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Mountain Climbing in Huesca

Climb the heights of the Pyrenees in the northern Spanish wilderness

Discover peak Pyrenees experiences in the northern Spanish region of Huesca. Home to the highest peaks, stunning rugged scenery, and wonderful wildlife. Huesca features outstanding climbs mostly designed for intermediates, with a healthy supply of routes for beginners as well as experts. Visit during the warmer months between May and October for ideal mountain climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in huesca

Huesca is home to some of the tallest mountains in the Pyrenees mountain range. You can discover the permanent glaciers glazed over the slopes, prominent peaks that come to discover the Aragonese wilderness. The gem among the rocks is Anteo, which at 3,404 meters above sea level is the highest summit in the whole range.


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Best time to visit

Visit during the warmer months between May and October for ideal mountain climbing conditions

What’s the weather like?

The region receives a humid subtropical climate, yet its higher altitudes have cooler temperatures

More info about Mountain Climbing in huesca:

Located in the northeast of Spain in the region of Aragon is the province of Huesca. It sits just to the south of the Pyrenees, and shares its northern border with France. It is mostly a mountainous area, with a large number of its residents (around a quarter) living in the capital that is also called Huesca. The largest peak of the whole Pyrenees actually stands in Huesca, the mountain of Aneto, that rises to 3,404 meters

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