Rock Climbing in Mexico

Picturesque peaks, dramatic volcanoes and mountains of testing climbs

Decorated with rugged mountains and stellar volcanoes, rock climbing in Mexico offers some spicy routes to get to grips with. Lined across the mountain belt of Eje Neovolcanico, stunning natural scenery forms the backdrop to enjoyable and challenging climbs. So come and climb inside the cradle of human civilization. Visit during the cooler months between September and March for ideal climbing conditions.

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The country is populated with an endless rugged terrain that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Whether it’s the climbs on El Potrero Chico, or in the stunning Los Dinamos National Park, the famous Ajusco Volcano, or the mountains that line the background of Mexico City, there are endless climbs open to choose from.


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Best time to visit

Visit during the cooler months between September and March for ideal climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

Mexico experiences a highly varied climate, yet can be divided into a temperate zone and a tropical zone. The northern sections receive colder temperatures during the winter

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Situated in the southern section of North America, the country of Mexico is bordered by the United States to the north and by Guatemala and Belize to the southeast. Its western and southern shores look out onto the Pacific Ocean, while the Gulf of Mexico lies to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast. As one of the cradles of civilization, Mexico is home to a deep depth of culture, tradition and cuisine

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