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David Garcia




Aspirant Guide- Quito, Ecuador




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I am a member of the Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides (ASEGUIM) and of the International Association of Mountain Guides (IFMGA). Climbing has always been a passion in my life and becoming a mountain guide was my dream. Now both of them have become real as I work as a mountain guide.

I have climbed since I was a teenager. I was 15 years old when I realized the affinity I had for this profession. I have been in charge of mountains expeditions in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, succesffully reaching the summits. Although I am young (26 years old), I have a lot of experience. I have guided my clients on big walls with grade 7a + and mountains with TD difficulty.

I love to feel the excitement of being at great heights far from the ground. At the same time, I enjoy exploring hidden places and meeting new friends during these trips. All of these experiences have let me overcome my limits. One of my strengths is knowing the climbing techniques very well and having the ability to transmit to my clients these complex knowledge in a simple and fun way. I am a hardworker, an enthusiastic, positive and patient person.

I am a certified guide with the ability to advise my clients in a personalized way. My job is to adapt the routes and itineraries according to their abilities and level of experience. It is the best way to help them achieve their goals. As a mountain guide, the main objective before reaching the top of the mountain is to minimize the hazards to guarantee their safety. All the expeditions I guided have become enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for my clients.

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Katrin Voigt


September, 2022

David ist DER Guide, den man sich wünscht. Er ist auf uns, unsere Wünsche, unsere Möglichkeiten eingegangen. Schon in der Vorbereitung hat er sich angenehm um uns gekümmert, hat Unterstützung angeboten, ohne sich aufzudrängen. Er hat respektiert, dass wir eigene Bergerfahrung mitbringen, hat sich mit uns abgestimmt aber niemals Vorschriften gemacht. Mit David standen wir 5.30 Uhr, kurz vor Sonnenaufgang, auf dem Gipfel des Cotopaxi - bei bester Gesundheit und bestem Wetter. Besser geht es nicht. Wir sind David für seine gut gelaunte und doch rücksichtsvolle Begleitung sehr dankbar. Wer die Berge Ecuadors wirklich erleben will, ist mit David hervorragend beraten. Ein herzliches Dankeschön aus Deutschland an David!

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Benjamin Roop


October, 2021

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