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Climbing Ajusco Volcano

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Ajusco Volcano is located south of Mexico City. At 3,930 m (12,890 ft), it is the highest point in the region and offers stunning views of the Valley of Mexico. Compare and book a certified guide for your Ajusco Volcano Mountain Climbing trip with Explore-Share.com. Take a pick from our Ajusco Volcano Mountain Climbing selection. The mountains are calling!

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Ajusco Volcano

The Ajusco volcano offers stunning views of the Valley of Mexico and of the city. It is an important local destination for outdoor activities.


Good to know:

Country Code





Mexican Peso and US Dollar

Best time to visit

From November to March which is the dry season

How to get there

Take a car or bus from Mexico City (approximately 1.5 hour drive)


Average highs are 26 °C (78 °F) and lows are -4 °C (26 °F), specially higher up. During the winter, Ajusco is one of the few places that sees snow in the region

More info about Mountain Climbing in Ajusco Volcano:

Ajusco, also known as Malacatepetl, is Mexico’s most popular climbing spot. This 3,937 m (12,917 ft) 52 million-year-old lava dome volcano overlooks the Valley of Mexico and boasts stunning views, as well as offering a respite from the city at just a short car or bus drive away. There are three routes to the top. The south side route is the easiest, the “Lodge Route” takes you to the northwest ridge of the crater, and the north side also offers rock climbing options. Climb Ajusco in a day and enjoy the wonderful environment of this unique location near Mexico City

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