Rock Climbing in Chile

Conquer the smoky Andean summits and dramatic rock formations along the range

The Andes forms the ideal natural playground for those seeking quality rock climbing and spectacular scenery. Climb the steaming volcanoes that spring up along the mountain range, surrounded by breathtaking views of rolling mountains, giant peaceful lakes, rare species. Visit in the summer months between November and February for top climbing conditions.

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The Andes mountain range runs down South America like a spine, while Chile homes a rich collection of the highest peaks on the range. Mountains such as the Ojos del Salado (6,893m), Parinacota (6,348m), Incahuasi (6,620m) and Llullaillaco (6,739m) are but a few of the colossal summits that can be climbed while offering fantastic natural views.


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Best time to visit

Visit in the summer months between November and February for top climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

The mountainous sections of Chile receive temperatures that are much cooler than other regions of the country, as well as experiencing a windy and dry climate

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The territory of Chile forms a long and narrow strip that is naturally squeezed between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andean mountains to the east. The country is 2,653 miles long, yet just 110 miles wide on average. To the north and northeast Chile borders Peru and Bolivia, while to the east it borders Argentina and shares much of the Andes, and the Drake Passage lies to the south. Its extreme length creates a deep diversity of climates and terrain, with the mountains playing a prominent role

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