. Then, on day three, we’ll go from Kalatowki to the Murowaniec hut through the Świnica summit (2,301 m). The following day, we’ll go to the 5 Polish Lakes valley through Orla Perć. On day 5, we’ll go to Morskie Oko hut crossing the Szpiglasowa pass. Finally, on our last day, we’ll climb Rysy, the highest summit in Poland.

So book your trip now! This wonderful place is waiting for you.

If you’d like to explore the Polish Tatras during the winter, follow me for a hut-to-hut ski touring experience.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transportation start and back

- Breakfast

- Dinner

About the guide

I'm a UIMLA-certified mountain leader and a certified ski and mountaineering instructor based in Zakopane, Poland. I'm also a stuntwoman and have worked on dozens of commercials and movies.

I've climbed and skied all over the Polish and Slovakian Tatras and well as in the Austrian and French Alps and the Dolomites in Italy. I also took part in the World Championships in France and Spain and the European Championships as well as numerous competitions in high-mountain skiing in Poland and Slovakia.

As part of my adventures, I've also dived in caves in Spain, on wrecks in Norway, in Masuria and Tatra lakes, under ice and at night. Contact me and I guarantee you'll love an unforgettable experience in the High Tatras.


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What people are saying about Zosia Bachleda

Matthew Bernard orr


February, 2022

Zosia is an excellent guide with vast experience across a number of mountain sports. After a short conversation prior to our trip Zosia tailored two days that were perfect and achieved all our goals. In addition to the the guiding Zosia taught us new skills and interesting information about the local environment and landscape.we felt safe at all times this allowed us to.relax and get the best out of the trip. Highly recommended.

Andreas Tveter


February, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Irene Cuijpers


January, 2019

My trip with Zosia was a total disappointment. To start, she has never splitboarded herself. She is a touring skier. She was not nice in her communication when I was still back home. She sent me a phone number of the splitboard rental in Poland and I had to call myself to Poland to make rerservations. All the communication was in short and unfriendly messages like ''call him'' and ''I am busy''. She wrote me that I would have to pay extra for the spiltboard rent and an avalanche set. Once in Zakopane I found out I also had to rent seperately snowboard boots. And for the bus to the ski station, and for the entrance of the national park. Furthermore she took me on the main ski station of Zakopane. We went up for about 4 hours, on a pretty busy route with other touring skiers. I was really surprised to find out that the way down was no more than 30% off piste, the rest of the route was on a regular slope. And such a flat slope that with my snowboard I had to walk several times and use the poles to advance. And then when we got back to Zakopane it got really nasty. She wanted more money because I brought a friend along, and her price is E200,- if she takes more than one person on her tour (I paid her E150,-through explore share for a private tour). But she sent me a whatsapp in the morning of our trip to ask me if I was ok if she brings two other clients along, and my friend could come along without any extra cost. I agreed, but when she showed up she was alone. At the end of the day she insisted that I paid more because I brought my friend. Even though I made perfectly clear that I would not bring my friend along if it ment I had to pay more. I refused to pay her more and she got so angry that she blocked me the way at the door at the splitboard rental place. She insulted me saying I was poor girl and that I was crazy in my head and not a nice person. So I would not recommend this certified mountain guide, who is in my opinion poor in (english) communication and social skills.



January, 2019

Zosia is probably the best guide you can find for ski touring in the Tatras Mountains. She made this tour such an amazing and unforgettable experience. Something unique to experience at least once in a lifetime. Highly recommended!



October, 2018

I had a wonderful hike with Zosia. She was highly knowledgeable of the area and took me on the less touristy back routes up the mountains. She was very kind and considerate of my hiking pace. The best guide you could ask for!

Iain Downie


March, 2018

The traveller did not leave a comment.


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