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Mountain Climbing in Svaneti

Conquer the wild beauty of Svaneti in the southern Caucasus Mountains

Climb in the Caucasus Mountains that stand at the wilder crossroads between Europe and Asia. Stretching across the northern border is the province of Svaneti, which lies along the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. High peaks dominate the region, culminating in the 5,201-meter summit of Mount Shkhara, the highest in the country. Visit during the warmer months between July and September for ideal climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Svaneti

The rolling forested hills of the Svaneti region are home to some of the highest mountains not only in Georgia but also the entire continent. The landscape is unique, wild and breathtaking. Mountain climbing gives you unrivalled opportunity to explore these isolated landscapes, which are open to those of intermediate climbing skills.


Good to know:

Country code



Georgian lari


Georgian, as well as Svan

Best time to visit

Visit during the warmer months between July and September for ideal climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

Svaneti receives a humid climate with relatively warm winters and summers, with higher altitudes receives short and cool summers, and long and cold winters

More info about Mountain Climbing in Svaneti:

The ancient region of Svaneti lies in the northeast of Georgia, and is home to the Svans ethnic group. The region sites at the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains and is guarded by high rise mountain summits, between 3,000 and 5,000 meters. In fact, four of the highest ten peaks in the Caucasus are home to this region, which is the perfect place for high mountain climbing

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