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As a professional climbing instructor (holder of a DEJEPS Climbing in natural Natural Environment), I have been practicing climbing since 1982. At eleven, I discovered Patrick Edlinger in «La vie au bout des doigts», then in «Opéra vertical», shot in the Verdon. The grace of the «blond», but also his speech in love with freedom and nature, is a revelation for me. Later, I developed a passion for other sports, holding a BPJEPS in kick-boxing and a DEJEPS in underwater diving. Passionate about wildlife, I obtained a Master in Ecology and a Master in Geography to devote myself to nature conservation, as an expatriate or consultant (mainly in Africa). Today, I live in the Verdon, which allows me to share my passion for climbing and for this magical place. My pedagogy emphasizes the discovery of the natural environment, learning safety and autonomy, but also sports development, whether physical, technical, tactical or mental.

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